Paying over spot for silver rounds when you can buy beautiful coins with histories at spot

>paying over spot for silver rounds when you can buy beautiful coins with histories at spot

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Why pay for junk silver of varying denominations when you can pay for a bullion coin with a guaranteed weight & metal content by a government mint at a nominal premium?


American Silver Eagle
>$2.00 over spot (per coin)

American Gold Eagle
>1 troy oz. - 3%
>1/2 troy oz. - 5%
>1/4 troy oz. - 7%
>1/10 troy oz. - 9%

American Platinum Eagle
>1 troy oz. - 4%

Only certified dealers and businesses that sign a paper stating they intend to move into numismatics are allowed to purchase bulk from the US mint and get minimal spot premiums.

Email dealers, you'll find some with grab bags for you.

Coins for numismatic value = you have to know what they are worth, and are hard to sell to anyone other than dealers or collectors (not a shit hits the fan investment).

Coins with numismatic value = impure silver/gold and harder to sell for spot price.

Bullion = pure, set market value and easy to trade, and will have value in any economy.

i'm not going to touch that chink fake crap

mercury dimes are neat to hold on to. kinda surprised theyre not as popular as quarters, the dimes are able to be exchanged easier.

>>$2.00 over spot (per coin)
i bought 100 maples when it was $15 spot.
anticipating great gains.
if silver turns back and dips under $13 i will buy 200 more.

Where the hell are you buying junk silver *at* spot?

Junk silver is not numismatic coinage.

Only way to get junk silver without a premium is to "mine" it yourself. Here's a pic from my last run. $10 face in 40% half-dollars. And as to "impure silver/gold and harder to sell for spot price," if you know a coin, you know it's purity. A US 1964 quarter, dime, or half is 90%. Throw it on the scale, multiply by spot, done. If you're too stupid to look up its purity means you're too stupid to be looking into metals.

Why add to a losing position? If silver drops you should own puts.

I get 40$ Kennedy halves for 99 cents over spot from Provident.

I want to get 90% coins, but I can't find them for less than 3.99 over spot or some crazy shit like that. Tried looking on Craigslist, no dice yet.

Apparently people frown on 40% because it's less silver by volume. I still like how cheap it is and the fractionality of it.

40%, not 40$, derp.

It's not if YOU are too stupid to look u p the value, its what value the buyer will give you when it comes time to sell. Will they look it up for 500 coins, fuck no.

If the economy is good and you have time to slowly sell, or melt it down or whatever than good for you, but most people buy bullion as a means of storage, and a 9999 pure piece of bullion is going to be much easier to sell for its actual value.

I'm a pawnbroker. There are few coins that I don't know the fineness just by looking, but I'll admit that lots of folks require a guide. That's why coinage of a known value is so much better. A Maple is 4-9's, everyone knows that. An Eagle is 3 9's. Either way, goes on the scale, converted to grams, then paid out. You come in with a bunch of 1965-70's Kennedy's? Throw that shit on the scale, take the weight, multiply it by .400, and then pay out. Mercury dimes? Multiply it by .900 and pay out.

Long and short, anyone who knows metal also knows basic math, and it's just as easy to calculate a .900 coin as it is to know the value of a 14kt chain, as it is to calculate a 90/10 platinum band.

"Buy" them from smaller banks. It's stupid simple, just see if they have some. Doesn't take much leg work and it's pure profit.

>nocoiner cope

>buying actual, physical metals
A reliable retard tax

Coin roll hunting is called "hunting" because it's work; I'm not searching through hundreds of coins to find maybe one or two that have silver.

Eh, enjoy paying for something that you could have for free, then.

>silver coins
>not bitcoins

wew lad

>m-muh coins can't be hacked!


A local coin dealer here sells Swedish coins with 40% silver at 4% BELOW spot. And fine-silver coins at spot. A rare economic benefit to being a scandi.

Paying a slight premium for some government grade fractional silver is fine by me.

Still want to get some 90% though.

This word does not mean what you think it means.

>chinese pump and dump dead end shitcoin

nah im good thanks, if anything I might sell some metal and buy ETH.

I got some of those reichsmarks. my grandpa gave them to me in the late 1980s.. they are nice but virtually worthless as they were produced by the millions of copies back in the days.. there are a lot of them around all over Europe.

They're worth next to nothing as numismatics, true, but they're still worth their melt value.

>A local coin dealer here sells Swedish coins with 40% silver at 4% BELOW spot. And fine-silver coins at spot. A rare economic benefit to being a scandi.

Are you talking about those 250g bags from Roschberg? Or maybe I mixed up the shops I've been using recently. But yeah I bought a couple kilos. 40% is not ideal but it wasn't a huge investment.

Do you know of any dealers selling mixed world coin bags at spot? I already bought what was available after asking 5-6 dealers, but there's probably lots more out there.

>minimum ordering requirement 1000 ounces
>1000 ounces
>$17,000 today
yeah no thanks lad

40% isn't as popular, but I figure it's better than shelling out a $4 to $6 premium for 90%, which is the best rate I can find. Can't find anything on Craigslist and even smaller hole-in-the-wall dealers charge a premium. I just want some fuckin silver dimes and quarters for cheap, but I'll settle for 40% Kennedy halves for now.

Actually not. Its from PR Monter in Denmark. It's mixed-bag, but of whatever size (0.1kg to ???? Kg).

Don't know any mixedbworld coin sellers. However, same shop as above sells Swedish 80% coins at spot.

don't mind if i do...

are you jsut shit talking or do you actually still find silver by hunting rolls?

in my area they do not exist, literally, all banks in the area "buy" their coins and cash from only a few different cash centers that go through old/ worthwhile coins by the thousands of dollars every day if not by the hour.

also the bank treats you like a piece of shit
so then no one gets to do it?
read the requirements
they pretty much spell it out that you must "be a bug shot bullion dealer" in order to be eligible to order from the mint

so you only pay spot for silver? no matter what coin you get?