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No ASX Thread? No ASX thread.

Congrats to everyone who is riding the MXC wagon at the moment - can't say I got on it and it was a big error by me - well done to those who jumped in on it

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ausbrah checkin in
will lurk this thread

Thinking about jumping on the GXY wagon and seeing how far it will go long term. Gonna try buying in on Monday morning.

Why do you think now is a good entry point? I was thinking about it too but fuck buying high.

I don't want to be like the fuckers who bought LOM at 40 cents yaknow

True true. I was thinking long term it could still be good. Your top for MXC could be a better plan. You gonna jump in on MXC?

Look, I'm burning at the fact I didn't get it early at 0.026, and I'm not sure if that is anchoring me against it. I am looking at MMJ again, because its price hasn't really done shit yet. It is of course, five times more expensive though.

Anyone else thought about the comparison

I know what you mean, but I'm also scared it's going to break 50c next week without dipping. scared of missing the train.

dont be, the fear of missing out is powerful and can fuck you up. remember, buses come every 15mins so its cool if you miss yours. just make sure next time youre there 5 mins early.

what are your thoughts on CNJ, they are sitting on the 4th largest cobalt deposit in the world, are owned by the Tasman bro's that seem to have a touch for steady growing investments (EDE e.g.)

also read

yeah, you are probably right. I'll wait it out on Monday morning and see what happens. I think it's the right time to buy, but maybe it will dip on Monday.

Who MXC here?

the DUDE WEED train is leaving the station

Get on

Mgc pharma?

There's lots of talk that cobalt will go off after lithium, but I'm really not a resources dude. Anyone else have a clue?


You could set a buy order too 0.35 (GXY, convert that too USD if you're on GALXF) and hope to catch a spastic dip.

Cobalt user was suggesting a couple companies last week in the Galaxy Resources thread.. can't remember the name though.

Ausfag here. Can someone explain to me when this mxc meme started? I have been lurking here for 3 weeks now and i havent seen a single mxc thread.

>Cobalt user was suggesting a couple companies

I read that thats why I ask if any of you have more information on it, they are apparently sitting on the 4th largest deposit in the world (in a 50% JV with a gold miner BAR), CNJ is 20% owned and directed by Tasman Resources which also owns and directs EDE (180% gain in the last 16 days?!?)

How much money do you have o n it?


NabTrade is down for maintenance so I'll just show my current gains on stockprofitcalculator

Also forgot buy commission of $13.50 but oh well.

and yes they are currently massively undervalued, with 0,02 AUD and their TBVPS of 0,05 AUD

Don't know but whoever picked it was right.

I'm still trying to work out whether I should be on it or not

free nabtrade brokerage runs out tomorrow.
Do they charge brokerage when order is filled or settled?

If it runs out Monday does that mean it lasts that day or is today the last day I get free brokerage?

Late Feb when the govt announced the medicial legalisation

I bought in at 3.4, I'm in for the long run at this point

any aussie bros following any Lithium mining companies?

I'm the ASX Sharemarket Game and have 50k playmoney to invest. How would I be able to win? Sorry for the quick question, gtg to a party.

Yeah I'm in PLS, GXY and MPJ. In the greens for me so that's good.

What price you got into pls?

MPJ isn't on CommSec, who's your broker?

Im dubious about mgc pharma. Got 2k on them, up 43%, i just cant see it going up. I want to put more money on them but im going to wait two more weeks and invest another 2k. Ive got a feeling its going to go down

I got in at 0.36 late but still worth it. Was very hesistant beacuse I was watching it last year and it was a rollercoaster ride.

MPJ went through a name change, their ticket code is KAI now. Just checked on comsec and is not avaliable so I guess I wait till Monday and see.


Interesting, I see them being discussed on investorintel, they will not be producing in near time but no virtual developer will, however they are sitting on the 4th largest cobalt deposit. if there is a cobalt price spike, due to the coming shortage as the analysts say, Conico (CNJ) could be a cobalt Pilbara (PLS). thanks for the tip mate

i bought mxc at 3.2 cps and sold out today at 5.1cps

sell while you can, there's no revenue out yet. let the hype bubble burst and buy back in

Also can anyone explain the shit going on with GXY?

up 100% in a month for no apparent reason. could the biz shills be this powerful?

What do you think it will fall to?

back to its intial pricing? maybe 3.0 to 3.5? there's been no news.. and they're selling cosmetic cannabis shit with one confirmed sale for 1 million in revenue this year.

IBG on the massive upswing atm, anyone in on that?

Cobalt with a huge rise today, was there an announcement or something?

I'm still new to this mining stuff. But i believe cobalt was a big by-product in nickel mining, nickel has become unprofitable so pure cobalt plays are looking to be able to set their prices with the shortage we may have.

What's good for lithium should be good for cobalt and the shrewd investor will look to get on the cobalt train before every man and his dog does.

I think the company is just a good buy and everyone is catching on, the whole lithium sector is up by magnitudes over the past 6 months. There'll be adjustments.

When did you get on MPJ? I got excited after their big Friday and bought last Monday at .01 like an idiot.
What do you see or hope to see the share price doing in the short term/ long term.
I'm just hoping for some good announcements relating to their tenements but it could go flat or sour really quickly with less than stellar news after their search.

Need these ASX threads, cant talk about the state of lithium or mining shares in the GXY thread, its pure memery over there now, actual information is ignored.

i'm willing to drop some money on cobalt, what's your pick?

Yeah, bought in at 3.3, sold at 5.8

a nice 75% return

Gyx threads talk about everything

>how do i buy
>how do i buy
>to the moon
>pump and dump!
>talking about the movement of the price, no analysis

Yeah they're great

You missed other threads. Just weekend bs

The trick is to decipher it all. Lithium certainly is hot property right now and probably will be until the the race to build the worlds electric vehicles has clear leader/s. that will take a few more years yet. But hey you must decide for yourself.

And then think of all the little companies along the supply chain that will benefit or play pivotal roles in this race of the EV, thats were you start researching then put your investments.

Anyone looked at Pioneer resources (Pio) got gold, nickle and Lithium in the play, brought some today myself.

Checking now!!

Any RAP holders in here? Thoughts on today's trading halt?

32% today wtf? how did I miss this

read this anons analysis on cobalt, it's the same guy that analysed lithium stocks a week ago and started the whole gxy meme.

AusFag here - i'm throwing down some of my shares your way - PIO, CNJ, BAR, EDE, BPL, AJM, GXY, GMM, PLS, NMT

buy em all, buy some or buy none. don't give a shit if you fags don't believe me, i'm up like 10k.
do some research but them tickers a good place to start

all of those stocks are up, which leads me to believe if I buy in it'll be near the peak and I'll be a worthless bagholder

Last I heard its a cap raising at 0.20. If so, I will buy in after it heads a little down.

Bought into CNJ today and ADV. ADV seems to be the forgotten lithium holder, and looks cheap after great results. I think it'll trend up very shortly.

Again, congrats to MXC, up to 6.2 on close. That's a fucking great swing if you're on it fellas, I unfortunately missed it.

thats some good shit, thx man, gotta look into conico

ADV went down today despite announcement good quality lithium in drilling. Going to jump in early tomorrow.

By the way I'm fairly new. I've got 15k to play around with so how many companies should I have in my portfolio? I'm thinking of having two low risk companies like pls, ajm, and perhap gxy , then having 2 or 3 high risk companies whom are priced low.

I wish I could do more research but this lithium boom is taking off too fast and it appears these opportunities don't come around often.

Has anyone here tried Commsec CFD's?

Is $500 starting margin enough to play in this platform? Can you trade after hours (ASX)?

Bump, bought ADV today think I dun goofed

Why are you worried?

bruh I wish. I placed a buy order in last night and it wasn't fulfilled and now i missed out on 20pc gains


ADV is still a good choice. There is a lot of cash moving between all the Lith companies people are spoilt for choice, a drop in price is a good buy opportunity for other investors. To the MOOOOON!!

PIO is the only one that dipped, looks like that's my play

Nice! Keep an eye & ear out for announcements and other talk around the traps.

Yeah I missed out most of it too. Got in at 4.4

Pallister on hc has like 400k on pio, he shills hard but I still think pio is legit

I did some reading, their website is pretty nice and they have 3 projects in development at the moment which ensures a steady stream of news which keeps the share price moving.

Feeling good desu senpai

I think you need $5k to open a CFD account

why the hardon for cobalt? price hasn't moved.

What price you get in and how much? I will join you with around 100k shares soon

AJM appears good value at the moment. Might dip below 25c

And ADV jumps 25% today - hope you got in early bruh.

Are we ignoring the MXC pump and dump today? Lucky those who sold out at 8.6, I feel sorry for the suckers who bought it at that price.

8.3 cents even

Any idea on what us e brokers have access to pioneer and the rest.
IV got Galaxy OTC right now with a 22% gain so far, just can't find the others

I bought in at 3.4 cents. I wish i sold earlier around 7 cents but I chickened out, which I obviously regret now

I'll sell around mid 6 tomorrow if it get's that high on no announcement

So all of these are only for ausfags right..?

Burger here and the only thing ive been able to get in on is GALXF

love you guys

I think back to the 4's tomorrow bruh

Sorry bruh, all ASX all day

contracts for dickheads

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals

Help me out here fellow ausbrahs, I'm with commsec atm and you must buy a minimum of $500 (which im pretty sure all banks in aus are) it time to some of my trading money to bitcoin?

Wut - is it time to convert your BTC to cash and trade? Yes. But with $500.00 you might as well go to the Casino - better returns

I mean like, i'm 18 with a bit in the bank from saving and a generous aunty.. I've already invested a tiny bit into trumpcoin.. just for fun really but it really is a nice thing to not have to pay a minimum of $500 to trade.

brokerage fees will kill you. you pay $20 to buy, and another $20 to sell. this means you need to turn your $500 into $540 just to break even. it's not worth it.

I know, esp with commsec - its 40$ to sell and $40 to trade. Bitcoin/c-cex has been good.. a good change.

Min 2 grand on blue chips or its not worth it. Its my rule pretty much every other trade I do is 4k or over now.

Dont waste your time on small busy. Do you do your DD and stop memecoining.

In all honesty, i had won about 700$ at the casino so i spared a few hundred about bought $trump.. so far so good actually.. i want this to be a learning curve for me - Life for me atm is Study/business/trade/workout/ im enjoying myself

bought 50,000 at 2.3cps

get some more money before you start. 20% gain on $500 is nothing to give a shit about

actually 60,000 my bad

What services do you use to trade stocks?

bought at 3 panicked and sold at 5.8 then saw it rise to 8 fuck my life.

But atleast I didn't buy at 8

Brought in at 5.6 today, probably one of the most exiciting pump and dump I've seen so far.

Feel for those brought at the high's. What does everyone on here think about MXC? In comparision would it be better then MMJ?

where are you buy /selling?

MXC, if that's your question.

It has great potential and I will be buying back in once it goes a bit lower. it hasn't even gotten any revenue yet apparently and it is still yet to grow crops in Australia. it will for sure go over 10 cents at some point this year and has a lot of potential to hit 20 or even more depending on what happens.

this one? idk about trading but want to get into it

MXC - MGC Pharmaceuticals

Medical Marijuana supplier in Australia, which we just legalized.