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Trumpcoin almost done (One last pump)
MEME next

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Get off my board. You shitters

fuck off with your falseflag bullshit

Trumpcoin has been damn profitable for me. No matter what I'm still 5x so if it drops under 4K, I'm out. I guess MEME is the next flavor of the month.

fuck off with ur MEME stop stealing shit motherfucker.

I ain't no fucking meme shill, dickhead. I'm just trying to give you all advice. Trumpcoin didn't just start with 300+ reply threads, it literally started off the same way meme is starting off on Veeky Forums. When the ETH pump was going on, everyone was dismissing Trump, and that has happened so many times on this board.

This one?

why do you think MEME is going to be next?

Yeah that one but the price is wrong. It's on bittrex and c-cex.

I have a few reasons.

1. The name (although stupid) has Reddit appeal which is great because anything that hits the front page of reddit goes up a few thousand percent.

2. It's starting to spread on Veeky Forums and is starting off like every flavor of the month does. Back when ETH was the main pump for Veeky Forums, the trump holders were getting btfo a few months ago and now the trump general threads are maxing out and the price has gone to 12k satoshi from around 600 satoshi. You basically got to be able to find the flavor of the month before it's the flavor of the month.

3. The tech it's planning to release (IPFS being added to blockchain) would be the start of using blockchain as storage. When that happens blockchain could used as storage for documents, videos, images, etc and could rival cloud storage.

It's a fascinating coin for the time.

the devs arnt even replying to the forums and the MEME coin is tanking big time, i have no fucking idea why you think its gonna be the next flavor of the month, because it already was and it wont ever happen agian.

What ever happened to ETH?

Don't respond to false flag. Faggot can't even hide his propaganda well and doesn't support trump . Down with dirty Communists

Devs don't post unless a fix, update, or news is posted.

Also it has never been flavor of the month. I don't know where you got that info from.

No OP, just no. That Etherium shit clogged this board for ages, fuck that shit stop shilling.

Just don't fucking look at it, dumbass.

meme is dead, he's shilling hard. I own 18k of it, i have no reason to sit here and lie to you about what my opinion is. Meme has done its rounds and will only ever rise again because of one day pump and dumps.

Buying meme is like buying a lottery ticket. It's not impossible to get lucky but it'll probably never happen.

Anyways looks like there's still some restructuring to be made before TRUMP goes anywhere. Getting in at this price is an amazing opportunity. The coin desperately needs to get on a bigger exchange though.

I don't even own any yet. Waiting for trump to go to 15k or below 4k before I buy into MEME.

Gay thread fuck u op fuck meme too its a dead stock

The chinks talking about MEME the other day

I just read the ANN for the first time ever. I'm fucking dumping. Look at the last post.


fud fud fud
cope harder

Bitcuck cope.

Ccex is a shit exchange for sure. I've put in requests at other exchanges. Others have too.

Why would you shill meme? Its a low energy coin. It's failing, everyone is bailing out. Soon to be completely worthless.

Trump will be the next president. Trumpcoins will get picked up by the media. Trump is going to be YUGE. Believe me.

I can't imagine what the could would be worth if he became president and it got good exposure.

*what it could be worth
Fuck I'm tired.

The bitcointalk ANN thread

Jesus fucking Christ. I bought 9925 TRUMPS for 1 BTC and now they're worth half that price (that was just before they turned v2).

Wat do, Veeky Forums? Did I fuck it up?

no kid if they were worth buying then then they're worth buying now now you need to fucking buy way more because this is the opportunity of a lifetime

if you don't have the balls to go all in and release control then you'll never see your investment gain value...

im in essentially the same boat

just buy more senpai, last thing youd want to do is sell now

No can do. That BTC was the last pocket money I had. I could probably borrow money but is it worth the risk, famalam?

every fucking dollar you have or earn

How much TRUMPS you got, user?

all I have is TRUMPS

I have 133k of trumps and I will buy more. Because
I am mad.
Mad for wall

Communists out, Republicans in

How much BTC is that, man? That's sick number.

All in man. Balls deep. See u on the moon. I'll be in a red spaceship

have a look at bitcoin talk thread:

there is something going on. LordD is spreading FUD.

Trump now at 5k sat @yobit

do you buy cheap trumps now or do you think the baby will crash?

Bought 132k at 6.5 bitcoins either I go to moon or either I go to Mexico so my legs would be broken. Jk I am not retard to spent everything on this coin plus it has huge potential because chink speculators doesn't understand real value of this coin once it hits respectable exchange

brutha can you spare 20k trumps

Brutha, 20k is about 1 BTC.
Fucking 440 dollars.
Do you really think I will give it to you?

Just buy some for 50 dollars and be happy than it hits 1 dollar per trump

if you were a true jew you'd be stoked to have someone beholden to you

I took the opportunity to double down and buy the dip, it seems like there is a decent chance we are going to the moon. Obviously, never invest if you can't afford to lose.

not a jew, but like how they manage survive every shit thrown at them. Plus their country singing or traditional singing is god tier, SO fucking fun to listen

Yeah let's just borrow crypto currency

How retarded are you? there is no way to enforce a loan over the internet. And who the fuck trusts someone on the internet with 440 dollars?

maybe im just a nice guy :^)

Maybe my cock is yuge

Hint : it's not

Up 12% already I see

12 % is like tip of my cock. Unless it's gonna go 15000% I ain't spill my juices yet

mine is tho

/eightinches/ reporting

Jesus that fucking drama on the bitcoin talk page. Ridiculous.

Big man, just like trump :DDDDDDD

>implying you don't like seeing peasants fighting for scraps

It'd be funny if it were slightly coherent. That guy is fucking retarded.

Its LordD from yobit

hes an actual retard

Yeah, the worse part some people believe it

>tfw our thread is closest resemblance toward trump cartel

thanks senpai

if i were one inch taller and ten billion richer we'd be head to head

This is just the beginning, lads, get on the ship before it's too late.

what makes you so sure trumpcoin isn't kill?

Don't be stupid

How can you kill idea?

I've never invested before. How do I go all in on TRUMP? Is there a website?

Well it's up 25% today.

Trumps going to sweep the primary tomorrow.

He'll likely be the next president.

Yeah it's prob kill.

This. If he wins the primary this coin is fucked. There will be no hype left for you little autist freaks. Speculation keeps this coin going. As soon as there is any amount of certainty then everyone will dump.

That doesn't make sense. The coin would seem to be linked with his success.

Nothing because if he didn't make money from it, I don't think he'll like the fact his image was used and he didn't get a cut.


Not an argument.

Well it sure the hell isnt an agreement kek.

This makes sense.

I meant it's going to be worth more.


honestly it's crazy how low the volume traded on c-cex is for this coin. people are trading 10x the volume at yobit. TRUMP needs a real exchange and it could not happen fast enough. Pretty much never displays a realistic price at any given moment.

By transfering coins back and forth between yobit/c-cex and buying/selling i gained about 6k TRUMP in 2 days. Just trading the price difference between the sites. The price of this coin is basically manipulatedly low at all times.

What's the typical price difference? I agree that a better exchange is sorely needed.

Prepare lads, we moon tomorrow.

Oh yeah? Have any particular reason to think that?

Shun the non-believers! Get in now or miss your chance to make some serious bank, if you're still uncertain about it, invest a few bucks and watch them grow, do consider that it'll take time. This coin will easily get to $1 USD. That is all.

That's retarded presumption. If he wins primaries he we will be on spotlight and probably big media will report about trump coin and when we gonna go to moon

Trump is guaranteed to be the nominee. I feel bretty good about this coin.

It does need to be on a bigger exchange though.

Iv got news that trumpcoin is gonna get fucked by tomorrow. I'd recommend to dump asap. Iv ready done so myself. Dont say I didn't fucking warn u. I lost 800$ on this piece of shit. Fuck u pump and dumper motherfuckers


That's how you sound.
If anyone believe such shit, should be hanged as retard and communist sympathiser



I'm waiting until the first pump after the media catches wind then I'm selling off half of mine. Then I'll wait until he acknowledges it and see what the price does.

This shill logic

Literally retarded shills who want to liquidate theirs bag holds

It won't end pretty

MEME bagholders will be on suicide watch after TRUMP takes off. Sad!

Lyin Ted and 1-for-38 Kasich have been mathematically eliminated. Trump is the nominee. Trump will be president.

>want to buy into the dump hard
>coinbase being a dick about funds

please let my sacrifice not be in vain brothers

Trumpcoiners on suicide watch?

This coin is headed lower than BERN.

First, you've got a guy dumping almost 50k TRUMP atop the C-Cex sell orders.

Then, instead of any buy walls protecting the price from dipping further, there's

Meme corner, pls go.
Yobbit and c cex are meme exchanges and once trump hits poli or other normal exchange it's gonna go to the moon



Nice meme, got one for you


Volume is too low to actually crash price.

Whales are buying coins off exchange to manipulate with.

Big pump coming for this coin.

Anyone buying trump should be ready for it to do absolutely anything in the short term. 2 things could've happened short term:

1. it goes way up perhaps giving all the short term investors willingness to stay in it for a longer time

2. it plateaus and a ton of short term investors want to get out sending the price way down since it only trades on shit exchanges severely limiting serious new demand.

I've said from the start, whatever price this coin trades at in the short term matters absolutely nothing. The restructuring were seeing now was bound to happen the minute TRUMP plateaued, and with that restructuring the price was bound to fall in the short term.

Fact of the matter is there is absolutely no coin in TRUMP's league on the market with even half its upward potential. This is a 6 month coin, there's no other small coin i'd want to hold for even a week. New long term people will come in, new and old short term people will come back in. The current price means nothing.

sofisticated words... But the train has left. i recommend to DUMP while it has value... just dumped my load all over Yobit. what a mess..

He called it