Vacation time

Premine successfully dump.

holy fuck this nigger is so rich if he dumped. he is a genius.

"Me. I've sold about a quarter of my ETH. Meh, I am not going to apologize for sound financial planning."

I wonder what color his lambo will be XD


the richest meme around. second only to trump

Anyone wanna see a picture i took of vitalik buterin?


Shoo crypto goblin

Eth was such a hilarious meme. People actually praising a slavshit ruskie, good times.

>not dumping your ETH during the peak for king of crypto aka BTC and buying a lambo with them

Buy Trumps, seriously.

>ETH will revolutinize how you do magh to wmagha

I could never get a summary of what it did and that generally means to me it's not a buy

Yur just too dumb for words you intellectual cripple.

Eth is a decentralised application platform

we've got a future mark cuban over here


That's why that show, while it has good moments, overall is shit because the companies that go in there are looking for thousands of dollars. If we saw someone go in there needing 20 million dollars, we'd see some really interesting stuff with real business talk. I'd like to see that actually a reality show about venture capitalists or maybe one revolving around mergers and acquisitions. That'd be so interesting.


You poor child. I'll throw coins at you from my penthouse soon so you can buy a McD's coffee.

Nothing wrong with mcds coffee.

Anyone wanna see another picture i took of vitalik buterin?


Im coping quite well my nigga

i want to see it


stop that lad i want to see it

I deliver


nice potato camera you pleb

I cropped the shit out of it fuckface

thank you
now i will masturbate

It's all love though. vitalik is a g. In real life the guy is incredible. Big up the university of waterloo massive.

Granted, vanilla is great. But ethereum is better. Dont celebrate the pope. Only the nsa knows what im talking about but theres no age barrier to buying ethereum. When you go to tescos ironically you might end up in madeira which is off the coast of portugal.

When they do a massage with bubbles, you can feel it on your back.

Buy eth

what the fuck is wrong with you

We all gonna get rich shut the fuck up