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>plz critique

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straight into the trash

>includes but not limited to
cut that shit out

Lol that font. Without getting too deep into what can be done to improve the meat of your resume, I will just give some offhand critique. First, never refer to yourself in the 3rd person. Also, "includes but is not limited to" is the most redundant catchphrase you can use in a resume. I cringe whenever ilI see it.

my eyes

can't tell if serious or not, but use a proper email, fix that third person shit, list about 3 of the most recent jobs you've had that are RELEVANT to the job you're applying for, give details about your responsibilities and accomplishments working in those jobs, and ask yourself, "What can I do for this company and how can I improve myself by working here?". Use that answer in the resume.

How do I know if I'm employable?

I've been doing webdev for years now, dropped out of college and have done some freelancing through acquaintances. But how do I go about finding a real job?

I would greatly appreciate it someone could help me out and walk me through the getting a job process. I'm honestly considering suicide because my life has been at a standstill for so long.

rate mine mates

If Veeky Forums had a sticky, OP's image would be a mandatory part of it

22 y/o, Aus, building industry, looking to move on from labour roles into a junior/trainee office role such as contract administration or production estimation with a residential contractor. I generally excel much more at cover letter writing.

Have had a couple interviews lately where I've made it to the final round but not been given the job offer. One company was a volume builder, the other a material supplier, both junior estimation roles. If there's any Anons who work in construction, any insider tips on what employers typically look for when filling entry level roles?

Forgot the resume

2 pages is too many


First thing is that both of you need to get a latex template and use that instead of whatever it is you used to make that one.

Latex is easy to use if you don't know how. You have to download the program and use the templates listed above.

>Forgot the resume

I hope that's what you say when you show up to job interviews because then you stand a better chance of being hired than if you'd presented that can of alphabet soup that you so negligibly poured upon a page and photocopied. It's like somebody tried to microwave a shit sandwich.

Jesus, these go straight into the trash, anons! READ A BASIC WEB ARTICLE ON HOW TO FORMAT A RESUME FFS.

Just fucking ask the landscaper for a job, who the fuck needs a resume lmao

Would appreciate feedback on mine, r8 me.

So what are your job possibilities with a PolSci degree and that job history? Seems very broad

user if you're not full of shit and have actually done legit freelance you should just try to nab an interview. Fill your resume with freelance jobs you've worked on, portfolio of stuff, languages you know, etc.

The resume in my experience honestly doesn't matter, it just has to look pretty enough to nab you an interview. If you know your shit you should be able to get something.

This. I went for a job i was overqualified for still i cocked up i put a family member who ran the business i worked for at the time, 5th question in was why don't i have real references

Take note,
THIS is a resume


Learn how to use apostrophes.

That is right famalam. Multiple years and multiple semesters

that's not how apostrophes work m8

This should be good. By all means, please show us how they do work, wizard

For the immediate time horizon (6 months - 1 year) I'm going to focus on progressing in the KYC/AML compliance stuff I'm doing. I want to get into the LATAM compliance department on account of my Portuguese.

I'm also trying to learn more about financial markets so I can consider a transition to finance. The bank I'm contracting with currently has a program to become an investment analyst that recruits from people with limited work experience (0-2 years)

In terms of things more relevant to my degree, I'd like to try for CIA or take the Foreign Service Officer test at some point. I feel like I need to build up to that, would want to do it after grad school. I definitely should learn a new language to help with that, but so far I can't even make great inroads into getting actually good at Spanish. I need to work harder at it.

I once almost enlisted in the Army and I still have the military option filed away in my brain, but I feel less of a pull toward it now. I might still try for it someday. Could help pay for grad school and could be good for a job at CIA/State.

>[email protected]


Looking at the jobs listed in your Experience section, it's obvious that you should have more in your Skills and Training section than just some languages and office (which fucking everyone lists)
Did you not learn anything other than office and a second language at your jobs?

General advice for uni students:

1. List your education first. Do put your GPA somewhere I can find it, as long as it's not atrocious (i.e., list if 3.5+). If I don't see a GPA, I assume you're retarded.

2. Do not go over one page.

3. Put your skills in their own section, and put them somewhere I can see them. My usual flow is to glance at the education section to make sure you aren't mentally handicapped, then skip straight to the skills, then work back through your internships.

4. Allocate space wisely. If you have a Goldman Sachs internship and three bullshit on-campus jobs, don't give each of them one-fourth of the space. Your GS internship should take up half of the space in the experience section, and the rest of the bullshit should be compressed as much as possible.

No famalam, that isn't how they work. If you want the plural of "year" you just need to add an "s" and make it "years."

By adding the apostrophe to the end, you've given the "years" possession. You've essentially written "multiple years's," which I think we can all agree is retarded. Go back to tenth grade.

best in thread

my god you people are so shitty at making resumes.

Look up a template and stop trying to be creative.

What the fuck do people put into "skills"?

Just language + IT skills (bloomberg terminal/excel/R GNU/SQL) ? Or stuff like "Able to derive the Black76 option pricing formula" ?

Lmfao @ someone still in college having a 2 page resume

>gramatically articulate

Take out "as identified requiring further analysis". It's redundant.

It's the first layout posted that doesn't look horrible. You kept it to one page and you kept the layout simple. Not bad.

>Forgot the resume
You're done. gtfo.

>Resumes must be exactly one page

t. High school guidance counselor

>international student

Into the trash

You should probably stick to ditch-digging m80

I need some insight on cover letters. I have a double degree in robotics eng and computer science and every single engineer cover letter template example I see has nearly a full page of content, which invariably is dry as fuck and just repeats the resume in the form of a story. I think that's retarded and I really want to make a nice succinct "here's my experience and here's what I can do for your company etc" kind of resume, but not sure if I can get away with it. I've got some very relevant experience that fits the bill really well. Can I get away with the short letter? Obviously not super short, just not the full 5 paragraph examples I see.

What does the t. mean in the signature

Never got this meme

Dont switch between 3rd person and 1st person in your summary. Also, I'm totally confused about the 6 month internship between your first and 2nd job.

Looks ok, but you really should stick to the one page rule, meme or not, especially since you don't have that long of a work history. It just comes down to making your resume more concise and easier to read. Avoid putting too much filler.

Aside from customer service soft skills, some technical how-to for phones and computers, and some basics of what's a good mobile website layout, I didn't learn a whole lot to be honest user.

>[email protected]


Please for the love of god, everyone in this thread:

IF you really want to make a good CV/Resume, go here
That is the HARVARD Resume Guide with examples, also includes cover letters. If it is good enough for fuckin' HARVARD students, it is more than good for your mediocre ass.

Altrnatively, use LaTex and edit it with Overleaf, no need to download any shit.

>college kid
>2 page resume

and people complain about how they cant get jobs. trim the fat pajeet/xin yu

trim the fat. ive handled recruiting (even though im an engineer) and i hate reading sentences. i dont have the time with so many fucks handing me 2+ page resumes

Thanks, mates.

dogshit. straight dogshit.

I made a 2.8 GPA but I listed that I had a 3.43 on my resume and got the job.

Fix that font. Looks like a 14 year old did it.

Employers rarely check into your fucking GPA as long as you aren't autistic during the interview. This applies mainly for jobs that aren't very important, meaning they aren't very strict on the hiring process.

I mean, put yourself in the hiring manager's shoes... he probably has to read through those fucking resumes, select some, then interview them. I've been there as an assistant and its very stressful and boring.

Basically, be new and unique but not retarded.

How is this for a CV lads, minus the references, which I always update and refresh for important applications.

>available upon request


Lol I just said I add up to date references when I submit applications you Filipino bum boy

so basically op got sucked into the army with the promise of a chance of being a thuper special forces soldier, failed out or quit, then got sent to the fucking 82nd lol.

your resume spells out loser to me.

>this font and layout

Destined for 3rd shift at the malt-o-meal factory

>Visa status


The first sentence in this rez is so fuckin awkward brah

Change the objective. After "logistics", you really aren't saying anything. Also, trim it down to 1 page. There is no reason why someone with so little of professional experience should have a 2 page resume.

logistical position^

Is there a single person with a respectable degree in this entire thread?

All I see is you people majoring in the most retarded shit lmfao.

Just fucking kill me right now.
>no consistent job for past three years

Your resume lacks a narrative, ie. your resume should give a brief mental picture about you or what you are like.Recruiters skim through you resume for 10 sec before throwing it into the shredder. Make them want to have a second look.

This guy explains it like it is.

I was told to include an objectives section. I've had more than a few people look this over, including a CEO, who never told me to remove or change the objectives section.

I can't help but feel like it's wrong or unneeded. However I feel like it does go a ways towards building a narrative as the guy in
's video says.

Anyway, please give me constructive criticism. Thanks.

>that shitty layout
>that entire fucking about me section
>stupid fucking bullet points instead of short sentences

Seriously that entire first paragraph in the about me is cringe worthy as fuck, i'd instantly toss that out if I saw that, this aint your fucking cover letter dumbass

Looks great. Yes, your objective section is necessary. It gives a brief introduction about you and what your goals are. I would change the first sentence, however. It reads like an incomplete sentence. Maybe preface it with "It is my goal to obtain...". It would give your objective a little more readibilty. Also, consider removing some space at the top before your objective so your bottom paragraph doesn't look so scrunched.

Thank you. I'll do those things.

Another question: I'm currently applying for a departmental analytics job that has nothing to do with the environment, and little with policy. Should I alter my objectives section to be more in line with the job specifications?

Absolutely. Your objectives section should always be tailor made towards the job you are applying for.

You should always do that.

Also for basic formatting put Experience and Skills above Education. You could even separate experience and skills. Other than that not to bad. Best format is easily Objective then Skills then Experience and then Education, make sure it's not to wordy and there aren't massive paragraphs and keep it to one page. Lots of the stuff in your Education section could be shrunk, GPA could be just 3.7. There are a lot of other areas where you could shrink a bit as well. Like for the Dean's List you say 2011 Fall Semester, 2012 Spring etc etc. You could easily just say Made Dean's List in 6 semesters or something shorter as employers dont really give a fuck you made Dean's List 2011 Fall Semester

Sounds good. The position closes on the 25th, so I'll take this time to tinker my resume a bit and keep working on my cover letter.

Thanks guys. I genuinely appreciate it.

If anyone else has any input for me, I'm all ears.

Thanks I'll tweek it a bit

How do you fill out a CV straight out of High School?
> Looking for a cooshy summer job/internship.
>first year undergrad

use this

I want to change my job to some kind of IT related corporation position. I want to go up the ladder and have a good life in a few years.

I just... want something more, better... I intend to achieve it.

Please, rate my CV, anything is appreciated, any opinion!

Got an email response to a job, first time in a long time, they asked me for a number to contact me. My home number is right on the resume even in the damn email I sent. I was looking at it via an email thread. Not sure if guy was stupid or testing me. Reply tell them a time to call. Guy calls me this morning 30 minutes early than the time agreed. Once again questioning their mental capabilities.
Pretty much does a phone interview, feel like I'm killing it. Past experience at a job with a similar function, experience with the very software they wanted, suddenly asks me why I left pharmacy. Fuck me. Side step it with some shit about certifications and it not fitting with me. Bad answer. Suddenly start asking me about my what field I was looking to work in. Bad signs. Say graphic design/printing, he gives me shit about the resume I sent not being graphic design and a general resume. "Sorry I don't think you're qualified."
Past work in graphic design and printing but I'm not what you're looking for?
I feel like my resume is hurting me from finding a job. Putting pharmacy technician jobs on there might be worrying people because I didn't do anything in that field save for an externship and one temp job.
This is old I removed the skills shit and replaced it with a summery
>Creative, resourceful, and flexible. Able to adapt to changing priorities, maintain focus, and display a strong work ethic.
And added the pharmacy tech school
Which may have been a mistake.

>pertaining to how to
no no no no NO NO NO

What's that language thing from?

What would you replace that segment with then?

Too spaced out, squeeze it into 1 page. Remove the interests section completely, it has no business on a CV. Explain what you did in each job you've had. What did you do as an "Apprentice"? Apprentice with whom? What did you do? Driving license doesn't need to be included unless having a "Category "B"" license is directly applicable to the job you're applying to.

Your picture is not necessary in a CV, it just takes up space. Your personal information section should be changed into a header of some sort. Ditch including your DOB/Country/City.

In your education section, what did you learn that's pertinent to this particular job when getting your Bachelors? And your Masters?

Formatting almost is never an issue, but yours is almost _too_ vanilla.

There's definitely more, but that's what immediately pops out to me. Hope this helps.

Dude you just got trolled, and he fulfilled his quota of calling X ppl that day. Your resume is fine, you dont want an kawaii chick colored resume dude.

>Bachelor of Arts History and English
Might as well leave it out, it does nothing for you.

>Can use Mac's...
Mac's what? Mac's dick?


>about me

>does relaxing count
I'm so sorry you are this retarded. Holy shit.

No relavent coursework in education though its in the most eye catching part of the paper. Kill yourself.

CF Did you make them any money where are the metrics and KPI's/CPI's

How fat was that Budget, how many line items were on it. Did the budget win the Lord Mayor over.

Content of the Peer Reviewed Article.

Admin Support - How many manhours and resources did this save the company

officer - Size and Scope of projects

Volunteer Services - Strike out Data entry. wtf were you thinking
Feasability study first b/c it sounds important.

Promotion - strike - packing up stalls are you trying to be a grunt

Consulting - Reorgainized< no!, OPTIMIZED.
AWARD GOES FUCKING FIRST IDIOT and you won it, you weren't nominated.
Collated- no, Finalized.
- Co-Presented, NO, Presented.

Filing system- Don't ever mention this. You restructured and developed the whole department process and workflow that they still use today.

you spelled standardize wrong. into the trash it goes.

Is your name so fucking alien that you need to put visa status. that could be a straight to the trash.

Why are there two volunteering sections.

lotta whitespace in technicals, implying you're mostly useless.

lost in the mail/10

If you have to tell them you're an excellent communicator you're not.
as evidenced by next sentence
> good standard of IT and numeracy

Why is pharmacy even on there if you did no graphic design for them its irrelevant filler.
Dates only fuck the details b/c I don't care

also the phone call, I simply realized my passion and talent was in graphic design. not pharma tech

Aggressively 1/5 of this page is Graphic design related.

pic related

Literally 50% whitespace what the fuck are you doing.

You have 0 fucking IT qualifications on your resume.
I'm supposed to take your word for it. when the most advanced thing you have on your resume is V-Lookup.

You jog fuck you.
You can drive fuck you.


This whole resume is trash,
actually angry/10

Download How to find your dreamjob and overnight resume makeover right now
use jdownloader

filenames are triplemaximumwageslave & hiremeplz

objectives are for fags

Pretty good. Dense. Dense is good

5 significant figures really, just round up.

I was weighing putting your experience first as they are quite strong then reorganized it a bit.
Bullshit societies next

why are you using subcategories for grants just make 2 separate bullets

Experience lacks CPIs and KPIs sure you worked but did it bear fruit. Talk about how delicious the fruit was.

Gathered Data, fuck off peasant.

LA - I showed up, that counts right, wooh, no numbers. No impact. you just stood there.

Collected data like a peon, again,
Extracted and Encoded a data matrix, w/ ....

Aided, No. Pissant, you Documented.

got through the assistant/10


The skills part is not currently on my resume.
I would remove the pharmacy shit but it would leave huge gaps in my employment. Employers will ask about said gaps which will lead to them asking me why I left pharmacy tech. I remember when I trained for graphic design they had us prepare portfolios but it seems that the people who hire don't really care to see your work anymore unless it's actually making art which is a rarity and not on my level. I really need to learn how to navigate these questions and build a better resume with the little work I have.

I haven't much to put, you're calling out the obvious filler. A lot of the work I came in on for a time and left (not by choice, stipend ran out, etc). Some of it is still ongoing, which is unfortunate for me in terms of credentials.

Regardless, thank you sensei.

AN ELLIPSIS in a resume
oh boy this gon' be good.

dashes and periods

Wtf is a national police check and why does it qualify you for anything. This implies that most people in your line of work are criminals and indigents.

Airport News store clerk.
What job are you applying for, never tell people you had this job.

CORRECTLY, like anyone is supposed to do things incorrectly. Special olympics tier
Being personable, as a duty. Serial Killer Tier
> Never once did you successfully complete a sale.

Approaching & Talking to the public, caged animal tier
Actually LISTENING - full retard tier

English major - Wow this degree is fucking toilet paper.


Worlds greatest shave- okay you're probably trolling now

BLOOD DONOR!!!!! on a resume

just helped out and was so good they offered me the job on radio.
> that you weren't the formless comedic relief blob character

Started a business. That's all I have to say about that.

casual to part time.
begins sentences with prepositions yet is english major

Martial arts
Admits incompetence

You're exactly what I want, A Dangerous Smelly Hippy

English Major/10

>includes but not limited to
Is your resume a TV commercial?

at least try to hide it.
Its like you don't think a human might read this, or that said human is incompetent or that you are competing against vermin.

>riding horses (badly)
Please tell me this is some new funny meme or something

>Oh, & does relaxing count?

Solid last line, mate. Really landed with both feet.

I now know why so many of you idiots complain about being unemployed or not being able to get a job

Actually blown away by how shitty some of these are