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Being a wage slave sucks so I'm looking to start my home business on the side. What can I start that requires minimum start up capital, that I can work on part time.


Go check this out theprintful.com

Surely there are more people interested in business matters on this board

this empty ass shell of a thread happens every single day.

yeah were interested in business matters, and discussing topics and ideas. however we are not interested in telling you what "ez, cheap, part time" business you can set up either. thats part of being an entrepreneur.

but its easier to come to Veeky Forums and ask "what biz should i do thats cheap and part time. k thnks"

come up with a few ideas, and share them here with your thoughts on each, and you may get some feedback. you fucking faggot.

do you think you're going to be able to run a business if you can't even do some precursory research on your own?

stop now. save yourself the trouble.

literally anything and everything that someone else is already doing around you/online.

>I want money
>but I have no ideas, and don't want to commit to the time or effort it would take to start a business
>how make money Veeky Forums? Give me ideas and support and tell me I can do it and and and

Fuck you, we're not your personal support team. If you want a business, either buy one or make one. There are plenty of businesses all around you.

I set up a coffee subsciption business which is fairly easy to manage outside of office hours. I spend around 30 -60 minutes a day keeping an eye on customer emails, PPC ads and social advertising.

On a saturday it takes me 3-4 hours to order more coffee beans, divide it up into 250g packages, brand it up and dispatch it. Average around 150 packages a week.Sometimes I'll write a few email campaigns to cross sell other products like gift sets etc.

After all costs and taxes I make about £3 per customer, £1800 a month. I'm reinvesting every single penny I make into marketing and promotion. I'm hoping to get to 1000 subscribers by September at which point my supplier will do the packaging and dispatching on his end.

Once that happens I can purely focus on promotion and growth.

I'm taking that idea to my country.

It's been done in pretty much every country, best of luck to you.

The advantage is that I've worked in digital marketing for 8 years, my rivals just can't match what I can do online.

is it hard competing with all the other coffee subscription services?

In some ways, but see No matter how competitive your market, there will always be a piece of the pie for those who know how to promote themselves well.

yo man that sounds like a really good idea. What is your USP with the coffee? is it anything special or is it just very good branding and marketing?

I'll buy some, link?

I'm a web dev and SEO guy. I will have people share on twitter for a 10% discount. No problem.

It's sourced responsibly and roasted by an independent UK roaster. Not USPs by any stretch, but enough to seperate it from the shit.

Here's an interesting thing about USPs, they don't have to be unique, just something that others don't talk about. Part of the roasting process involves sealing off freshly roasted beans for a period of time, every single coffee bean sold by anyone goes through this process. But I'm the only person who positions it as 'coffee that is left to mature for 48 hours before grinding.' It's bullshit, but it works as a differentiator.

Appreciate the offer, but I'm not going to link to my future livelihood on Veeky Forums. Sorry.

As someone in the digital marketing industry I'd advise you get the fuck away from SEO as soon as you can. Retrain to manage Adword accounts, or just go full board into web dev, much more stable.

how did you get into digital marketing
by digital marketing do you mean affiliate and seo stuff

No I've worked for one of the best digital marketing agencies for the past 8 years. I started as a work experience kid in my last year of secondary school (16 year old) then I was took on part time during college and university before going full time. I'm 24 now.

I get to work with some of the best people in the UK on campaigns for major brands. I've learnt so much from these people, but they still make me feel dumb as fuck on a daily basis. If you surround yourself with people like that you can't help but become half decent yourself.

SEO is just a hobby. I am really good at giving incentives to have people advertise my shit for me. I am full-stack and do all the marketing too. Probably nowhere near as good as yourself but I hit PR1 no problem.

Fair enough, I've purposefully tried to limit my exposure to SEO as much as possible because I know Google is figuring out exactly how to fuck SEOers in the most effective way. If you can fuck them before they fuck you, then more power to you.

Detail cars.

Have people drop them off at your home for detailing.

I did this for a while and made about $200 per car. I could do one car per day.

>$200 per car

I honestly don't know why people lie on an anonymous imageboard

hey, do yyou do any door to door sales or all online?

lol open your mind you poor fag. pricing can differ depending on area... maybe it wont be $200 where you are but even in my area it is

All online for the moment, I'm considering some direct mail campaigns for the future, but at the moment there's still a lot I can get out of online.

Given I only make £3 per month per customer I don't think door to door would work for me. Although come to think of it, business parks may be viable if I can get multiple orders from other businesses...might have to look into that. Thanks for making me think.

Very interesting. I currently have a small business on a Caribbean island distributing Lavazza coffee. Can you give me a further description of your products and value proposition? I'm currently looking for fresh ideas to maybe tap into new services, and products.

you caught me. Lying about the money that can be made washing cars was all part of my master plan.


This requires at least $500 in start up costs, is physically demanding, and unless you pick and choose your cars you're going to get the worst garbage hoarder pics of shit on earth.

>refusing clients

They only fuck with blackhatters. I do the whitehat way and I never make anything that cant get social media shares.

If you're doing the work, you're gonna want to at the very least inspect it before hand so you know what you're getting yourself into

Yes, but they keep changing the definition of black hatting. As soon as they figure out a better way to measure sentiment of users, link builders are gojng to get shit on. Take bloggers, last year they were a good way to gain links, but now they insist you no follow blogger links

>Being a wage slave sucks
when you work you are part of a corporation.
people form corporations to accomplish greater thing than they could individually.
you are part of something bigger and more powerful.
>I'm looking to start my home business on the side
that's like devolution

>what is freedom
>what is a dream
>what is individuality

this desu.

Im also based in UK and involved in Marketing and Advertising. I have a team at my disposal. How about we link up? I also have endeavours in other businesses so we could start an empire here.

Does that mean you cant promote your website via forums in order to positively improve your SEO?

they all mean next to nothing when you forgoe the advantages of corporation and try to compete with companies on the market.

usually you can compete with companies in certain things that are not production related but personal service (private information services have no chance in hell) or retail related.

but it takes a lot of effort to keep your head above the surface.

Yeah thats right. They have A shit load of dosh, a stable supply of loyal customers and the ability to buy things in bulky fucktonnes.

When I was a noob I was looking into manufacturing products. Fuck no.

But to add. There is always room to come into the market in Retail depending on the angle you approach it so I don't think its fair to dishearten anyone.

Given enough sweat and blood theres no reason someone couldnt start their own multinational retail line when starting from the bottom.

VR dick sucking. Provide dick sucking services to men around the world via VR technology. This way you can suck dicks all from the comfort of your home without actually sucking physical dicks. Hope that helps

I draw shrek- and miscellaneous ogre porn on customer requests and sell it online. I'm not proud of it but it's paying for my degree, rent and then some so I'm milking this shit for all it's worth.

>tfw starting an Amazon niche site

Did I already fuck up?

Look, the problem is that nobody wants to pay for anything. Your hypothetical customer base is lazy and poor.


If you have a bed, a wig and a mouth I can share a reliable method with you.

Is SEO going the way of organic Facebook reach? Is Adwords replacing it? Google is updating algos really often

can i see some? also where do you sell online?



Low barrier to entry = high competition = surplus of labor = businesses in whatever sector/niche fighting tooth and nail for razor thin margins = faggot OPs making next to no money.

The only thing I can think of that meets all your criteria is doing webcam shows. And if you're a guy you're gonna have to do cam shows for other guys. Other than that there is no magical formula to conjure wealth out of thin air.

>friend takes 10 year old pickup to detailing place
>gets top notch full detail package because fuck it why not
>7 hours later
>holy fucking hell it looks like a new pickup
>they literally used rubbing compound and a buffer on the paint
>holy shit are those new rims
>nope they fucking scrubbed them with toothbrushes

Now that's a fucking car wash user

>52 replies and only one of them even hints at the easiest, most cost effective way to do what OP wants to do

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Every fucking day there is like 3 of these fucking threads.

> Being a cry baby over the chance to make $40k+ per year in mostly cash, with a job you could do while high on crack.

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