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>buy MEME
>LISK iou discussion
>long term bitcoin discussion
>discuss new coins
>what to hold/pump/dump
>general discussion
>shill us your shitcoins

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ethereum is dead
long live LISK

Keep your eye on quatloo coin, I have some insider info that says the dev of the trading software it powers is faking with his crew that its dead. Good time to slowly collect.


Quatloo trader is an app used to trade crypto. You pay for it using Quatloo coins. Version 3 was to be released at the start of the year. It didnt get released. People now think its a dead coin but fyrstikken and his friends are collecting the cheap quatloo coins before version 3 comes out and the price of quatloo goes x100

When will the version 3 going to be released?

idk ask twitter.com/fyrstikken

nmc and ltc will move with the oncoming bitcoin pump.
I'm personally invested in a couple other shitcoins as well as Memetic, which I highly recommend getting into, as its expected to pump heavily.

This. memetic should start a pump in the next coming weeks.

memetic is associated with keysersozemc, run!

There are so many whales in on this that its impossible for it not to pump.

its pumping now holy shit

Buy MYR, more people will get into it soon and pumping the price is extremely easy.

Sia is crashing, probably a good time to buy right now since it's in a dip. V0.6 is coming out in a week and V1.0 is coming out June 6th.

MEME mooning soon. you heard it here. If you dont get in its your own fault.

Still bagholding ETH, hoping for a rise after slock.it releases. It's been on a downward trend for now though, I'm not worried.

Buy the RADS dip fags!

hes not associated he just mined early

Give me one reason motherfucker

It's rising right now

Muh lisk muh java shitcoin. Fuck you C++ is king. Long live ETH.

VIP is mooning soon, get in while its still cheap. You'll thank me later.

meme didn't even moon yet calm down

What are you talking about. Im just trying to inform you about a crypto that will most likely go up in price significantly in a friendly manner, sir. Good day.

you have no clout yet

Volume has been going up like crazy, V2 will be rolling out soon.

>he thinks JavaScript is Java

opinion disregarded

getting into gamebet when it goes on yobit

Yea.... no

Bloody Sunday

Shit wrong image

What the fuck is happening?
I know it's not because of BTC. BTC only raise less than 1% today

>mfw bought into the ICO 30 minutes before it ended

feels good to make easy money

i shorted 125 ETH just yesterday
now price is 0.017 :)

shorting is much more satisfying to me, especially everything i let sit overnight

Cause everybody is preparing to buy LISK which had Official Launch Date set to April 11th, but then the launch date got delayed

Woops... By everybody i meant Whales

word and people are looking to try and pickup some coins on bitcointalk on the gamebet thread before it hits yobit which is a good sign imo. Will be interesting to see what the coin does right away. first time for me, buying so heavily into an ico and by heavily i mean a couple btc.

The halving is coming, Lightning Network will be reading sooner than expected, Segregated Witness mined a 1,5 MB block (proved Bitcoin can scale)... too many good news. The smart money is all coming back home (Bitcoin).
Get ready.
Im personally looking at some alts I can pump and dump and try to get as much BTC as possible while it's still 3 figures.

Isnt the halvening will be on July?


If anyone wants to join the Veeky Forums crypto group on slack



Our main coins right now are MEME and TRUMP but we do have insight on other coins as well.

What do you guys think of waves? Would it be a good move participating in the ICO or would it be better to wait for the release?

I had the same question during the LIST ICO after reading all the "scam" posts in here. I pussied out and now I have to live with regret to the rest of my life. Trust your guts bro, don't be like me.

LISK is a copycat of Ether.
Waves is a copycat of Lisk

Gotta love those VIP and Trump dumps today, taking candy from grown men. Will get in again when cheaper and sell after 14th hype dies down.

Seriously I'd shoot myself if I were you, if lisk price goes up to even $2 after launch, I'll make 20x profit, I'm planning to put all of my earning from lisk to pay for my house mortgage.

Im going in with the stuff I pulled out of ETH.

Shit even if it goes up a mere 100% when it hits exchanges Ill be happy.

waves looks good, but don't shill it until the ICO is over

Ethereum to the floor

What do you guys think of VIPcoin? Any potential?

Here are current ICO if anyone miss the LISK one :

what is the value in this project not buying into any random crowd sale

>I have eyes and brain I can use to digest information on the page
>how do I use it?

To late to get into Lisk?

Whats a trustworthy place to buy bitcoins?

Yes. It's going to tank when it comes out.

Quick question since I'm going to be getting .4 bitcoins in a couple weeks because I'm too cheap to get them now.

How hard is it to sell meme currency after I've bought it?
Is it just as easy as buying it or do I need to find a schmo to push it on?

if you're on an exchange not hard.
the only time it might take time to sell coins is when there is low volume on said exchange.

>if you're on an exchange not hard.
How does one get on this exchange?

Are there any crypto currency for dummy faq's or something I can read to get my head into this?
I understand the concept of meme currency and all that, I just don't understand how to actually DO it.


Lel I missed the trump train, I didn't expect it to jump up yet. literally nothing good trump wise is happening in this month.

Also that reminds me. Do any of these exchanges allow for shorting a coin?


are the bigger ones

Let's summarize the day, shall we?

Trumpfags: suicide watch
Liskfags: suicide watch
Ether: Oh man I almost feel bad for them.. almost.

It's a good day to be a nocoiner! Good day to be alive.

Lisk and Trump are well above the initial buying price. Keep coping with the fact that you didn't buy in with even a small amount. Nocoin fags on suicide watch.

Man I already suicide at least 10 times then, fuck this crypto market! How can the price goes own like this! It should go up all the damn time!

Trumpcoin: not for long.
Lisk: still plenty of time, 3 weeks (or more? since they can't seem to sort out their launch) for that to dip below the ico value.

My prediction, Lisk never even launches. You think you're getting your money back? Think again.

Kiss those lambos goodbye, suckers.

You know, you're right. The price can't possibly only go up, and yet that's exactly the impression that shills try to give to newcomers, to get them to buy.

Is lisk on poloniex? Can't see it

All of the "shills" here invest an amount they don't care about losing. Even a NEET like you would have made hundreds with an investment of a few dollars. Stay mad.

Where do I trade ETH now that Shapeshift is down?


Inside tip, eth about to rise 20% at least.

About to as in how long into the future?
Was just about to sell, might hold on for a while then.

Source: My ass.

Storjcoin looks good.

use bitfinex.com, its the biggest exchange, and very well secured, personally recommend it to you

Believe what you want, I'm not risking anything tell you, I'm in already.

ETH about to drop massively, a whale is going to dump very soon. Sell what you have or start shorting...
(got the info on a private chinese forum)


kek nice try. this the lows.

Sai up by 30% today. I told you to buy some. It'll keep going up. Best time to buy was yesterday. It might dip again, so who knows.

Sai is better and will come out first.



Read this guide medium.com/@ethereumvn


So all I have to do to make money is buy the meme of week?

how shit an idea is it to do what that one user said and put a little bit in a really low-volume coin and then set a sell order at 200% and just wait a while?

should I buy a DASH Masternode?

how much can I make in a day?

Pretty much. Just take the profit when you see it.

Unrelated note

Top TRUMP wallet will dump trump and buy MEME soon.

Weird because I heard top MEME wallet will dump meme and buy TRUMP soon.

what the fuck is sai. Tell me more.

3 bitcoin voulume..

How long has polo been down?

Sai coin is basically a blockchain system where you can store data. You put a file into the blockchain system and make a contract of 6 months. If said person keeps that file, you pay them afterwards.
The coin value is worth how many people use the system rather than speculation, which is why the number of total coin keeps growing in number infinitely. People call the coin more of a farmer's game, but essentially, it's just there to make sure no asshole just buys a lot of coin at the beginning and whales the price for laughs.

Imagine instead of torrent, you just placed your file onto sia for basically nothing, it stayed there forever and up to 20 people stored it by contract for an undetermined amount of time. You'd never lose your file and it would stay forever.

Storj is similar to Sia, but does not feature on-blockchain storage contracts. Instead, Storj offers a pay-as-you-go model where hosts are paid with some frequency by the users. If the users disappear or go offline, the host stops getting paid. Storj is still running test groups, and has not yet implemented a network where you can upload files.
MaidSAFE is a very ambitious project that goes beyond just decentralized storage. They also have a much softer focus on efficiency. Sia's network should be both cheaper for uploaders AND pay its hosts more, due to smarter redundancy management. MaidSAFE also does not yet have a working global network where you can upload and download files. MaidSAFE is also just a group of people working in a village and has been working on this project for a long time without much results, and keeps pushing their goals.

Overall, Sia is undervalued, is about to become big and is currently a working product about to launch, unlike Storj and MaidSAFE. It's not trying to become the next bitcoin but instead will just replace every upload site on the internet, like Amazon S3, Dropbox and possibly torrents if it becomes that big.
It's only real long term problem is concerning scaling, but if you invest basically now or soon, it should give a decent profit before that problem occurs, leaving the team enough time to solve it.

V 0.6 is set to come out any time now and the team announced that they're releasing a V 1.0 on June 7th, their one year anniversary.

Oh you mean siacoin. That explains my confusion.

What other sia do you know?

So TrumpCoin V2 is supposed to come out, and on their website it says you have to trade in your old coins for new ones. Is it like this for all coins, when they release an update?

You fucked up and said SAI a bunch of times.