Let's see if biz is as smart as it thinks

I have $12k.

I want to make 6-10% on my money

What can I invest in that will get me that rate of return.

No cryptocurrencies or penny stocks, you fags. No hurrdurr advice like telling to go to Vegas and putting it all on black.

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You mean you are going to take advice from Veeky Forums concerning a medium size investment without doing your own research.

Well plated idiot

invest berkshire hathaway

No I am giving Veeky Forums an oppurtunity to prove itself to not be a forum of NEETs still living in their parent's basement, and wondering if there one bright spark out of the lot of you that could bring something to my table to isn't dogecoins or some shit.

Really I'm just looking for a CA or US bond or a CD with a decent rate of return.

Pretty simple eeally.

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>Lending Club
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>I want Veeky Forums to do my work for me or I'll call you guys a bunch of neets.
Nobody owes you anything. Fuck off. Not your personal army.


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A standard fund.

>>Lending Club

I'm already doing this, but selling notes that have gone under is a pain.I want my funds to be liquid, even if they're in a CD.

>Buy a few junk cars and fix them up, sell for a premium

mr money moustache recommended this, but I don't have the space, tools, or inclination to learn.

I'm intuiged. Tell me more.

Australian companies pay dividends because we have the tax system set up such that dividends aren't double taxed. This is why in America share buybacks are preferred and in Australia dividends are preferred (because Australians actually get tax credits on corporate taxes paid on dividends)

Anyway, VHY is just a basket of all the ASX companies that pay a larger than average dividend. As you can see, its dividend history is impressive. Even if you don't make any capital gains (VHY is basically 1:1 correlated with the ASX), you're still making a bucket of cash in dividends.

You're American so you won't get the tax credits, so it's not as appealing for as it might be for Australians, but it still fits your criteria.

Just invest, set up dividend reinvestment (As far as I know there is a DRP discount), and forget about it for a few years.

You're welcome pal.

Wow, some actual useful advice. I am indeed quite shocked.

What do you do for a living?

>you're still making a bucket of cash in dividends.

Also, like how much?

I'm a final year Economics student in Australia, but I've been investing in the ASX and the US for several years now.

Buy doge, short Pran

You'd have to have a hedge against the AUD versus the USD since the dividends, I presume, are paid in AUD.

If you want to make 6% - 10 % on your money without knowing anything about trading or macro investing, then a 70-30 portfolio of a diversified stock fund and 30% in very high-quality bonds (US Treasuries) is about the best you can do.

However, in the present, I'd be surprised if such a portfolio could return 6-10% due the coordinated, reckless economic and monetary policy from almost all the countries.

Well, for a 12K USD investment at todays market prices you could buy 265 shares, leaving $50 aside for brokerage.

VHY pays dividends quarterly, and the last was paid in April: 43 cents/share. This would be ~$113 AUD. With a DRP, you'd get 2 extra VHY shares and avoid any nasty FX penalties. This amount is low because Australian companies, particularly the ones VHY captures don't pay dividends quarterly, but half yearly, and April is the off season. The Q3 dividend will be the biggest, and last year the Q3 dividend was 183 cents/share or ~$484 AUD.

I'm not saying that this is indicative of this years Q3 dividend. But still. I think there's potential for buckets of money.

I myself have a little over 200 shares in VHY, bought last week.

Brother, I hope you are a contributor to the regular ASX threads, because there's some wisdom in your words that more than a few could use.


I pop in occasionally.

If you see someone shilling a V** ticker, then that's probably me.

my portfolio is hedged to make 18% annualized returns. could push it to 37% but the risk is too high for my taste. feel more comfy at 18%.

>learn to utilize leverage and inverse positions.

>medium size investment


don't tell me. You save up all year and not do anything with your money until then. Then yes 12K is small.

>I have $12k.
>I want to make 6-10% on my money
Over what period of time do you want this to happen?

You can forget about it if you're thinking of quick cash because that's not how it works mayne.


>Let's see if biz is as smart as it thinks.
IQ 76 example

"Oh boy, here i go killing again!"

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>Oh boy, here i go killing again!

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the good days

I'm still confused as to how this works

>hurr durr do my investment research for me


Sage this faggot. He'll invest 12k based on something someone with no clue spouts in here, lose it all, and come back crying that he lost his shekels.

Annually? Monthly? What time frame? What liquidity do you need?

Two suggestions for you OP:
1) Buy some finance and econ. textbooks and start to learn the basics yourself before someone shills you into a loss.
2) Start reading newspapers, WSJ, FT, listening to news etc. and watching markets.

Keep in mind the media has an awful track record when it comes to calling investment opportunities. 9/10 times they are feeding people what they want to hear (which normally occurs at the end of market movements).

If you have no inclination to do 1) and 2) then you deserve to lose everything. Failing that.. dick sucking business. Bonus advice:

>No hurrdurr advice like telling to go to Vegas and putting it all on black.

3) Back to Plebbit.

>You can forget about it if you're thinking of quick cash because that's not how it works mayne.

6-12% per year

Vortex grenades and super-powered characters, and those Rhinos were deathtraps.

The best days.


Annually, and I don't need it liquid if I could get 6-12%

how hard is it to buy stocks? even your average REIT makes that yield.. you can just do it online

The way I see it, once it's in the hands of the mainstream media, you're already too late.

Can you suggest one I might invest in, then? I'm also not convinced real estate is the way to go here.

Really I'm looking for bonds or CDs.

>on bonds

Any bond that says it'll deliver that is going to be junk. You'd be looking at bonds from Greece, Turkey, India, Brazil.

Also you might not get your money back.

And what makes you think you can invest in property with that little cash?

do this for relatively high reward for relatively low risk:

Don't buy 1 stock, buy a diversified fund. VOO and other vanguard options are good if you are in the US.

It will give you exposure to the equity market which averages 8% returns yearly. Buying an index fund will also spread your risk over many companies. Buying only 1 stock is generally a bad idea.

You wont get 6-10% on bonds. Expect 4% if you are lucky.

Not if you're smart. It can be a short opportunity. 100% wrong opinions are just as useful as 100% right opinions ;)

Lets see.. 12k hmm.. you can buy 12k worth of game and comic figurines and then sell then individually for profit.

You can invest in property via REITs. Its like buying a stock on the exchange except you are investing into a real-estate fund.

I personally wouldn't even endorse someone to go short unless they were truly 100% confident in their decision. The market has a positive expectation on returns in the long run. This means that you can lose significant amounts of money waiting the market to actually turn around (if it ever does...)

The only reason I'd advise a new investor to not short is because the losses are not capped and margin is a necessity.

>The market has a positive expectation on returns in the long run.

True. While all trends eventually change, timing is the critical issue here.

You'd lose the interest and have to pay for a storage or retail space.

>Don't buy 1 stock, buy a diversified fund. VOO and other vanguard options are good if you are in the US.

This is actual good advice.

What books donyou recommend?

Reinvest dividends, and to the moon you go!

High Dividend, long hold portfolio
All positive income, 35 total

Residential REIT
- AGNC, 12.77%
- NRZ, 15.50%
- TWO, 11.78%
- NYMT, 19.51%
- CMO, 10.58%
- ACC, 3.54%*
Retail REIT
- CBL, 15.50%
- EPR, 5.75%
- HPT, 7.43%
- SPG, 3.08%*
Office REIT
- CXP, 5.50%
- LPT, 5.60%
- SIR, 8.52%
- CIO, 8.39%
Industrial REIT
- CSAL, 10.30%
- HIFR, 5.93%
- MNR, 5.45%*
Hotel/Motel REIT
- APLE, 6.24%
- LHO, 7.19%
- RHP, 5.74%*
- SHO, 10.31%
- AHT, 8.07%
- HT, 9.59%
Healthcare Facility REIT
- CCP, 8.58%
- GEO, 7.61%
- MPW, 6.57%
- SNH, 8.60%
- HCN, 4.94%*
Diversified REIT
- BXMT, 9.19%
- CIM, 13.82%
- MFA, 11.70%
- NLY, 11.56%
- STWD, 10.08%
- IVR, 12.92%
- NCT, 11.35%
Average Dividend = 9.12%

This one is the same list as posted earlier.
BUT, I eliminated the 5 lowest dividend yield stocks.
ALSO, the portfolio is weighted by market cap of the stock.
Average dividend yield on this one is 10.6%.

forgot pic

You got a personal e-mail REIT-bro? I like the cut of your jib, and I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter.

Hit me up: [email protected]

Check out the div payments on BPT

>You can invest in property via REITs

interest rate risk, especially agency REITs

>The only reason I'd advise a new investor to not short is because the losses are not capped and margin is a necessity.

You can technically short without the 'unlimited risk' aspect by buying options, but then you'll have time decay

Invest in spy or some etf and shut the fuck up faggot. Look into prosper if you dont trust the market. 6% is literally nothing and any investment not based on asshattery would make that


Christ, just throw it in equities.

Lonnie deals (buy mobile homes already in parks and flip them by selling it as a note)

My first quads. Neat. But ya 6% should be your floor. Assuming were talking annual

So what did you do last year to beat 6%?

My employer matches 6% in my 401k. I have a lot invested in spy and a lot in blue chip stocks like johnson n johnson amd microsoft and reinvest the dividends. Been getting about 10% out of my lending club notes. I play penny stocks too but i wouldnt recommend it

CBL and you got fucking slaughtered. Never fall for the real estate meme. You are such a cuck investor it is unreal.

Prepare to get anally devestated once the real estate market corrects.

another person here, instead of VOO, I bought VFIAX because I had enough money for the admiral class and I had it set to reinvest. Made 3% in the first week, but it has been hovering around 2% since then. Is VOO better than VFIAX or should I just keep my money in that fund?

VFIAX is only composed of stocks on the financial sector. VOO is composed of the top 500 stocks.

You will be obviously more exposed to fluctuations in the financial sector. I personally wouldn't have put all my money in VFIAX and would have gone with VOO due to industry diversification benefits.

Assuming you didn't put all your life savings into the fund, I wouldn't sell out (and by life savings I'm not talking about $5k you have scraped together because you are only a poor college student. I'm talking about many years of saving). Just buy VOO later and some bonds to round out your portfolio. You are off to a good start.

The secret with index funds is not to continuously buy & sell. They are made to slowly accumulate wealth in the long term. Whatever you do, just don't panic sell.

Unless its 2008

Any specific suggestions?

>My employer matches 6% in my 401k.

Your 401K will be gone in a flash if the company is ever in danger of going under. It'll be the worst time for you too, since your job will also be in danger.

How about 12,000%?
How about something that has outperformed the stock market since it's inception?

>nobody here will like it.
>nobody here will believe it (do the math)
>nobody here will do it.

1) buy couple acres land
2) plant fruit trees
3) harvest
4) sell at volume
5) rinse and repeat, and it just goes on...

>inb4 are you a farmer?
>I'm a landowner.
>dogs protect the land for table scraps.
>students/immigrants harvest the fruit.
>some yokel buys at volume and takes them away.

See Jimmy grow peaches.
The economy is down?
Jimmy grows peaches.
The economy is up?
Jimmy grows peaches.
The stock market is down?
Jimmy grows peaches.
The stock market is up?
Jimmy grows peaches.
Savings rates are up?
Jimmy grows peaches.
Savings rates are down?
Jimmy grows peaches.
Jobs are scarce?
Jimmy grows peaches.
Interest rates are up?
Jimmy grows peaches.
Interest rates are down?
Jimmy grows peaches.
Real estate boom?
Jimmy grows peaches.
Real estate bust?
Jimmy grows peaches.

You're rich?
You buy juice.
You're poor?
You buy juice.
You're poor?
You buy juice (with food stamps)

> Looking for a low risk investment that returns 10%
I'm sure you're smart enough to understand that high demand drives down bond yields

> prove yourself not to be a forum of neets
oh sorry anonymous judicator i need your validation more than anything

If it's 2008 don't sell, buy as much as you can afford

You're not fooling anyone, also
>us bonds with 6-10%
Do junk bonds even go that high?

what do you think about HVST? they pay monthly dividends



Really doubt you'll make that much with a buy and hold strategy in 2016, maybe buy mining stocks, but who the fuck really knows what will happen in the future.

Can you really buy reits w only 12k

Buy Bullion

I don't have the land or inclination to make this a reality,

>oh sorry anonymous judicator i need your validation more than anything

then pls return to your bitcoin or scamming returns at Home Depot, or do online surveys, or do whatever it is you do to earn a few shekels.

It was enough to get me pointed in the right direction, but I do need to know if I'm going to get shafted if the real estate market corrects. VOO may be the better choice.

What's a good introductory finance or economics book?

Okay so I've got a list of REITs, advice to buy VOO and Vanguard funds

Anything else?

What about; FESGX

Any opinions on that?