Why doesn't everyone bartend or serve part time? Do you realize how much (untraceable...

Why doesn't everyone bartend or serve part time? Do you realize how much (untraceable, tax-free) income you're missing out on? Even just on a friday/saturday/both you could walk away with $600-$1k.

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I don't know how to get a license and it seems relatively difficult to get started if you're not a hot woman with huge tits.

I would rather trade a couple futures

Because it's a shitty, inconsistent job with little room for upward mobility.

Both of those can be achieved in one weekend.

>Both of those can be achieved in one weekend.

The very basics just to be legally allowed to serve alcohol, yes. But surely being one of those fancy bartending fags requires a certain level of skill and expertise, does it not?

I'm a bartender at a shitty corporate restaurant. I'm a 25 year old guy with no tits. I started out being a server, you just have to get your ABC license which is a two-three hour class.

>requires a certain level of skill and expertise, does it not

It does not. granted we have screens where we can bring up the specifications of any drink that's rung up. But plenty of restaurants have books that detail their specialty drinks, and their own recipes. If it's just a normal bar, they may have cliff notes, if not, then just study the drinks or practice at home.

How hard is it to get hired without prior experience tho?

Kinda doubt they just let any little faglord get started when he might be holding up the business

>How hard is it to get hired without prior experience tho?

Serving? Easy as hell. Bar tending? Well I'd never done it before, but they asked if anyone could fill in one day because the other bartender was going to be out sick. I volunteered, they trained me for 2.5 hours on a thursday night (busy) and they put me on the schedule after my first day. Easy, and I make more after 4.5 hours than a server on a double shift.


I've been meaning to get a serving job since it's better than pretty much anything else in that skill-level but idk, seems kind of hard to get in.

I have to test you,,
make me a good,, "stomach friendly"and good drink that has absinthe in it

> getting the bartender position at a hot bar is a popularity contest, and is heavily influenced by weather you are a hot chick with big tits

> bartending is stressful

fucking checkmate OP

how hard would it be to become a bartender as a guy in nyc? and how do you get the good paying shifts?

i think about doing this from time to time but then i realize you have to do the shit shifts as well so its not like youre making a lot of money when they expect you to cover afternoons or weekdays

hows the pay? could u do it forever? do u like or hate the job?

Just work daytime bar shifts. You would enjoy the easier pace and make just as much money.

Regular barflies tend to tip well during the day.

Why not just be a server and make just as much?

I'veworked at sams club kitchen for exactly 1 month and 1 week. I want a serving job, should i put the sams club on my resume? I feel like it would kind of shit up my resume desu

This is a good instructional video on the Tube of You, with techniques and a few recipes: m.youtube.com/watch?v=h4XZ2hxoc0o

I had some friends years back that worked at small chain restaurant. Apparently the owner stopped giving a fuck because they would snatch all the cash and maneuver orders to put extra money on their pockets. The guy didn't do inventory or anything. I can only imagine how much they took because this went on for awhile.

Because it isnt constant pay? You make less than minimum wage and u might not even get tips that day retard


bar back is how you get started.

Its easy and pays well, a little bit hard work, but better than digging ditches. I'm looking to move to bartending or even this same job in a larger city since the bar in my college town went to shit the last few months.

At first i was making around 18-19 bucks an hour, about 5-6 hr shift putting 140 in my pocket a night. I get 10% tips and 6/hr.

The new "hot" bar in the town pays 10.hr+20% tips, which kinda pisses me off, especially after getting screwed on our biggest day.

Talking to barbacks in the city they make 10+40%tips and clear 300-500 a night.

But yes looking for barback job is the best door in at a real bar. You'll learn a lot of little shit eventually and after that point all you need to do is learn the drinks. Most of the bartenders i talk to who dont have tits, or had an in off the bat started this way.

As for what the job entails its simple. Do everything to keep the bartenders serving drinks. Fill up buckets with ice, dump ice in ice basin. Fill up cups or do dishes on glasses. Check soda bags and change out and co2. Keep an eye on the liqour bottles and if the bartenders need more fetch and log in book. Fetch beer from beer cooler. Little odds and ends to keep them passing out drinks.

Some nights will be hectic, some will be slow, some you will be hot on your shit and standing around more than working.

>untraceable, tax-free income

Sure kid, enjoy getting audited and paying hundreds if not thousands in penalties.

If you're employed by the bar/restaurant, that means you have a W-2 through them. If the IRS even glances at your tax history and sees that you're employed in a job that traditionally has tips and you haven't been reporting any, they'll audit you and you'll face massive penalties for all the fraud you've been committing.

Yeah and how are they going to prove i got more tips than i reported?

>you don't report 3/4 of your tips

I don't think you understand

What OP means is he just pockets cash tips and reports the minimum amount possible to his employer

Credit card tips will obviously be reported

what is a barback? And how do you as a barback get tips?

1. i'm not good looking enough to be a bartender
2. i might have a hearing problem, afraid i'll mess up orders


They generally assume a minimum tip rate of 8% based on gross sales, but it can be way more. Each situation is unique.

Many employers also have reporting agreements (TRAC or TRDA) with the IRS, and they'll penalize you based on how far you deviate from your reporting vs. the employers.

>pockets cash tips

Those are still taxable. You won't get away with it. Don't expect to "walk away with $600-$1k" a night without paying Uncle Sam.

Follow the rules and report your tips, or enjoy getting fucked. It's not worth saving a few hundred dollars only to face thousands in penalties and back-taxes.


Keeping a daily tip log is also for you own protection. Those nights you got stiffed? The IRS will assume you made your typical tips when they're doing an audit. Having a detailed log and reporting honestly is the safest thing to do.

at 10 an hour for 40 hours a week youll get only 600 for 2 weeks nigger, how are u gonna say 2 days is bad

Oh, and it's adorable that you think the IRS has to prove anything.

The burden of proof will always be on you. The IRS just sets estimates and thresholds, which you have to contest and provide evidence against.

And "pocketing" cash without a log means no evidence, and you'll suffer whatever tip estimate they give you.


I have a receding hair line in my 20's and I have an extremely unstable mood.
I literally get really happy and extremely depressed over the course of less than an hour for no fucking reason. Leaning much heavier toward the depression side time wise the last couple years, and during that I get extreme social anxiety fits and start to get what I call 'caged tiger syndrome'.

The only reason my current job works out is because I work alone, outside, almost all day going from place to place and I only see my boss once a week for a couple hours tops.

this is extremely common

Did anyone say anything about not reporting anything? You report a % but not all of it.

>people actually think bartending is a good job
Veeky Forums never fails to impress

They expect you to make tips, they don't really check how much.

The most common thing for people in 'tip' industries to do is to take the total sales for their shift and report 10%.

The IRS almost never audits people who report an average amount because they really don't want to audit you for the extra 1-5% that you really are earning.

Just talk to any waitress or bartender that has been in the industry for years and they'll tell you the same.

I make 21-31 a hour serving. 600 in two days without working doubles. Is not a realalistic number

Most restraunts pay weekly you cuck

I used to be a hairdresser and like 50% of my paycheck was tips. The credit card ones will be reported by your boss so you can't hide those, but cash tips can be handled a number of ways

1. Report all of it like a square
2. Don't tell them you're in a tips-industry. Seriously the lady at H&R Block who did my taxes a few years ago when I had a horribly fucked up situation (wrong SSN on a w-2) told me to stop putting hairdresser on my forms and put "retail" instead
3. Report some minor amount BUT you need to keep a log, bogus one of course, in case you get audited. They can't prove your log is bogus but having a log puts you in a seriously favorable position if you do get audited. This is more of a firm-level action though, like if your business gets audited

get meds for bipolar depression you fuckin retard, jesus

Yes, OP is a fag.

I serve at a busy restaurant, on the weekends I can easily make $300 per day. Working doubles friday and saturday I can make as much as like 4 days combined

Hey OP, I post on Veeky Forums all the time. I made very nearly $40,000 CAD in the last fiscal year and I only work 10 hour weeks. 11pm - 4 am Friday and Saturday.

Bartending is master race income. I have five fucking days off and make as much as people using college degrees. God I love my life.

Nice lie kid

>You won't get away with it.
didn't know the IRS could magically track how much paper money I have on me at any given moment

I worked nightclubs in my 20's. $28 an hour, plus skim a few notes off the drunk patrons. I would make about $500 a night just short changing drunks. No one knew what was going on on a busy Friday-Saturday night.

I cook a a restaurant as a student currently. Management loves me and if I asked I could probably get a couple serving shifts. Should I do it Veeky Forums?

How social do you have to be?

I'm able to be pleasant and mirror people, ask the questions they want me to ask, but it's all very shallow. Not good enough to "network" or work as part of a team.

untaxed income is easy and plentiful

taxed income is best

you fail at America

Currently a full time bartender at a hotel. I make anywhere from 40K-70K a year. Most of it is taxed because nobody uses cash anymore really but its still a solid job. I'm 22 and it's a great job half the time but absolutely awful the other half. Do I quit?

You must have to work in some sort of flashy club to get that

I live in a big city in england .one where a lot of people come to just to party..I know a few bar people and they only take like 20-30 a night in tips

The US is different to the UK.

In the US, the basic idea is you slide your serve a dollar per drink as a tip.

A fucking dollar.

Imagine how long it takes to grab a bottle out a fridge, how many of those you could fetch in an hour and realise just how much you could get.

It's absurd.

Are you stupid?

youre fucking retarded m8

>bragging about a 40k income

>2 day work week making drinks

>2 day work week making drinks
>40K income
At least he didn't settle

Just get the estrogen treatment and the boob job, desu, senpai.

currently a busser at a breakfast restaurant. its actually hard to find a server job with no experience but im hoping ill be able to find a job as a host for a chain restaurant then move up to server

Why is it hard?

Lots of people barely earn anything from it. The $100+ a night people are the exception. More than likely you will be making half of that.

You mean pubs? No one tips in pubs because shits already overpriced. But nightclubs is totally different

all places want at lest 6 months experience as a server. even the place i work at now they wanted 1 year experience as a server. most chain restaurants as for 6-12 months experience as a server. Even for a host you need experience. Im hoping with my bussing experience ill be able to get a job as a host somewhere then move up. I know my current job isnt looking for servers right now theres only 6 and their currently training the host to be a server and have been training her for over a month which is pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Idk why people make such a big deal its really not that hard to be a server the main thing is knowing the menu. I do everything except take orders run food/seat people/bus tables/take drink orders and even clean up at the end of my shift (sweeping/mopping) while the servers just figure out their sales/tips for the day at the end of their shift and leave

I enjoy having time outside of work, especially at weekends

40k CAD comes out to 31k USD


>40k working 520 hours a year
That's pretty good, that could easily be supplemented with a 9-5 weekday gig and suddenly you're making six figures.

In my limited experience cooking is more hours for less money. Just depends if you prefer the vibe in the kitchen enough to deal with it, I guess.

Also could be nice to have both on the resume.

Cataclysmic Autonomous Dick

Crikey A Dingo

If everyone is bartending and serving, who's doing the eating and drinking?

Central American Doubloons.

>Taxes on tips
Only in the USA

barback is the bareback, the bitch maid.
the guy who does the shitty jobs bartenders don't want to do, you just learn shit from them as you go consider it a right of passage.

so? it's cash income


So spend it on groceries and other small cash transactions.

If you want to buy something big like a car, obviously it should be declared to avoid red flags, but there's no reason to throw money away otherwise.

It's more akin to a gift. Do you pay a share of the money your friends or parents gift you?