Daily reminder

Daily reminder
>Bitcoin was a cleverly designed Ponzi-esque scheme (as soon as people quit buying into the scheme, it's over)
>Every newer coin has been a far more blatant Ponzi-esque scheme
>Eventually new coins will be such blatant pumps to anyone paying attention they won't be able to get off the ground
>nothing will EVER reach the hype of the Bitcoin scheme, not ETH, not Trump, not nothing
>Coin schemes have similar psychological effects as MLM/Pyramid Schemes (targeting disenfranchised, lonely losers, gets the victim to "sell" the product to everyone they know, even if only to justify having bought in themselves)
>Buying knives with your money and using them to rob people yeilds almost 300% a week

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you're retarded

Oh man, he's got a blog post, and he's not afraid to use it!
>you can buy illegal stuff online now maaaaaaan, revolution
I'm sold, buting eth now

>hey guys, instead of using our credit cards like normal people, lets use bitcoin!
>it's anonymous!
>youre right, bitcoin is useless

explain why normies won't think this

they won't be convinced to use crypto. they'll migrate to it naturally when looking for alternatives due to NIRP and a ban on cash.

>bitcoin is a ponzi scheme
thats some 2013 cope

If people stopped trading the USD it'd become worthless

Stopping bitcoin right now, get on ETH


That pic is some major bitcoiner cope

Lets all just stop coping and buy ETH

>Lets all just stop coping
so we should become overwhelmed?

Cope: the thread.

Remember, it's not too late to buy. You don't have to die a nocoiner. Just step away from the ledge

Do you even know what a Ponzi scheme is? Threads here have got real fucking dumb. How is it possible to confuse the evolution of digital payments and distributed ledgers as some sort of financial scam? Just fuck off.

You're going to have your utility companies using the Ethereum blockchain in 2019 and you'll be calling it some sort of scam. This isn't 2010 anymore, you can't call Bitcoin anything but what it actually is, an incorruptible, unstoppable digital currency.

Just to add something else. Here's how things have happened.

>Bitcoin released, years of experimenting and use and vetting, proven concept with some flaws.

>Few years later Ethereum is thought up, takes the concept of the blockchain and harnesses its power to create a decentralized world which runs on less resources, is immutable and more intelligent than the antiquated band-aid fixes of systems running the world today, it works for the average person and a multi-billion dollar corporation.

>Bitcoin comes back into the spotlight as something which can work with the Ethereum platform hand-in-hand, Bitcoin was previously just a cryptocurrency with nothing to really run on, Ethereum gave Bitcoin a platform to live on essentially

Both will rocket in value close to the end of this year.

Major bitcoiner cope.

Why the end of this year? You know something the rest of us don't that you're willing to share?

>Ethereum project, DAOs, smart contract use, DAPPs get mainstream
>Bitcoin halving

Yeah, i work in the col. And shits getting real.

Im in ETH with my cock and both nuts

You work in the what, sorry?

Was wondering that too. Colorado? The Collective? the .col contract filetype?


Both are worth owning, but have in mind:

Bitcoin can do what ETH does through sidechains

Now, can ETH do what Bitcoin does? exactly.

Ehtercuck cope.



Bitcuck cope.


Takes time to get the application platform & functional aspects of the network up & running. There's plans in place to use it to more or less automate the payment functions for ridesharing, airBnB, etc. It's basically in the development phases of becoming the go-to currency for the sharing economy, and a lot of that stuff will be going live in Q3/Q4 2016.

lol bitcoin was nowhere near 470 in years
what are you trying to do here?

You had months to buy bitcoin at low 200's, now you are coping.

>having to use some completely different blockchain or service because your's is too shit to do the job

>Now, can ETH do what Bitcoin does?

Yes, everything plus more. You haven't even touched on anonymity which will be provided through ring signatures and vitalik has already talked about zk snarks.

i bought at 10 sold at 200 in fact
i bought some again at 420 but i spent most of it

Bitcoiner cope mechanism



I bought Bitcoin to use it to pay for Modafinil from ModafinilCat to get the discount.

I had about $20 in BTC after the transaction, it was about 2 months ago.

Now it says I have over $400 in BTC, and I've been receiving a lot of small payments of about $4 each.

Is this shit normal?

well i think it's crazy overpriced and literally insane how it's valued i lost all faith in it.
i don't personally recommend anyone to hold it.

If this is the case then things like property are also a ponzi scheme.

step up senpai

>>Buying knives with your money and using them to rob people yeilds almost 300% a week
literally a ponzi scheme

eventually the people you're robbing will have no money


what comes to my mind from all the ETH, trumpcoin and so on threads is a fat, autistic manchild calling his mom a nocoiner

>eventually the people you're robbing will have no money
and they are all carrying a knife