How do you leverage Veeky Forums-success to attract women?

How do you leverage Veeky Forums-success to attract women?

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>Veeky Forums-success
Earning 8% annually on 25k of college money while living at moms is considered a success over here...

try r9k

yeah well I'm doing alright at the moment in the job/money department. How can I use that strength to help with attracting women?

use your money for a personal trainer and supplements

be a big muscle boy with money and you'll get all the womyn

Buy hookers cheapest way. Otherwise money doesn't matter, act poor and get laid

buy status symbols like expensive clothes and a lambo. that isn't Veeky Forums though

literally this. just buy a lambo and some gold chains/watches.
dont forget your snapback that says OBEY on it

Just go to bars and buy people free rounds.

Just don't flaunt money, but let women know you have it.

you get plastic surgery to become one.

>asking Veeky Forums how to attract women

God damn, at this point it's probably hopeless for you op.

just swallow /r/TheRedPill, you don't need money but it helps.

This, seriously. You can rent a different hooker every week for $10k per year. I'm married and that's what I'd do if I end up single again.

hookers won't fill the void , user

pro tip: don't need a woman

what you're looking for is a Domme

Not to sound silly, but forget about women and focus on improving your own life.

Women are a dime a dozen and you will be much more satisfied by becoming successful/wealthy.

It's your choice.

>a dime a dozen

I sometimes watch a tv-dating show. Where one guy had to present himself and 30 women can vote if they wanted to go out with him. And the results are often disturbing.

>attractive guy
>seems to be quite wealthy
>owns his own Veeky Forums
>it's a pizza restaurant
>nobody goes out with him

>guy is attractive and studies at the uni
>most want to go out with him
>says he plays video games
>suddenly no one wants to go out with him

>ugly monkey comes in
>he's a stripper and lives in a flat
>half want to go out with him
They really have no sense of what's important. But then again, I guess a certain type of people go on that show.

Maybe this sounds ridiculous, but can money actually help you get caring/decent women ?

I don't want to generalize but most women and long term relationships just don't seem worth it nowadays.

send it, I want to seee the reactions to the monkey : D

not really. if money is what attracted a woman to you then she's with you for the wrong reasons. best case scenario is that the money gives you confidence which attracts the woman. same deal with being fit.

Spot on. It's not so much the money as it is your confidence levels. Also, with said money you'll be able to do shit with them not worrying about breaking your bank. Bitches love "adventures." Seriously.