How the fuck do I get my hands on these in Australia?

How the fuck do I get my hands on these in Australia?

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u try on internet

Well, on Amazon there's only one option that ships to Australia, and it's in grey and and not the size I need.

I want an all black/black and white one that actually fits my feet.

what are these called?

It's in the file name: Adidas Tubular Doom

oh ok where can i buy them

Are you fucking stupid. Did you not read the text associated with the very first fucking post?



bought mine from facebook groups

But they look like shit desu

they already released and sold out at most places.
Try facebook groups such as shop n swap, the kickz stand, underground society.

Also, ebay and grailed, obviously.

I think capsule store in sydney had a pair left but I could be wrong.

Ordering a pair international would cost me $250, worth?

they're releasing an all pk version in november

Pay me $300 and I'll go pick them up at the mall nobody in my desert town wants them.

fuck that shoe op that's easy
trying to find a black size 7 tubular x primeknit in australia makes me so sad, the only size 7/7.5 i've found has been the shit white colorway
and i've given up on the sesame ones

1. Find someone wearing them ( many major cities will have at least one person )

2. Touch them -- the person. Give em some nice head. They probably won't give you the shoes, but the experience is worth it.


Adidas are extremely uncomfortable

boost tech???

Either get Tubular Nova Primeknits or Qasa Highs, but don't get these, these are shit. Trust me. Sold mine after a few wears, shit just looks so off and doesn't feel anywhere near as comfortable as Qasa or Ultra Boost.

I got a pair, Melbourne based, what size are you after?


>size 7

fucking manlets lol

I have a pair of these in a US 9.

I'm located in Melbourne and am happy to provide pics.

That's the exact size I need.

I'll buy them off you for $300. Put it on Gumtree or something and tell me when you do, I'll buy it asap.

Message me through the email if you're interested.

Could you post some pics?

And just hold on a moment you cheeky cunt. I saw that ad yesterday selling the shoes for $210. You didn't just increase the price because I said that's what I'd pay, did you?

Hahaha, yeah i did. I wasn't sure if you were looking. Happy to do what i listed them for. Message the number on the page and i'll shoot you some photos man.

Haha alright thanks, sending you a message now

what's your size, OP? I have a pair 9US (fits up to/like a 9.5US) black with white sole unused from the first run of Tubulars, I'd be willing to negotiate something (although it'd be expensive since shipping to Aus is a lot)

err, I meant Dooms, not just Tubulars.

Op don't fuck with sus cunts m8

How much would you offer it for? The guy above said he'd sell it to me for $210 AUD, but hasn't replied back for like 30 minutes now.

Where you from?

Tagged photo along with the last 3 digits of your number to prove its me. Unsure of why you're not getting the photos through text.

Also regarding me bumping the price up to $300, don't tell me anyone else wouldn't if thats what they're willing to pay.

Cheers. If you don't mind me asking, do you own or have you ever worn a pair of Nike Roshes, and if so what size are they?

Usually my shoe size is 9-10 US, but I needed a size 11 US for the Roshes to feel comfortable enough to wear.

Oh, and I can do like $250 if that's okay.

I wear a 10 in Stan Smiths, never worn Roshes. These fit super big. I also made a super slight mistake, they're a 9 1/2 US. So if you fit an 11 these should honestly fit you pretty snug.

Also no need to offer any more than i was originally listing for, that was just my inner scum coming out.

Alright, thanks for the info.

And thanks, haha. I'll definitely buy it off you then. I can go to the CBD on the weekend to pick them up if that's okay with you.

Oh wait lol, not the CBD. My bad.

But yeah, I can come to your location on the weekend.

No issues. Will organize details further through text.

>full size down for tubulars
>18 years old
jesus nignog we get it ur feet are huge go buy more size huge shoes