Is it financially worth it to be a blackhat?

Is it financially worth it to be a blackhat?


Yeah just don't make it full time


For the same reason you shouldn't try to make a career of dealing drugs (i.e. acquire your own territory) on your own.

If you have average-to-bad ability, you shouldn't black-hat because you could get caught.

If you have good-to-excellent ability, you shouldn't black-hat because you could get paid more to do white-hat shit.

>you could get paid more to do white-hat shit
Not really true.

The fuck is black hat? I'm an idiot, I know.

Is it computer crimes?

OP wants to steal cc info.

I used to be one but got caught for un related reason. It is really a risk free crime but you have to be brilliant with computers. Best risk reward ratio

Speaks the truth.
Xss attacks in the right place can be devastating. (Online cryptocurrency wallets, gambling sites, forums)
Spreading malicious executables has far more reward but is more risky and difficult.

thing is i wasnt actually the one doing the technical hacking i was just a middle man and bought there cards in bulk but those dudes make millions. all under the radar. but you really have to have alot of dedication to learning programmming and hacking to get to that level

>get paid more to do white-hat shit.
Hahahaha, no.
This is true. Information is very valuable. Focusing attacks in the right areas and ways will net tons of money.


Where does one learn how to do that kind of stuff though?

Hmmm.... you might think that there would be a forum for that stuff or something!

Its programming, literally learning alot of obscure and boring stuff, if your heart is not in it then you wont make it.

Anyone can make more by just not being in jail.

Have you done it first hand?

Does it involved paying for rep?

Any specific place to get started? Or is it literally just learning a programming language, getting really good at it, and repeat with a new one?

Buy stolen credit cards and then buy shit with them you fucking edgy kids. It's not rocket science.

>how do I get started how do I get started
Fuck you

Somebody's upset.

> just learning a programming language

You can learn all the languages you want.

But how do you know where to apply them?

Maybe attend college. Though its not necessary, if you have enough determination you can get the books and start studying by yourself

Holy fuck this thread is retarded.
>learn to program = be a leet hacker

It's just edgy underaged kids.

This board is too shit now

Let me just mention that you can't just magically "lern 2 b a hackur"
You've got to have a mindset for this kind of thing.
First and foremost, you've got to pick a certain area, do you want to do web hacking (HTML,php,js,) or system hacking (Java is meh, c, c++) or some other shit (depends on situation)
Each has their benefits and cons, learn a language and then begin reading about types of attacks and then write your own.
You'd be surprised how fucking easy this is to do.

>web hacking(HTML, php, is)
What am I reading.jpg

>systems hacking

You don't know what you're talking about.

By "web hacking I mean exploits that target browsers.
By " system hacking" I meant exploits that are run as executables on the victims computer.

Yeah.. I tried to make it as simple as possible for the normies, don't blame me for that.

You don't need to learn programming to commit fraud.

You can literally buy everything you need online.

Where did I mention fraud?
I'm talking about hacking computers, even though it can be used for fraud that's not what my post was about.

Why else would you be hacking computers for?


Read my post again, I wasn't talking about what you're using it for, I couldn't give less of a flying fuck what you're going to do with an exploit, I was just talking about how to learn to exploit computers.
Not only can you use them for fraud, there's stealing info, stealing accounts, fun (like defacing, using a RAT to fuck around with them) and botnets.
Botnets have a TON of use cases, not only that, you can sell them too.

That's fraud.

You sound like you're from heckforums

>Hurr theft is fraud
I might aswell wave my magic wand and build the biggest trump wall that ever existed.

>Stealing people's accounts and making fraudulent transactions is not fraud

What exactly do you think people "hack computers" and "hack websites" for, exactly? For haha jokes?

>how do i sell an account
Again, where did I mention fraudulent transactions?
What the hell are you on?

Selling people's financial information to be used for fraud can be considered fraud or aiding fraud, yes.

How exactly do you think people make money?

>Financial information
Do you pull assumptions out of your ass in every post?
Where does it mention bank accounts?
It could be gaming accounts, social media accounts, email accounts.
Pro tip: account does not necessarily imply bank account.

Botnets and malware don't target those kinds of accounts. They're worthless.

>malware doesn't target that kind of account
>it's worthless
Yet there are markets for these kinds of accounts.
And yes malware can and does target that kind of account, you're just pulling shit out of your ass again.
Not only that we're in a thread about creating malware, that's not a limitation m8.

No it isn't.

Every single popular botnet in the last 5+ years has targeted financial data.

Do you unironically think they want your runescape and maple story accounts?

>Gaming accounts
No one buys them because they would get recovered by the owner contacting support within days of a buyer playing on his account.

>social media accounts
For spam maybe

>email accounts
Useless. No one is going to be parsing through 500,000 email accounts

Go back to heckforums

Jesus, you're thick, learn to read.
>Yet a market for them still exists

Yes, popular botnets target financial accounts for money, but that's not what this argument is about, is it?
Go back to the first post and start reading.

>gaming accounts
Yes people do buy these as they remove the security that's in place (tfa, email) and the original owner has no proof that he owned the account.

>social media accounts
Yep, these make up the larger section of the market, I've got no idea what they use it for and I don't care.

Email accounts
You're right here, seems people only buy them if the name is very popular.

>Why else would you be hacking computers for?

Apparently DDOS is fraud now?


Ddos doesn't really earn you much money.

That's only a secondary use of a botnet


>Every single popular botnet in the last 5+ years has targeted financial data.

Where are you pulling this statistic out of your ass?

Are we talking Andro, Beta, or IRC?

>Do you unironically think they want your runescape and maple story accounts?

Yes the C&Cs are after the maple coins goi.

> Gaming accounts
> No one buys them

You're one dense skidmark. Sweet jesus.

>social media accounts
>For spam maybe

Yes, just for spam ONLY. No other purposes at all. Granny want some cooking recipes?

>email accounts

You know Jamal in Africa would disagree.

You talk shit about heckforums, but it seems to be you've got some krebs.

> Ddos doesn't really earn you much money.
> That's only a secondary use of a botnet

Oh is that why booters are such a competitive market?

Zeus, spyeye, beta and everything else.

Because people play Minecraft and runescape

He didn't mention money.
He was correcting you.
Haha nice 1 br0 xdddddd

You're really trying to use Zeus & Spyeye in an attempt to prove bank bots are all the craze? Are we still stuck in 2006?

Betabot isn't a banking bot. Get your shit together.

> Because people play Minecraft and runescape

Which is fraud?

But it's true.

Why are you arguing for the sake of arguing?

It may be true but you've gone off topic, go back to the start of this thread and start reading.

Corporate espionage (Data exfiltration)
Denial of Service

True they can all be used for defrauding, but then again they are also white hat techniques