Fat bottom lip

>fat bottom lip


It fucking sucks.

post pics qt

honestly man its not that bad. slim your face down a little bit by replacing carbs with fruit as much as possible, and it could develop into a really attractive feature. im 99% ur a qt

>tfw thin top lip

This is basically what my profile looks like. KILL ME

I wish I had thin lips

Gotta give me a hand here. I got a crooked mouth and smile

It's not just your lips.

It's everything.

both my lips are fat should I worry

Its not necessarily a bad thing dude like my lips are huge and I get mixed reactions to them like some people think I'm cute some people (me) think I look awkward and ugly.
Lol that's hot.

>wanting to have thin white people lips

Having full lips is beauty aesthetics

>fat upper lip

count yourself lucky

Post lips
I want to understand you

gross ass nose hairs but pulling them makes me fucking cry like a lil bitch


Is it true lips get thinner and lose their fullness as you age??I have great bone structure but my lips are so feminine I tend to avoid going clean shaved.

Your lips are the least of your worries fatso

>crooked jaw
>too poor to afford surgery

I think its getting worse I'm starting to have a lisp if I dont make a concerted effort to enunciate my S's

How bad is it Veeky Forums? Give it to me straight :(

Your probably extremely attractive to the opposite sex
Another lucky one
My lips make me look like a racist meme
Ignore the dumb pose i was making fun of a friend of mine who takes all her pictures the same way

It's fine cause you're black, since people just assume you'd have lips like that anyway

No dude there actually larger than average for black people it's the most common insult I got in school it was fucking annoying but I mean now I get compliments on them I've so never really known how to feel about them but like any time I post my face here I pretty much just expect the shieeet meme. I just wanna be fa :(

Honestly they don't look massive. Well like they look like the lips on all the black guys I know, so I really wouldn't worry about it. You've got bigger things in life to worry about than some lips

Your lip looks normal, stop wasting time thinking about it. Anybody insulting you for it is an idiot.

t. asian-white-mixed redditor from Europe


>deadmau5 core


Judge me harder I'm almost 30, sluts

>tfw fat lips
>tfw acne
>tfw balding

Those are not fat m8