I'm 23 and make $9 an hour at mcdonalds. Ive worked here 2.5 years. Is suicide basically my only option at this point...

I'm 23 and make $9 an hour at mcdonalds. Ive worked here 2.5 years. Is suicide basically my only option at this point? I dont have a degree and ive already wasted my young life. I feel like a man's income is all that matters, it's a score that shows how good you are at life. And I failed.

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Start suckin'

How old are you?

It's never too late to learn something..

How about you stop being an idiot and leverage what you're good at to make some money on your own. And don't give me that shit about how you aren't good at anything. We all had that age 13-16 childhood autism motivation where we got good at something web related. Go activate that shit.


How much can i make sucking dick?

Go to night school at your local community college.

You are a dumbass for not having pursued this previously.

Armed forces, trade school, suck dick

You fell for the social belief trap. None of what you stated is true. I suggest listening more to your inner self than what others say and tell, otherwise you will feel like a puppet - impacted by others easily as fuck. If you want to make a real life change, save money for something particular you like or would like to take part of - maybe a business venture or some sort, maybe go invest in equipment and become skilled at something you enjoy - coding, writing, blogging, ecommerce, app development, fixing cars, printing 3d details for cars, whatever dude, just give less fucks. We are all heading for the same outcome - DEATH. You should not feel like you came here on probation, not at all. You should enjoy your time doing whatever you like, even if it brings just enough income to keep yourself fed, warm, safe and healthy - the rest is just desire, desire to consume, buy this n that, as if the physical goods will make you feel good, it is an illusion, you will be as empty as my pockets right now. I hate carrying around stuff :D

>childhood autism motivation

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Listen OP.... I grew feels for you because i used to be a betafag like you. My advice would be learn about the stock market. Save around 2-5 grand and start investing.. I can recommend some extremely informative books that explains shit to someone who is intellectually declined in stocks. Like yourself and everyone else here. I made 1800 today in like 10 mins. Prob what you make in a year.

>falling for the CHK meme

Telll us!!!! Moreeee

Looking for investors? Im interested

List books

why didn't you get promoted?

If you work at mcdonalds for 2 years you should be able to become a manager, and then you can become store manager, and you get a lerning course and degree for it, then you quit for a better paying managing job, or continue until you can become a store director

Join the military. It's such a fast track to a degree if you have no better options

Oh look, two faggots that never served telling a 23 year old to enlist.

Managers only made up to $10 an hour until recently so I didn't want to. (now they make up to $10.50) Also there is no way they would ever make me store manager. They got old people for that. Plus I work nights so the people in charge of the store don't even know I exist.

>There are people who will actually believe this post.

Yes... Kill yourself is the best way...

Just kidding. Relax man. You're 23 and you have a job in a first world country. That's A LOT better than most people.

Just work your way up slowly. You got tons of opportunity.

The military has worked well for people like you to get them started.

Do it OP.

There's people who have been homeless heroin addicts and got cleaned up and became successful. No reason you can't do it, you're already a step above them.

>Wasted your young life

you"re 23, stahp

Enlist in the Blow-Job Military. After completing service for a few years, and a couple tours, they'll pay for the costs of Blow-Job Trade school or University of Dick Sucking, that way you would be a certified professional in the act of penis swallowing. Do some internships / apprenticeships during that, get hired after graduating, and slowly move your way up the ladder of the dick sucking street corporation. Hopefully after some years you can move onto other expertise like rim-jobs, and eventually land a nice comfy supervisor position at the end.

>ask to be trained on other stations, service, drive-thru, etc so that you know how shit runs
>ask to be able to train people
>ask to become supervisor
>perform well, ask to become manager

And if you feel like you're not appreciated consider moving to another fast food place where you might be able to rise through the ranks.

Don't be silly. You can move up there or just quit and work somewhere that promotes. I HIGHLY recommend Firestone if there's one nearby. They are huge into promoting their sales people into store managers and you can easily make 6 figures. Great benefits too but long hours. I say you find something like this that you can actually have a future in. With that income you can then invest on the side and who knows what can happen.

he's 23 months!

McDonald's sends people to their own Burger University or whatever for management training. They have all kinds of training.
Google it faggot

>life isn't fair
>protest #occupy

>They got old people for that
>works at a place for high school kids
>is 23
yeah well. ok yeah. good luck buddy

Work in a real restaurant instead of fucking McDonalds. It's so easy to be a server and you can easily be making $30-40k your first year.

>giving up on life

Holy fuck, this is just like that 25 year old who acted like he was to old for college in that other thread. Were you raised by betas or some shit? It's honestly pathetic as shit op, you should eat a bullet and not procreate.

This idiot wasted his GI bill and is a welfare queen

I used all my education and now I get paid to get an MBA . Im a financial analyst. Never could have done it without the Air Force

>when a 28 yr old you know starts at mcd as a cashier
>you pretend to not know them

Serving jobs in my area require years of experience. It's hilarious as hell. Literally acting like it takes any type of skill to remember an order.

I agree though, if you can find a place that doesn't require experience, go for it. Serving is piss easy, we literally had a guy with down syndrome serving back when I was working as a server in college. Also pays better than mcdonalds and usually skank white slut co-workers that will put out pretty easily.

I used my GI bill for exactly one semester before starting my current job as a union tradesman. You wanna compare paystubs and see which of us earns more?

I was Air Force too. CE. What was your career field? Something lame I bet.

What's horrible is the managers treating you like garbage but you have to take it because you really need the job. At least with customers, you don't have to see the same bitch everyday and for long periods of time.

>first two words are "I'm 23"
>"how old are you?"
Are you retarded?

I still remember that one user that made a thread a couple months ago saying that stock was going to the moon and no one listened.

Post your P+L statement from live account or forever be called a demo trader.

Join an agency do some bits of office work. Then move up that way.

It's easy and if you don't like somewhere you don't need to stay

Wanna bet who has a higher net worth?

So much pride to work for a group of cry babies.

I feel the same way I'd also like to talk to you about your app how can we contact?

Yeah, I bet I do. I only worked 2 days last week and I made over $900.

Let's see the big money youre making, hot shot.

Oh and how come you dont wanna tell me youre career field? Embarrassed to admit you were a security forces?

Not him but he said financial analyst here

Thats not an AFSC, dummy. Fuck off.

w/e go back to pretending you are rich

Well ok what i meant is that im too much of an autist tor anyone to ever put me in charge of the store. Shift manager i could maybe get if i bothered them about it but id rather just find a different job.

I was thinking about applying for help desk jobs, good or bad idea?

Go to monster.com and indeed.com and search jobs as punishment for your stupidity.

>$900 in a week
>big money
>b-b-but I only w-worked two days!


23 and you think you're done?

Let your scrotum drop already and get ready for an extra 50 years minimum of life.

If all else fails, join the military officer corps and get free education and a pension in return for your years of service.

Learn a trade.


grab a newspaper and look in the job postings. i saw a bartending class so you can get a license a few days ago. apparently you can get a license in 3 hours. then look for bartending jobs or barbacking jobs. make way more money, if thats what youre looking for.

or this

Beyond shit like the military which will set you up for free or reduced cost college, you can go to a trade/vocational/technical college for a year or two.

There is also online colleges/schools, some are accredited, look into it.

You can also get a certification in shit like Comptia A+ if PCs are your deal. You'll start off small but, it will give more mobility in life.

>at 23 was making $10 hour working in construction; was a college dropout
>work around people in there 40's/50's making close to what i was, decided i didnt want to be in that position in 20 years
>boss worked around my school schedule for as long as he could until jealous co-workers complained so much (got two days off a week for school)
>given choice to leave school and keep job or had to quit
> had a decent amount saved up so wanted to finish the degree
> spent the next half year eating my lunches at school out of cans or ramen noodles. living off selling coins from my childhood collection (man i miss $7 silver, $320 gold).
>got so poor i had less than $200 dollars to my name. it started to seem hopeless
>hear back from a job interview i forgot i applied for
>started making almost $20 an hour working a job that is so slow i can further my education while at work, just bought a house and got married. got a massive boost to our finances from a big tax return right off the bat.

im a man of faith so not sure if it was the education or someone watching out for me up above; but im posting to tell you opp that i was basically in your position at your age. you have not failed.

dont listen to the other fags. im jelly

Cheer up op. I'm the same age and doing worse. But that's neither here nor there.

Under water welder?

>at 21 working as a hotel boy for 8/hr
>surrounded by mexicans
>college dropout
>begin online uni with WSU after I barely have enough saved to scrape by and pay for tuition
>take a job as the front desk night manager for 12/hr
>literally so slow I can focus on my education whenever I need, and have time to shitpost on Veeky Forums
>just got a new job as a hotel general manager a month and a half ago
>my regional manager basically prepping me to take over his role within the year
within the last two years I have gone from about 16k annually to 55k annually as a full time college student. I'm not even getting a business based degree, but I'm considering changing to get a masters in hospitality management. There is always hope, Veeky Forumsbudd, and to give up is to become the ultimate cuck.

Yeah I made more in 16 hours than you make working 40, little bitch.

Looks like the "financial analyst" is too bitch to reply.

I would kill to be debt free and 23 again. 30 now and working my ass off to pay down debts. Whatever you do, try to minimize debts, as they will basically dictate your life if you let them get out of hand. 23 and in the black sounds wonderful. Also free McDonald's food. Heeey.