I've just put my entire life savings on the line Veeky Forums

Sick of being the kv wageslave that I am, its all or nothing now. I'm taking the fight straight to Mr Shekelberg...

If the S&P 500 doesn't rise to 2100 by this week making me well over 100k+ on margin, I'm heliuming myself

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You can't make money if you helium yourself

>thinks he's fighting the jew by going long

>If I don't make a good return, I'm killing myself
>High-risk investments and buying on margin are a good fit for me.

Do you see the incongruity, user?

how about just betting it on a sporting event? that way you base your life on something that happens with reason, such as one team beating another

To be honest, this sounds like a really bad decision, OP.

Why? There is nothing else left in life for me. Either I win or I helium. Simple as that

So, if you win, you're 100k ahead. Woo hoo, throw a party...

Not even close to worth it to gamble your complete financial future on.

Not only that, but you completely won't helium, that's just meaningless edgelord talk. You just simply be broke-ass and worse than you started.

op, you're only 8pts. away.
S&P is at 2092. surely we can get to 2100.
i just lost 1k this morning trying to short the s&p.
what are u trading? options? SPY?

I believe in you OP. To the moon!

Winning a (in the grand scheme of things) a measly $100k vs Pretty much throwing away a decent financial future. Sounds great user

welp it's at 2090... you should have made a lot of money

you got really lucky. don't try this again :/

you dont know his trade. hard to say, but i believe it is a vertical spread. 2100 is full profit, and not sure of his break even.

Lol. I love it that you chose this moment of all to put all your life savings on the line. Perfect timing lol. Prepare the tank.

OP, the helium thing is just a meme. what you end up doing is sounding like a cartoon character while calling 911 and they will laugh at you

theres a insider meme called "donald ducks" among 911 call center workers because of it

How are you even going to buy a tank of helium if you spent all your money ?

can someone tell a noob how investing in S&P 500 works? I know its the 500 biggest stocks, but have op bought stocks in all 500 or what?

u can trade the actual S&P 500 itself through options. the symbol is SPX and it is the same symbol that is reported in news and stuff. SPX does not have shares instead it is actual cash that is being traded.
You can trade S&P 500 through an ETF like SPY. SPY has shares that you can buy and sell. You can also trade options on SPY.
Then you have the S&P futures. Symbol /ES on my platform. Also known as E-mini S&P 500 futures

OP faggot, you're 5 points away from your wish

>1 post by this ID

faggot OP probably off'd himself before reaping the rewards. what a cuck!

Veeky Forums noob here, even if it doesn't happen this week, couldn't OP just wait until the stock's inevitable rise to 2100? It may take longer than he's hoping but that will be an inevitable 100k waiting for him. Also, how much would he have had to invest to expect a possible margin of 100k?

Well if that is true you will notice soon that even if you win, you still have nothing.

So either you man up and change your life, or give me some because I am worth and will own this life.

Makes sense, since party grade helium is probably diluted

he has 700 USD on the S&P 500

we don't know if he is trading futures, options, futures options, ETFs, etc.

i doubt he is alive anymore. prove me wrong OP

He should have 100k now. Good for him.

yay OP. you did it!! :DDD

... Well op has balls of steel and brains of scrotums.

>tfw this actually worked

I might try it and take a nice long trip to Aruba

im going to need to see some proof, post portfolio

wait, what is going on in this thread?

did this guy realize the Veeky Forums dream? pls respon

is this stuff good for a first time investor?

Or lose all your money and kill yourself

>OP has disappeared

It's over folks, he is already dead.


RIP faggot

>high risk investments

Uh no. Modern helium tanks are much harder to suicide with, but they can still blow one of your lungs open, which is worse than lighting yourself on fire

it closed at 2095.6 today and there is an upswing in the forecast. stay bullish, fellow wage cuck.

>technical indicators
>random markets
>accurately predicting the future
Pick two

having 100k won't change your life you dumb faglord

there's some pasta around

It most certainly is a high risk investment if you are heavily leveraged like OP is implying

Investment firms don't exist to make you money. They exist to pool together large amounts of money so the firm makes huge commissions.

OP is dead.

i guess so

I choose random markets and accurate predictions. How we doing this,pig entrails?

forgive me, but what's this software? bloomberg?

honestly you use the indicators that help you see patterns, set your stops and price goals, and just start the grind. apparently some tech. traders do this, give fuck-all about fundamentals, and do fine


Did OP succeeded or prematurely heliumed?

Good riddance

OP you're insane


I bet OP heliumed himself because he didn't actually make the trade but realized he would have been right if he did thus missing out on sick gains.

r.i.p op you were k00l

Op was Prince
>goodnight sweet p-
egh well sorry you're dead bye

Rip op may he feel his prophets in hevan


it'll definitely change his summer plans.

Anyone have any thoughts on the details of how he would have gotten 100k as far as how much he started with and where he went with it?

He bought some Apr 22 SPX calls with a 2090 strike, perhaps a couple weeks ago in the $3-4 range. If it hit 2011, he turns his $3 into $10.

Each option is for 100 shares, so the $3 call cost $300 each, would gross $1,000 per. He bought 200 such calls for $60,000. They expired to zero but he could've netted $140,000 if it hit 2100.

That's my guess.

In reality OP is a pathetic loser who's paper trading for a school competition. If you're going to yolo you put it all on a high beta biotech stock. Better if there are deep OTM options involved and an FDA decision coming.

His life can't be that bad if he had $60k. I agree, OP is fag

people like OP always lose because of greed.

This is the number 1 problem with newbie "traders", they use too much size and get burnt.

You got a trade small and often and achieve an 104% annualized return to date like myself.

>use too much size and get burnt

What do you trade?

if OP was in /ESM6 and bought first day close, and sold at exactly 2100 that would have been an 88.25 point gain per contract. equivalent to about $4400. each contract with an initial margin of $5000.

22 contracts needed for a 100k profit. a risk of 121k.

OP being in futures is not likely given the date he made this thread.

the real interesting part is now. whether we can breach and stay above 2100. otherwise it's a short opportunity.