Every fuccboi on Veeky Forums buys $90 white t-shirts and nobody notices

>Every fuccboi on Veeky Forums buys $90 white t-shirts and nobody notices
>Reviewbrah puts on a goodwill 3 piece and every head is turnin

When will you plebs learn. It's not the clothes you wear, it's how you wear them.

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nigga stop, reviewbrah is a cool guy but this meme is absolute shit

he looks hella retarded. there is a time and place for everything but wearing suits every fucking day in public is weird. it doesn't fit either. too young for that style. look at that shit. he can do that once he's 40.

haha xD

>3 piece

Reviewbrah kinda looks like a young Christopher Walken

Do not post any more reviewbrah threads without the momsmirk gif pls

>9000 pleats on his pants

pls stop

>Nobody notices that the pricetags are in comic sans

You are only anti pleat because you know its unfashionable right now .
You are a boring follower who will never create any real style of your own.


LEAVE ROTW ALONE!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!

please come back


Fucking would, legitimately

dw I think most of us would, I love me some good milf too

>tfw miss 2010-2014 Veeky Forums
It was cancer but it was MY cancer. Loved to hate it. Veeky Forums today is just bland

He either looks a bit uggo or unconventionally attractive at times. What a fascinating man.

yeah everything just kinda "is" right now

It is what it is.

Who is this guy? Is he an American? Would give him sexy time of the century every day.


Hes gonna make such a great old person

It pisses me off that he does not part his hair at the natural part.

It gives it more volume that way

>Pleats are unfashionable right now
WEW, that's entirely not true. Pleated pants, especially cropped pleated pants are in like crazy right now senpai




pls be my gf

I noticed a while ago that he looks a hell of a lot like this guy, which I think might help explain his weird attractiveness.


This guy is an absolute anomaly. How old is he? Does he live on his own? How does he support himself? Every time he makes his yearly "average day" video he does the same thing all day, and he never leaves the house unless he's going to the drive thru. He spends all of his time listening to radio stations and playing fucking darts. I don't know if I should feel bad for him or envy him.

was this on his daily life video?

that shirt is too big and the blazer's sleeves are too long
>posting style inspiration from someone who can't get sizing right
>also he has tucked his tie into his trousers
>also that is not a 3 piece
>also those shoes don't work with that suit

it's called an autism spectrum disorder
are you from a third world country where these types of people are tossed from cliff sides rather than allocated the marginally extra resources to raise them as happy and fulfilled members of society?

You're only pro pleat because you think it makes you le classy classic gentleman


The blazer is a perfect fit and the shirt is almost perfect too, how much closer to his neck do you expect it to be when he's that scrawny

3 piece is obnoxious