What is the male counterpart of this shit, I'm worried I became meme please help Veeky Forums

What is the male counterpart of this shit, I'm worried I became meme please help Veeky Forums

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Veeky Forums
Skinny or fat or skinnyfat
Dark souls

replace hair, choker and stockings with a northy jacket adidas trackpants and a cap with an edgy "sadboys SO SAD MY EMOTIONS ;((((((" logo on it and yh you're a meme


Wearing fuccboi brands
Veeky Forums
Shaved sides long top bonus for bleached hair
Listening to Bladee,Yung Lean,Thaiboy etc

Basically me

Honestly, these girls are hot. Wouldn't date them, but still.


Literally all of those. Not fat, but skinnyfat.

So this I guess.

black 511s
band tee or flannel
black chucks or sk8 his
problem glasses and/or beard

me rn, reykjavik record shop shirt

full blown fuccboi

you aren't alone though

I bet you used to or still do put your keys on a carabiner

how do you effay in iceland?

Liking Twenty One Pilots and following normie fashion trends

Dark souls is fine. literally no norms touch ng+ so who cares


only right answer here. also anything in main image that isn't female-exclusive, i.e. pc music, uk grime, lean, Veeky Forums, etc

Mac demarco-core
Fuccboi grime/chav-core shit (adidas, burberry nova check, chains etc - please kill self if you wear this even on succ layers of irony)

>calling sexist things art
i smell feminist bullshit. what does this even mean?

I only like bombers and black coffee

Young lean came to auckland?

key the closest i even came to that was not hating black coffee and liking CDG

Dood... are you seriously retarded?

TFW no meme gf into "fashion" and anime


I only drink coffee black, and I think Whitehouse is good. So... not trying too hard?

Stopped wearing bombers so I'm home dry

Literally me minus fat part..Fuck

literally all me
looking dark senpai

Post fit

>Skinny or fat or skinnyfat
oh shit you got me

how to 'be different' in central yurop

If they wear meme tier dad nike's and new balance, thrasher, vetements, 90's pop sunglasses, throw the gang handsigns, vintage rain coats (wavey garms) and shitty oversized denims, they are typical wastemen in europe hehe. pic related

just not your average girl

the notion of being ironic has been the status quo of being "different" for at least 20 something years now
I just find it sad that teens are still stuck on that phase

it just looks waaaveeey man chill out

that's what I'm talking about though
The look is different but it's still just being ironic for the sake of distancing themselves fro the previous generation
I get that it's what happens but I just don't like seeing people take the irony route because it's so unimaginative and not creative the least
After hipsters and irony being so big thing last decade I was fully expecting there being a movement of sincerity and genuinity amongst youth but they are doing the exact same thing as the youth earlier

>After hipsters and irony being so big thing last decade I was fully expecting there being a movement of sincerity and genuinity amongst youth but they are doing the exact same thing as the youth earlier
I dunno where you've been for the last decade but while you were living under a rock, "trad" and "ivy" and "workwear" came and went, all of those were anchored in a desire for authenticity

The pendulum is now swinging back towards artifice, techwear, and so on

was only bantering you my dude, i agree, just embrace the fact that young people are braindead and smoking their minds to mush and sipping lean like retards convincing themselves they look good for the gram. I'm happy to walk down the streets of central europe feeling superior knowing these plebs have transcended into an ignorance of their own ironic being. feels good watching kids look silly 4 the pix and spending 600 on a hoodie knowing Im better than everyone else. fuck these normies

why rich kids do everything to look poor?

>"trad" and "ivy" and "workwear" came and went
they were micro-trends growing from the hipster scene that never really got big, I'm talking about the sorta 'movement' of the youth and ironic 90s stuff is in right now
Granted the roots for example all the sport clothing that is so popular today stems from the desired lifestyle of young people today, it's cool to be in good shape and exercise, so I suppose there is hint of genuinity there at least. And I wouldn't really call techwear 'artifice' if anything to a lot of people it's very practical and 'real', there is not much irony in going full techwear. Maybe tracksuits from 90s and so on overlaps with techwear a bit though.
>just embrace the fact that young people are braindead
Nah, if anything young people just seem to be smarter than at least I was at that age these days. It's just more of a personal disappointment because irony never was a thing for me as far as clothing and fashion goes and I just plain don't like it.
Guess I'm just old man yelling at cloud at this point but hipsters didn't appeal to me either because of the irony.

>never really got big
Yeah after I replied I went through your posts and realized you guys are all talking about poland or something, sorry. I forget not everyone is an american who lives in the northeastern US

it's weird how regional this stuff is, I remember a few years ago bongs (or maybe it was aussies) were all freaking out about the "new" chino "fad", like, they had literally never even seen chinos until asos or H&M or someone made them available

weeeyy i remember


had to have been bongs. Us aus cunts have had chinos around for decades

Here you go OP

Honestly it's one of the better meme subcultures, beats emo and hipsters by a long shot

they don't like whitehouse

literally nothing bad about being this "hidden liberal"

Emo is lyfe!!1! XD *rawrz*

But that shit was actual cancer, but I look fondly upon it. Oh well.

I'm literally all of these. I've come to terms with being a cuck. what does that make me?



it just means you are sensitive
nothing more

teens are not really stuck because they are the new teens who live through that ironic phase. Although it is very natural to become ironic when children are grown up not questioning anything. It would happen in any society that teaches children to respect authority no matter what.

cant wait for trump to lose so all these incels have to hide their shame again

This is it