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TRUMP is in a downward trend right now. Sell while you're up, buy MEME, sell MEME when you're up, buy back into TRUMP.

Both coins have plenty of potential to hit mainstream sooner or later (although TRUMP may get shut down if that happens) and MEME doubled in price today at some point.

Meh. I'll hold. Don't want to try catching the waves.

MEME is a joke, go spread BS somewhere else

Trump has nothing to offer other than the word "TRUMP"

MEME is in the process of adding IPFS to blockchains which is a huge deal.

Idunno, if it has already doubled it seems like bad timing?

the price is at 1100 sats. Literally anything under 10k is a good buy because it is so cheap and easier to jump in price.

If no one wants their coins, I'll take them. Seriously.


iv heard that one before, shitty volume . low energy. nty. trumpcoin got bigger faster.

No it didn't. Trump is older than MEME by two months.

which exchanges hold meme?

C-cex, bittrex

Sent ;)

Do you guys realize that Tuesday will be the first primary (with an actual vote) since Trump coin has gained popularity?

He's going to sweep the east coast. These threads will be full of people buying on the up.

We're gunna be rich! You pick out the color of your lambo yet?

All aboard the TRUMP TRAIN!!


I'll hold all your Trumps bros. They'll be here waiting for you :D

If I send you 10,000 trumps can you hold onto them for me?

I actually probably could, since I'm not selling anytime soon, but you seem like a HODLER yourself, so let's ride or die together m8

already laying down comfortably, thank you!!

No one's going to get "rich" off this.

You could get enough to buy some cool shit though. (Or parlay it into anorexia invest if you're smart.)

"Another investment"

Holding on tight m8.

Don't forget your seatbelts folks or you could get accidentally ejected from the rocket on its way up.

So how do I turn my bankaccount $$ into a couple trumpcoins? I have a blockchain wallet because I bought a bitcoin a couple years ago.

I currently have 0 cryptocurrencies, do I have to buy btc first and then trade btc for TRUMP? That's too much of a hassle for me.

Yes that's how it works, everything is traded from bitcoin. Get used to it.

MEME is gaining traction on reddit

if it gets front page, we mooning.

So I have to buy bitcoins to a wallet I set up on one of the exchange sites, put in a trade for trumpcoins, send the trumpcoins i buy to the trumpcoin wallet i downloaded.

Is that the whole process?

if you want to store the coins for the long term then yeah, otherwise just keep them in the exchange you bought them.

Also C-cex (which trades Trump V2, the one you want) offers trade for trump in dollars so you won't have to go dollar > btc > trump

>yet it launched last month and it's only now being posted after all the easy blocks with higher rewards have been mined. fuck that. downvoted.


r bitcoin doesn't even make it to the front page.

Are you fucking Chinese?

>mfw Trump dominates NY
>mfw TRUMPCOIN doubles shortly after

So comfy bros


Also dominating NJ, CA etc etc

Who has even heard of Meme outside of Veeky Forums and plebbit? No one that's who. Meme has no name recognition.

TRUMP is known across the world, ask anyone anywhere they will almost certainly know who Trump is. He's more well known than DOGE that's for sure.

So TRUMP could pass DOGE? $10 TRUMPs incoming.

anorexia what

Fuck, I just realized I missed the V2 swap. Are my TRUMPS useless?

Yes give to my wallet

Nah you're fine. If they are in yobit/ccex they are already swapped. If they're in a wallet you will need to read the thread to swap manually using the website, or just pm the development and they'll swap them over.

yobit is still v1

No it's not dude quit trolling

I feel like everyone who wants TRUMP already holds some because of the perceived potential to skyrocket. Problem is 90% of people who'd buy it at the current price already owns it and they're not selling.

I really want to buy, but at the same time I cannot see it just skyrocketing from the current price unless it crashes first and gains some momentum... at the same time I have fear of missing out, fuck me.

it's literally crashed right now after the stupid change to v2.

It won't go any lower than this.

I have $200 to invest in TRUMPCOIN (and if all goes well.. a few K), I have about 0.2 in my wallet.. how do i transfer to c-cex to buy trump coin?

Anyone willing to help will receive bitcoin

won't go any lower? literally everyone who knows of this coin and wants it already owns it. the trade volume is abysmal. The only thing it has going for it is that potential a miracle happens and it skyrockets, otherwise it's dogshit and everyone involved knows it's dogshit.

Also what a retarded opinion saying it has crashed, it's up almost 100% the last 7 days.

It's a gamble like anything. Just don't put in more than you are willing to potentially lose. It does have some real potential to rise though. Probably won't go to the moon, but now that the change to v2 is over with it's less complicated to get into.

where is that money?
just withdraw from one wallet into the one on c-cex

I believe that we will rise and that we will push forward not only to 0.25 or 0.50 cents per trump, but we will skyrocket to 2 dollars zone. It's perfect storm. Just wait for results of new York and cali.
P. S if you will buy trump do it in small quantities through longer period to not wave it up

If no one wants trump coins or BTC, feel free - 155UbVZ1wV5ZF1AUnRS7MW5WAKR2xTKLR4 i was laid off today and im 18 wo

stop begging, you look ridiculous

Lol Trumpcoin supporters arebeggars lol the irony


Bought 1btc 12 hours ago and it's already going down the drain. what memecurrency should I place my remaining 0.3 btc in guys?

I actually really want to sell out of trump and wait a week as my gut feeling tells me it's gonna tank massively and then rally to the moon. This gut feeling is of course based on complete ignorance as I have no idea what the fuck i'm doing and have absolutely no info apart reading this thread today and never having traded cryptos before.

Please, stop shilling frog meme. Except 4chin and leddit no one cares about it

just hold at this point and when it dips as hard as it looks like its gonna go drop the remaining 0.3 in there..the 0.3 will at least get you back up to initial investment

Protip: there is never going to be any bagholder on Veeky Forums that will ever ever tell you to sell. They are always going to tell you to hodl no matter what, even if it is tanking hard.

Listen up fellas, go all in on fucking trump.. the CC is gonna sky rocket.. Take this opportunity or miss out.

did we get any confirmation from yobit that they are on v2?

le "i just put in all my life savings into this so i hope it works" shill

You're an idiot.

Hold MEME, dump TRUMP.

MEME hasn't gotten a real pump yet. TRUMP has already mooned and everyone on biz already bought into it and it's only popular here and nowhere else.

Honestly just put the .3 in MEME and wait. don't check it every 20 minutes (any coin really) and just set your sell order and forget.

Trump only has Veeky Forums and nowhere else. Not even /pol/.

Reddit is a mainstream site and when it catches on there, we mooning. The original shills of trump already got everyone they could on Veeky Forums so I know it won't pump anymore. Just sell and take your profits.

How is ETH? Does it have the possibility to skyrocket?

Bought a bunch of Trump at 11, I think I fucked up.

I'm right there with ya buddy. Just wait for the primary tomorrow. Or even California's which Trump should win by an overwhelming amount to help drive up interest.

the calm before the storm

sell your trumps and regret soon

The calm already ended and so did the storm.

>Take my profits
Dude I bought 131kk trump for 2200 dollars. If you think i'll gonna fucking jew out because coin didnt went 15000% in one month, you are fucking wrong. Plus to cash out 131kk without hitting retards fear would be really hard, it would take me one week to cash out slowly

says the shill

Relax dude, he can have his opinion, I mean people who invested early tripled their value and it's real chance Trump gonna be cock blocked by GOP so all this shill scheme gonna go down or it's gonna go to the moon

MEME has volume(24h) of 2btc. TRUMP might only be talked about here, but MEME isn't talked about anywhere. Not saying anyone won't pump it up, but at the end of the day it's all just gambling.

Thing about TRUMP i feel like is even if it doesn't skyrocket ever and even drops 200% over the next month, there's no way it doesn't jump up to it's current level at least once considering Trump's relevancy. TRUMP is basically just a free gamble with a potential great reward.(ofc nothing is free)

Only reason i'm buying any of this is to have some fun with the volatility in crypto markets and to have a reason to stay updated on them.

Great point but considering im about to buy a few 10k trump coins.. its time to GO IN BOYZZAA

Should I throw my about 200 Trumpcoins into my wallet for staking?

welcome to the winning team, friend


I still have my TRUMP on yobit. I never withdrew to switch to V2 or anything.
1. Do I still need to switch to V2 or did yobit decide to automatically switch?
2. If I still need to switch, how would I go about doing that?

xfer to c-cex

fuck up m8

people were saying its too late to just transfer straight to C-Cex though

It is. You need to manually transfer. Go to their site. Its not that difficult it seems.

Check the bitcointalk thread, Yobit are on V2 now. You don't need to swap anything.

It's tempting.

OK thanks for clearing that up. Seems like a messy changeover, but also seems like the devs are hard at work.

Yes please, sell me your cheap trump. Another rise is inevitable

thank you sir. You saved me some trouble.

so irritated about missing this drop

knew i shouldve waited

to the moon boys

lol you guys wanna listen to me yet?

Buy into MEME


Time to dump this shitcoin. Made 300% profit. Good enough. We'll never get on a bigger exchange like Polo because of the legal issues so there's no potential for more growth.

>he wants to dump mid-pump
why try to rip off your fellow biz-tards m8?
go do that shit on plebbit

A drop like this is only positive if you're in it because you hope it'll go big. It was way too dead to start going up significantly at the price it was trading at previously.

No cryptos are actually worth anything, i know that without even knowing anything about cryptos. You need momentum and belief.

Mid-pump? Price has been dropping steadily since the peak on Friday. The pump is over. Best to dump now and buy back cheaper (probably in the 1-2k range) in the unlikely event that Polo or Bittrex considers listing the coin. That'll generate enough interest and excitement to make the price skyrocket. But if it doesn't happen this coin is essentially dead barring some extreme event like Trump publicly endorsing it or something.

or the fact that tomorrow he's having a giant win in New York and further concreting his political position

I remember when the PND pump never happened.

>tried to transfer 79 TRUMPs from safecex to c-cex a few days ago
>they never made it


You bitched about this last thread.
Let it go man it's like 2$.
It's probably cause you weren't keeping up with the news about the swap to V2 and tried transferring to C-CEX after the swap was already made.

looks like its going to continue to drop for now

i think this is an artificial drop. smells like manipulation

it is

talking to some people involved with the traders, its manufactured to help a buy-in