What's stopping you from taking out your life savings and betting it all on black? I plan on doing it next weekend

What's stopping you from taking out your life savings and betting it all on black? I plan on doing it next weekend.

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Unlimited downside because I'd kms

Trump coin

bet it on a sporting event instead, at least you can use a bit of knowledge beforehand and try to gain an edge

>this advice is all i post on /biz

my intelligence.

It'll be red. It'll be in the 00 part of the wheel (surrounded by red), so you won't even come close. I'm a dealer.

The Gambler, by Dostoyevsky

It's already been done.


>not putting your life savings on Bitcoin and x2 them minimum by the summer

This. If you are going to gamble on stupid shit, go for the gusto.

>he plays outsides

Literal retard detected. I play insides (numbers for you plebs) and STAY WINNING.

Want me to share my numbers here? Too bad I wont!!

You are the literal retard. Same house edge on every bet on the table. Doesn't matter if you play inside or outside. They pay the same for the amount of numbers covered.

Because even if I win, I'd only have 80k instead of 40k. And in my opinion those might as well be the same amount of money I wouldn't be any better off.

Now taking my life savings and putting it in 30 would be tempting.

>tfw you can't save and reload your life like in GTA:SA

Remember to leave out some of it for a gun and one bullet.

first time i agree with bitcon shills.
it has slightly better odds than going all black.

I love X's and O's. I got both CFB playoff games and the super bowl right last year. Felt good mane.

Because there is better investments, especially risky investments.

This is wrong. The house edge is the same for every bet on the table save one.

Fucking faggot

You really think there is a better chance of bitcoin going to $900 then hitting black on roulette? Lmfao change that to 00 and I miiiiight agree with you.

Bet $10 on red = win $10
Bet $10 on #30 = win $350

You are literally a retard

Bet it all on red

mein Neger

no i don"t think that silly user.
i think op has better chance to not lose all his savings with bitcoin in a heartbeat and he might have some gains too.

Casinos are super fun and if you aren't a retard you can win money.

> liquor
> roullete

Always a great night.

>he thinks betting on red has a better expected value than betting on #17

nocoiners on damage control

i did this with hockey with family members. our home provinces team was playing for the cup and they were god awful. they won a few games but both times were because of some stupid luck thing like the puck deflecting weird off someones skate. Then one of the star and key players gets benched for a game due to a penalty or an injury or something. I knew the series was over for them but my close family thought they were gonna win anyways. easiest 20 dollars i ever made. lmao

Besides your pic related, the greens.
It's like agreeing to give away 5% of your life's work every time you spin it.


We have this rule in Europe where you only lose half of some of your bets if 0 comes out. Also we only have one 0.

That means roulette is "only" 2.7% loss and even 1.35% if you play "correctly".

OP should go for a martingale system if you only want 50% return and accept a tiny risk of losing everything. Take it really slow.

Idiots. Double zero roulette house edge is same for everything I suppose except the combo of 5 numbers at the top.

Think about it this way moron- If you bet $10 on every black and red # it costs you $360 and pays $360 and down if it hits. If you take the same $360 and bet $180 on black and $180 on red, it pays $360 and down if it hits. Doesn't matter that you didn't bet the numbers straight up.

My life saving is negative

Unfortunately the only translation avaliable is garnett whow pretty much ruin dostoevsky

Get a Etrade or Robinhood acct. and play stock market with the rest of us

You're better off literally burning 5% of your money than putting it all on black.

I won 1300 on slots last weekend pretty fucking cash feeling

you shoud try again this weekend, you're probably on a roll

I wonder what the reaction would have been if he'd lost.

I put my life savings in Ethereum when it was $2.30.

Incredibly stupid, but respect for dem titanium balls on this dude.

bet it all, faggot

Trump coin

And did you sell at the $14~ peak?

I already did that with SUNE.

Will keep holding despite BK

What am I doing with my life

Word either put it on Cardinals winning today or the Astros MLB
>thank me later

>thank me never
>1136 Apr 23

Don't be stupid. Take the .20 or whatever you can get and use the money somewhere else. You're hoping for a miracle and while you're waiting it's almost guaranteed to go down another .10-.15.

Start betting on sports chum.

Estimate what percentage chances there are for an event, e.g. Man United win 50%, draw 30%, Norwich win 20%. (100/50 = 2.00 for win, 3.3 for draw, 5 for Norwich win in decimal odds).

You compare bookmakers and see that Betting company A is offering 2.30 for Man U to win. This implies a 100/2.3=43% chance of winning. You think Man U actually has a 50% chance of winning and decide to take the bet.

Over the course of hundreds of bets your 'edge' slowly accumulates into profits and you build you bankroll up enough so that you don't have to work any more.

You can make money on this because the odds vary depending on weight of bets at a certain bookmaker. If many people have backed one result of a game, the other results blow out in price because the bookmaker is trying to balance their books (so they make money regardless of the result). Before the start of big games the price can drastically fluctuate and good deals can be had.

is a good resource to learn more.

That saying about it isnt a loss until you sell is retarded.that money could be making you money right now