Hello biz . i want to get big money banker and work with morgan stanley bank

hello biz . i want to get big money banker and work with morgan stanley bank .

any advice for person like me who just want to make big $$$ and work for ivestment bank ?

Go to an ivy league school or it isn't going to happen

i go to indian instiutute of technology kharagpur . i just want to make big $$$ and work for investment bank no ivy league university

Go to target school and get a 3.75 GPA or above
Do a quantitative degree and get a 4.0 from a mid tier or above uni.

If you goal is to make money just get the very best grades you can.

Is that a top tier school, nobody in the West knows anything about Indian universities. Try and transfer/get scholarships to ivy league in US or top tier European/Asian schools.

Cambridge, Harvard, UNSW, Seoul, Kyoto, Singapore etc.

one of best university in city of kharagpur yes yes . now tell me how do i work in morgan stanley bank or gold man sachs bank?

I had a meeting with the president of a Morgan Stanley branch office in my city. It wasn't an interview but we talked for a couple hours. If you have a job, know your company top to bottom. They will ask, and they do know. Like I said though I wasn't interviewing, just had an opportunity to meet the guy and talk. I didn't measure up at all at the time, and still don't really.
I have a 3.6 GPA, studying business/econ/finance. (major/minor/concentration). I started a Business club at my university and organized and created a stock simulation game for the club and dozens of other students. I had healthy returns on my game and I also have several years of work experience. I still didn't meet the criteria he said. On top of being a tall, white, handsome male who speaks 3 languages.
It's alot of work to get seen as worthwhile in these guys eyes. Sometimes I wonder if its even worth it.

You transfer (from your excellent marks) to an ivy league or a top tier school somewhere else in the world.

You get a 3.75+ GPA.

no i am in techonology university of kharagpur

designated shitting academy

This, I have family that are investment bankers. 4.0 at an ivy league law school that spoke another language that had a double degree of accounting as well as their law and was the best in the state for a sport. It's actually stupid. The literal 100+ hour work weeks sometimes is absolutely fucking insane.

There is a reason they are so selective and it's because if they don't pick the very very best, they will just burn out.

Well you are going to have to settle for mid tier financial firms and maybe then apply for positions at large banks a few years of experience later.

He's from India, he'll be more than happy for mid tier financial firms. As for us Americans, I don't see the point. At this point I'm just going to try and go into business for myself, I tried the school thing, while I didn't give it my best shot, I still did pretty good considering I was a lazy as fuck bum. If anything I'll earn some money from a firm for a couple years and just trade on my own. I'd rather be average and work for myself then meet the criteria of faceless giant companies.

Learn English first Pajeet. IB is all about communication.

I'm still at uni at a mid tier uni (good for finance which is my major), will I be fine in getting in at a prop trading firm or something similar?

I have no experience trading, only buying dividend collecting shares.

How can I improve myself to get in to a prop trading firm?

btw, I have asked my family members in finance, but, apparently they don't know anything about that side, they both have nothing to do with trading/investing.

Start trading with real money. People with your trading don't get in prop trading w/o a very high GPA. Only CS and Math majors can do it with a ~3.5.

I am working at a Big 5 Investment Bank (JPM, MS,BAML,etc) this summer in NYC

I do not go to an Ivy League school

However, my school does have people (alumni) in the bank. That was my way in. Hours of networking and tough interviews.

You may get a minority advantage for being a Poo in Loo, but it won't help much. And it sounds like you don't know shit (heh) about investment banking. Good luck pajeet.

Practice, Practice, Practice. Practice with real simulations. Study the intricacies of trades. Real strategies, and why they work, talk out loud to yourself as if you had to explain an investment strategy to your boss. Also just as important. Learn to be cool, social etc. There's alot of Indians in my city and surrounding areas, and I don't know if it's a cultural thing, but Jesus Christ you guys do not know how to socialize. When I say cool, I don't mean ray ban glasses and acting like a tool. I'm talking about being a genuinely interesting, fun, social person. Learn to talk o people and shoot the shit. This goes a very long way in this world. (think about politicians/actors etc.)

>only CS and Math

How's engineering? It's the only quantitative degree that I would enjoy. Specifically computer (which my uni has 3 programming classes I can take and obviously all the hardware/electrical engineering stuff in it as well)

This makes sense.

Sounds good, thanks.

Could it work with just a practice account of like 100k?

i am cool person i have girl friend and some time i wear polo shirt to school

Yeah Computer Engineering is good too. At my school, they recruit Mathematics, Statistics, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and other engineers for prop trading firms.

While, I do go to an engineering school, CS, CompE, Mathematics, and Statistics usually have lower GPA cutoffs than the other fields.

Guess I'm doing a bachelor of engineering and a bachelor of finance now.

someone helps me .

Have a paper published by an academic financial peer group.

For example, the title might be: "Advancing Momentum Long/Short Alpha Portage via Smart Beta Convex Rate Structures Won't Impede Event Driven Ladder Pricing on The Scale of a Black Swan Event's Re-Pricing of Risk Templates Outside of Algo Driven Intelligent Reasoning by Robotic Intellectual Capital."

Getting a general job at MS isn't that hard. I did it with a 3.4 GPA from a midwest state university and zero job experience.

That said, it's an entry-level position. However, being an entry-level analyst in a branch can open the doorway to better things, and if you have enough potential they can easily sponsor you for more.

The first part yes.

what was your degree ????

Doubled Poli Sci and Econ. And again, I'll stress that it's just an entry level analyst position, but if your goal is to work at MS in New York that's your best bet other than having connections.

I'll be honest though, for me it literally just came down to the interview process. There were 25 of us in the initial interview, 8 in the final, and 5 of us chosen. You HAVE to impress them in person to get anywhere.

now i am very interested . tell me what they ask in interview . do you have to wear a suit ?????

There will be a catastrophic event in one or more of the world economies in the near future that will take a long time to recover from. So I don't think this is the best occupation for you to invest your time and money in.

you think tsunami ? no one bank will survive ?


Clearly something is happening on a global scale to our planet with a huge increase in earthquake, volcanoes and just drastic weather in general. I speaking of a financial meltdown.

financial meltdown ... like what ?

man you really have no chance. Just look at you, you barely speak english and really have 0 idea of anything. Frankly just the fact that you asked /biz instead of google tells a lot about your intelligence.

but i am from electrical engineer indian institute of techonology kharagpur . you think i can get job in morgan stanley or gold man sachs bank?

No, you can't. Nobody has ever heard of a single indian school, and from what I've been told tens of millions of engineers graduate from india every year because of your parents pressuring their kids to become engineers.

What you have to do is go to an ivy league friendarino or go to a known western school and get great marks.

no i do not go to the ivy league university i already go to kharagpur university . i really want to work for american bank please you think i can do it ?

Youre fucking unibersity doesnt mean shit, pajeet. How the fuck do you think you can get a job here when reading comprehension and english isnt something that you can do.

Holy fuck, you need to go to a university here in america in order to even BE on the right path to go work at those places.

If you fucking respond with your designated community college, I hope you drown in a pool of your own feces, you disgusting third-world subhuman piece of trash.

please i just want to know how to work at morgan stanley bank , im not askimg you to study in university america

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Thanks, btw, because of this thread I've researched careers in trading and turns out I am now going to change my degree now :).

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