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what do you call this haircut

What kind of jacket is that?

Prep is still the most dry version of menswear imaginable, it's stuff 44 year old hedge fund owners wear. It's stale, unimaginative and hardly counts as fashionable in today's world. If however you're still interested in pursuing this style then go to your nearest department store or Target and shop there and no where else

> It's stale, unimaginative and hardly counts as fashionable in today's world.
Yep, it's all black everything and sneakers now. So exciting!

>It's stale, unimaginative and hardly counts as fashionable in today's world.
menswear does not attempt to be any of these things. you're completely missing the point.

there are many different variations on prep, do you not understand this? do you seriously think you can dress like anyone in this thread by shopping at target?

your opinion is so uninformed. but i suppose that shouldn't surprise me.

Or so to speak...

Where can I get a jacket like that.

>Having Ralph's dick this far down your throat

Being this butthurt you find out your opinion is shit.

cafe racer jacket style

Thank you, mate!

>Do you seriously think you can dress like anyone in this thread by shopping at target?
Yes in fact I do, all items taken from the Target AU catalog :^)

that's not proper prep, this is some shitty millennial interpretation

once again proving you really have no clue what you're talking about

plaque belt? low waisted chinos? cutaway collar shirt? trash

C'mon friend, no need to get angry

desu that picture is better than some real prep inspo : /

what "real prep inspo"

please, post pictures


I see no difference between these two

w2c good chinos? i hear bills khakis has gone down the shitter so idk where to go now for some high quality pair of pants.

what does that mean


What does count as fashionable to you?

Is this /prep/ ?

>black blazer
try again

It's navy senpai


well, it's too clean a look for proper prep
shirt needs to be a summery thick cotton, not dress shirt, could overall do with more bold colors, incorporated via a different shirt or pullover/vest and/or socks
pants could do with crease and cuff
and then playful fine little details like shirt cufflinks, a more fancy belt or shoes, a wristwatch

Those red/salmon pants are nice.

>turtleneck under an OCBD
Stahp prep, wat r u doin

(The rest's actually really good though)

These are pretty slick fits

It means that he's being autistic.
He can't come to terms with the fact that people don't go to class/walk around town in a double breasted suit anymore

>people don't go to class/walk around town in a double breasted suit anymore
What kind of plebian town do you live in?

I guarantee you that this is not the norm in any major metropolitan area. To say otherwise would suggest that you are literally fucking blind

>doesnt understand sarcasm

W2C leather jacket

w2c everything?





I love the prep style, but blue and brown pants need to find a tailor ASAP.

Prep clothes are fucking disgusting, get that shit out of the board.

You seem to be looking for /r/streetwear

Don't you have a summer book report to get started on kiddo?

So what is a /prep/ rain jacket?


>>jumping while playing badminton


>If you don't like trash middle aged menswear then the only other type of fashion available to you is shitty streetwear


I hope you know the entire world is laughing at you if you dress like this.

No, they aren't.
Please post a photo of your style, if you insist on making outlandish claims.

hey i don't know if you noticed but the pic you posted also falls under the category of shitty derivative streetwear

please see yourself out now

Dude no need to be salty just bc u dress like the dad in a National Lampoon film

What are you planning on wearing once you're middle aged?

>Ann Demeulemeester

Same shit I wear now, I'm in a career where I've got creative freedom to wear whatever I want. My 43 year old colleague wears RO runners and pod shorts to work regularly
I'm sorry you're stuck in a career path that doesn't let you express yourself

Why does everyone think people dress prep because they have to. Maybe it looks good.

drapy black shit and chunky black/white sneakers/boots

yeah like that's not derivative or stale at all

gothninja is over and has been since 2009

Oh okay, I'm glad you'll be happy with that. I personally cringe when I see middle aged people dressing like they're still young. I wish you the best in your career though.

Salty? Grow up and speak like an adult.

So "Rick Owens Paris street style" is how you dress yourself? You literally follow Veeky Forums meme fashion...

You'll grow up one day and realize, wow I've been following trends my whole life how pathetic am I, your epiphany moment will happen.

Not the guy you're replying to but I wear stuff in a similar vein to "Rick Owens Paris Style" as you said. However, I work in the business, call me pathetic that's alright it's just that more avant garde stuff is essentially our uniform just how your uniform is a nice button up.
Live and let live.

Nothing wrong with that. Too many people thinking they're superior because of how they dress

Know anyone who does MTM seersucker/madras jackets in the trad cut for a reasonable price?
Am too small for OTR (32r) and difficult to find big boy sizes that are either too big in chest or too short in arms.

Did I make the right decision on this shirt?

The shirt of Crew haveth many a fine detail
Popovers prints locker loops and back collar buttons galore
Alas however the most important feature thine shirt doth fail
The collar rolleth not unlike BB shirts of lore


w2c nice embroidered pants/shirts like

Maybe I'm just too Euro to understand your prep.
Some things make sense. Good, lasting items, that can handle multiple climates and formalities... and then you have those things too prep to survive, like

All of those guys are probably named Grant.

But you gotta have some items that are 'too prep.' Not everything is a matter of practicality. I'm sure you can appreciate that as someone who wears Rick Owens. I don't mean that in a bad way, but I'm sure those clothes aren't made for every situation. I could be wrong about that though. I've never worn RO

I'm Euro (British) and I've always enjoyed the way prep looks. I think it has something to do with the way my Grandfather dresses and I've always been fond of his style.

Brooks Brothers

I keep seeing this image posted.

What's so great about it? What's the appeal?

Thanks Veeky Forums

their outfits are assembled well and they look happy. a quaint reminder of how things used to be. it's just a good photo.

trips m8