Young Anons Only - Serious Introspection & Brainstorming To Make Something Of Ourselves

Does it bother or disturb anyone else to realize that a single idea for a good online, possible business can make you enough money to move out and live wherever you'd like and not have to go to university or work for someone else, essentially being free? I KNOW that this is the wish of most of who browse this board.

I've been thinking about this in a business sense for a year. I can't think of a single fucking thing.

I day traded crypto and made money, but it's not sustainable and I was just lucky.

I tried to start a company with like 100 anons, weeded it down to about 20 of us, and it just didn't work out because we had no payroll and people were fighting for the management positions and having dick measuring contests about who is useful and who isn't, and who deserves management positions, shares in our then not-even-fucking-existent company. It was interesting just to try it out and see what would happen and I feel like I gained some sort of knowledge from the experience.

I've read some books on frugality, accounting etc, but it doesn't mean anything when you don't have a sustainable income.

I live in butt-fuck, nowhere USA. There are no jobs. I literally live in farm country without a farm. My only option is the internet. I'd gladly start a company with people here, but none of us can trust each other. It's not even a legal company without setting it up as an LLC, so nobody will actually listen to anyone anyway. I don't know.

Anons, I just don't know what the fuck to do. There has to be people in the same shoes as me. We can sit together and brainstorm in a skype call if you want.

Lets see where this thread goes before I post anything else. This doesn't have to be solely about money, either, but it's definitely topped the list.

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>thread is titled Young Anons Only
>came in and bitched anyway

Good job.

>it just didn't work out because we had no payroll and people were fighting for the management positions and having dick measuring contests about who is useful and who isn't, and who deserves management positions, shares in our then not-even-fucking-existent company.

Here's a few tips on the above:

1. The person who provides the capital gets a substantial stake in calling the shots. Putting up money is surest, most obvious way of proving one's usefulness.

2. Someone has to be able to figure out who's useful and who's not useful. This person should have a clear idea of what the business strategy is, what skill sets are required to realize that business strategy, and have a good feel for identifying and evaluating people with those skill sets. This person should get a stake in calling the shots and this person may not necessarily be the idea guy.

3. Everybody else should be doing work, not management. Those who fight for management roles when there is nothing in existence yet should immediately be fired. Starting a business is hard work and in its initial stages there cannot be a bunch of bozos playing a game of "Animal Farm."

I'm assuming the business was some sort of software program. In this case, Person #2 should create a project plan/schedule for the software program. Everybody in group #3 is assigned some sort of task from the plan and is expected to be able to complete it within the estimated time. Those that complete their tasks are useful and can be given greater responsibilities and ownership stakes in the company. Those that do not complete their tasks satisfactorily are out.

Eventually, you'll need to do business development. Again, this should be that hard initially assuming you can find someone to work for only equity. Have a plan for meeting a certain benchmark: revenue, clicks, eyeballs, etc. If they guy makes it, he's useful and can be the director or VP of business development (although he's still going to be expected to do the actual business development.) If he can't build the business out to mutually agreed upon terms, he's out.

In any sort of company, you have to very quickly weed out those parasites who want to be in administrative, supervisory, or managerial positions without providing any real value to the company. For people without any experience to demand that role in a company that is just started is beyond belief.

Just-graduated-uni here. Finance degree, small business focus & extra cirriculars.

A. Starting a business with 20 people is lol-tier. You get 1 or 2 (3 MAX) who perform a core competency: developing and pushing forward whatever your product/service is. Everyone else is simply there for expansion: they do stuff you could, but don't have time to do.

For example, I ran a little one-off tshirt business in jan/feb. Came up with a design, printed 1750 shirts, advertised and sent 'em out. When you get 250 orders in a weekend, it's too much time to pack/label them all yourself in time, so you either outsource to a fulfillment company or hire friends to help. I was able to pay my friends ~$20 an hour and still undercut fulfillment pricing, so I did and that's how the company grew.

B. Core competency and control thereof is all that matters. Core competency = idea+execution decisions. I made the design+executed sourcing, cost analysis, etc. If i had discussed either with anyone else, they could have done it instead of me: sourcing, shipping, etc can be done by anyone, the hard part is tieing it together profitably.

Between these, you should see why this 'discussion' will fail. Anyone who has an idea they can execute isn't gonna share it, lest they give up market-share. Same as you'd be an idiot to tell anyone you found an arbitrage opportunity until you exhaust it.

Anyway, working for someone else is dumb, but uni is actually great if you can afford it+read. Read, read, read. Class isn't for listening to a lecture it's for discussion of the textbook chapter you read the night before.

the low hanging fruit is gone. your chances of striking it rich by making the 'next Facebook' or whatever is on par with your chances of winning the lottery. that idea that you're going to make some app and become a billionaire is just an intentional abstract form of bread and circus.
everyone believes they're a temporarily embarassed millionaire

>a single idea for a good online, possible business can make you enough money to move out and live wherever you'd like and not have to go to university or work for someone else, essentially being free?
The idea doesn't mean shit. The execution is where the money is. That's why every jackass can say "I had that same idea X years ago!" when something big happens, but they never made a cent. A mediocre idea with stellar execution is better than a fantastic idea with mediocre execution.

This guy has good points but it's all assuming you've already got your product/service and/or core competency and are just looking at expansion.

I know that core competency sounds like a generalized buzzword, that's because it is. Still important though: consider a company with the exact same product/service as another. Whatever the reason you pick one over the other is a core competency. I hired a tree service to chop up a stump. They were way off the date they said they'd do it, but they did it cheap, clean and good. That's their CC.

Also, if you know your shit you can avoid uni, but from the OP it sounds like a bunch of kids who didn't even have something to sell and just decided "WE GONNA BE MAD MEN". Uni is great if you don't know your head from your ass yet.

Respect brother.

>online possible business

What is the best website template, I heard it was wordpress or somethinge

My grandmother is sort of offering to pay for me to attend Penn State main, but it seems like she's giving a lot of strings attached and my mother isn't really keen on it. I don't want to go do it and then regret spending 4 years on a degree that didn't end up helping me. I'm sort of defaulting to accounting or engineering as choices if I was to go for it. I live in the middle of nowhere in PA so going to a big university of like 100,000+ people is scary in itself.

It wasn't many young kids. I turn 21 in a few weeks and I did this on here when I was 19. Many of the guys were actually software developers/programmers/graphic artists who were already working in their mid-twenties. There were even a few middle-aged anons who were sort of advising for shits and giggles, just to see what would happen. The closest we got was a few projects with progress and me going to set up an LLC. I enjoyed it but I wouldn't do it again in the way that I did.

Okay you weren't kids, but the rest of what I said still applies. You don't start a company and then decide what to do. It's the other way around. Glad you learned your lesson.

>she's giving a lot of strings attached
>isn't really keen on it
Neither of these are contractually binding. If she's offering to pay upfront or upfront, semester by semester (NOT "take out a loan and I'll pay it back"), and you can get in,


You will wake up 23 and regret it the rest of your life if you don't. Fuck your mom, she's holding you back. Yeah Uni is a meme in lots of ways, but if it's paid for, and you can go to a school ranked top 100 YOU FUCKING DO IT. Just focus and make it count.

meh. You sound like you wanna travel/have autonomy. Accty is a bad choice for this.

Try to do this with a finance double major or a gen. Business double major: at least take Accty 1&2, Corporate FIN, Fin markets, and two sales classes- sales is necessary for entrepeneurial stuff. those shpuld be classes to get to practice persuading face-to-face. If they are book focused, forget it.

>100,000+ people is scary in itself
Not gonna make it. But in seriousness, you'll adjust. Just read read read read. Party only once a month, at least until junior year.

op, you want a million dollar idea? i need an ap for big box stores that will basically guide me to the product i'm looking for. either a store floor map with an "x-marks-the-spot" type thing or a "follow the arrow" to the product location type thing.

get on it and make your millions. thank me later.

>Party only once a month, at least until junior year.

Half the point of going to school is networking. Not saying you should be getting hammered thrice a week but doing social things is definitely better than just staying cooped up in your room and reading.

Oh god. I can only imagine the teeth-gritting, autistic, try-hard "cutthroat" businessman you must have all been acting like during that debacle.

You sound cool.

Where does the revenue come from? Ads?

Not OP, but ill take that idea. Thank you. I'm thinking starting with stores like Costco, Walmart, Sams Club

It's good that you, OP, have posted your experience in dealing with people. In that, your original team fought over power positions, but notably, missed the goal of what the work was about. That's a pretty common trait in business, more chiefs than Indians.

I started out in software, which is solid. You need a lead belly, and teeth which can grind iron girders for breakfast, and a stomach which can tolerate toxic waste as a dessert. With the open source movement and high level languages out there, scripting and outsourcing for cheaper labour, between a Motorola consultant and a computer server engineer, we worked 90 hour weeks for SME contracts, which are businesses with up to 15 employees.

Through real estate, or property management, depending which part of the globe you are from, my software led to property and business investment (stockholding).

In short, I found companies who would find companies who needed development loans for expansion, in offer of a return of 3% - 20%. They put their full analysis up front and I took ideas from it for my own, as well as fronting investment for them, which were based on securities.

yep. those are the stores. also menards, lowes, etc.

i hate wandering around in those stores looking for something i saw on the website... looking for an associate to lead me around...

it's a good idea. hope you make some mad money with it.

also, you know how amazon gives you "customers who bought THIS also bought THAT!"? yeah. that would be cool to incorporate...

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This 18+ website, and biz is blue board

Have you looked into affiliate marketing? It's less of a goldmine than it was but you can still make a good wage with hard work or PBNs.

What the fuck are youtalking about. You got a lot of good words there, but not a lot of communication.

i have been wanting this for 9 years, the problems i see are
> every franchise store typically has a different layout
>stores like costco make it their business to move things around constantly
>stores wont want to play ball bc it will have them lose business(they put the milk and eggs in the very back for a reason,also did you know costco and sams sell their rotisserie chicken at a loss? they do it so they can have you buy more things on your way)

if you can figure a way around this your are golden af

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> Disturb
No. The amount of work necessary to start is business is astounding relative to 9-5ers. The amount of work to start a successful business is exponentially greater than that.

> can't think of a business. Why are you thinking and not analyzing markets.

> You don't hire people and ask well what do we do now. You hire people to perform a set of tasks. Sounds like you figured out the persistent desperate greed of workers.
Founder groups are about 5 people max for the most complicated businesses.
Finding good people who consistently do what needs to be done is going to be one of your hardest challenges as an employer. Usually cash fixes this but not always. Since you have no cash, no experience, no direction, no strategy, no mentors etc... you're fighting a serious uphill battle. Hire contractors for what is not worth doing yourself. Hire educators to teach you what is but that you don't know how to do.

> sustainable
irregular income accounting exists. Its much harder and your paydays have to be bigger.

> butt-fuck. Fucking pack up and leave.
Or learn the internet ricky tick.

> llc
no, a company is formed when you have the idea of engaging in business for profit. this idea has legal and tax consequence up to 2 years prior from the registration of the legal entity.

> sit and chat. No. that's not work. you need to work. Particularly you need to work at finding work.

100k people. Scary. You don't know what the fuck scary is do you. That's a market that's an opportunity to sell yourself and completely reinvent who you want to be while learning a new skillset.
Go through the programs in my links
You want hustle muscle rehab and earn2k

and when you start hiring learn what a good employee is.

You want to start a business? Come up with a business plan.

Entrepreneurship, in its infancy, is a profoundly singular and alienating pursuit. Your life is largely in service of this pursuit, and you live your life seeking a way to get ahead, to promote your idea, to get in front of the right people to help your baby grow.

Then, once your baby has grown to the point that you can no longer manage it on your own, that's when you pull in other people.

This whole "let's start a club and figure out something to make money with" is bullshit. No one will ever invest their heart & soul in a club, because a club is a hobby, and hobbies are something you do when and if you want to.

No large-scale successful business was a club, and for good reason. Too many people willing to inject an opinion, not enough people willing to put in the effort to make it work.

Your revenue comes from the sale of the successful app rights. The sucker who buys it off you makes money on the ad revenue.

You don't want to be stuck updating and ensuring functionality for this app long-term; that shit's a lot of work. You just want to get it off the ground, get it some attention, and then sell it off so you never have to worry about it again.

i actually tried pursuing this idea and had a go from a big mapping company to do this.
the problem that came up though was the stores themselves
1. they will not play ball because "fuck you"
2. stores tend to randomly allocate spots for products or place them according to the supplier whims
3. most chains will NOT give you access to their indoor networks and antennas required to pin your location because obviously GPS does not work indoor.

honestly i can go a 100 points list on why this did not work which will only contribute to everyone reading it being completely depressed about the retail industry management. but the bottom line is: Chains do not want this service.

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i figure that you'll need a customizable program for each sto

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Hey OP let's chat, I'm in your skype room.

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