Are the millennials a failed generation?

Are the millennials a failed generation?

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If you even have to ask you probably fall into the demographic

I'm towards the tail end of the millenials and I hate the rest of us fuckers. All they do is bitch about how depressed they are and debt and all kinds of shit. They don't know how to take responsibility for anything.


Gen X is a failed generation.

Boomers are a failed generation.

Greatest are a failed generation.

This is not /pol/ nor /soc/ please refer to rules before posting for christ sake. Stay away from my Veeky Forums, /pol/tard.

No, most are just content with being wage slaves and living in debt but they aren't failed. I think millenials will be fine, a handful are pretty money hungry. Millenials just seem to have a higher concentration of stupid people who consider themselves intelligent than other generations. Almost every millenial I know consider themselves part of the upper echelon of intelligence. It's the pompous generation so far but not all of them are bad, I work with a kid who's 25 and he's one the most genuine and hardworking people I know.

Honestly, we're the only ones keeping the fucking ship floating.

Boomers didn't keep any maintenance or train the staff and instead decided to ream it into a few icebergs trying to find plunder, and now they're just a worthless crew member stealing our lemons on board a broken, barnacle-ridden, non-disciplined fleet of yahoos.

They are the thinnest-skinned generation that's for sure. Everything offends them. They even got Harvard to change the residential title from "Masters" because it reminded them of slavery. What happens if you want a Masters degree? And then morons at Yale got offended at Halloween costumes. I don't know why schools are listening to these retards.


"Good times breed weak people. Weak people create tough times. Tough times breed strong people. Strong people create good times"

Because they're retards with money, it at least student loans.

But yeah, I hate how this has become the generation of social media and entitlement. Every special fucking snowflake knows exactly what they're entitled to but nobody wants to accept duty or personal responsibility: we're so permanently attached to the feminist nanny-state's nipple that even as adults we demand to have access to every level of Maslow's hierarchy as a basic right. We're taught that everybody is beautiful, everybody is smart; every kid gets a medal because feelings are more important than facts and free speech is voluntarily waived because of the potential that somebody might take momentary displeasure in what they're hearing. We are the generation whose fathers will never be proud of us.

ITT stereotypes Veeky Forums made up to feel good about themselves

"Thinnest skinned" generation...
>quoting for emphasis

Millennials are entitled, lazy, and stupid... And I'm one of them.

Is this a new ebin maymay or does one autistic fuck keep spamming these threads on Veeky Forums and /pol/

This same thread, word for word, shows up three times a day on /pol/. I've seen it once on /k/ and /g/, and I'm sure it's on other boards too.

it's like Veeky Forums got a new word and group to meme/hate

god, how I'd rape that brown angel's tender asshole

I love millennials because they have... dare I say it... standards. Self worth.

The world needs more of this and less small jealous assholes who act out their powerlessness because they are too fucking scared to stand up and assert that they are human beings.

> less small jealous assholes
> too fucking scared to stand up

Don't talk about gen x that way.

They'll be in here soon to assert themselves.

The oldest millenials are around 35. NOTHING can be said about this generation's success or failure yet. Much stands to be seen when we take the reins of power.

I am gen x and yes my generation is pretty pathetic indeed.

shitty parents raised shitty kids that raised shitty kids that raised shitty kids that raised shitty kids and so on

It's clearly failure. It has been that way since the first millennial was born.

Not due to themselves, but due to their upbringing.

every generation thinks the one following it is doomed and the worst generation of all time

we'll be fucking fine, just like everyone else. All the pot smoking hippies in the 1960's were far greater fags than any current millennial and yet they largely turned out okay

Wew! Cycles of abuse! I buy that theory.

Worst Generations in order

>baby boomers
>ww2 generation
>generation X
>generation Y

Millenials haven't even had a chance to prove themselves. They're just noe starting to get out of college and people are flipping out because kids raised by reality television and video games are more openly narcissistic than the previous ones. Key word is openly. Baby boomers like to act all wise, but they will shit their pants if you know more about a subject than they do.

But, all in all, pretty much every generation is shitty. The pendulum of civilization seems to swing back and forth from genocide to cuckoldry. There are a few generations in the sweet spot where neither form of societal decay is prevalent.

except the pot smoking hippies were not literal fags.

Bud, gen Y is the millenials. 1980 to late 90s.

>All the pot smoking hippies in the 1960's were far greater fags than any current millennial
And we had better music than you fuckbirds! We actually showed our dicks to girls as opposed to sending her a picture of it on a smart phone like you dickbeaters!

I want to end this cycle.

>>baby boomers
>ww2 generation
>generation X
>generation Y
The fucking baby boomers are the best generation. Millenials just know how to make a duckface on a selfie.

>Damn those kids and their devilish rock music!
>This generation is a disaster!
>No generation has ever been this kind of a failure before!


Never mind the fact that EVERY generation said this about the one after them.

Failed in the sense that their progenitors have failed them

I'd say so. I'm ashamed to be considered one of them.

They consider anything someone does related to work and bettering themselves as "suspicious".

Naw. I'm generation x and I knew ww2 generation and baby boomers were better than us. I had the upmost of respect for my grandfather. That guy had some incredible work ethic. Woke up at 5 am every morning to make breakfast and work in the yard for a bit before he got ready for his actual job. Wore a suit and tie to work and when he wasn't working he wore a polo shirt with slacks. Was total class personified. He never procrastinated on something he could get done right now. Always had a story for every occasion. He served in the war before he had my father and never once complained about having to serve. He was a lone survivor because his whole squadron was shot down. Everyone loved him because of his charm and wit and because he treated everyone who deserved respect, with respect. This is someone who survived the great depression.

Our generations are getting progressively worse and I don't see that changing until one of them gets so sick of the previous one and returns to traditional values. Millennials are an absolute terrible generation. As a whole they don't respect anything or anyone and think that everything should be handed to them just for being alive. They live in most prosperous, most technologocally advanced time that our world has ever known and take it completely for granted. To top it all of they whine about how hard they have it. Social media is the worse thing to ever happen to our society as a whole because everyone feeds off each others sense of entitlement like its the new normal. Someone should just shut the whole thing down as a failed experiment.

Who gives a fuck. Everyone are dollar symbols to me. I dont give a fuck when you were born

>My anecdotal evidence means it's all true!

Boomers lived in the easiest time and then fucked it up for everyone else.

It's not really surprising that millennials don't feel a need or desire to bust their ass when you need a degree + years of experience to earn barely enough to live off in a job that used to be obtainable with barely a highschool diploma. Can you really blame them?

>Everyone are dollar symbols to me. I dont give a fuck when you were born

Would you say that is everyone simply a pawn in your game of life?

They should be feeling it more since that degree ensures their survival.

Mommy and Daddy might throw their parasitic asses out at any minute and drop dead so if they don't work harder they will literally starve and die.

The fact they still decide not to work shows that there is something fundamentally deficient in their generational ethic and culture.


>b-boomers had it easier!
This meme needs to die.

More like people are tired of working hard and only get their jobs shipped off overseas to Pajeet and Rajesh, or replaced by Mexicans or people on work visas who will take any shit just to send a little money back to their home country.

Would you really choose that over taking the path of least resistance and playing videogames all day?

But they did

Is this bait?
Boomers fucked everything up by protesting for civil rights and against the draft in a war that made no sense?

Pawn in your game of life wtf?

The only reason for even talking about generational differences is to understand different markets to sell them products because this is/biz/ and folks have product ideas..... I mean really am I actually responding to you? Pls go.

Then work harder to make yourself more competitive.

I've never had a problem getting a job since I actually do work, competently at that, and have useful skills I gained through schooling and working which my millenial trash peers don't have since they spent all their time partying like fucking degenerates.

And they have the gall to "complain" about the reasonable consequences of their stupidity. It makes me sick.

>But they did
>wah wah wah

Naw. You guys are just complete pussies. I can't name even one generation in the last couple millineum that had it easier than you faggots.

I'm just saying I can see why people would choose that path.

Option 1;
>Work your ass off to barely get noticed and rewarded for years just to get somewhere and buy a bunch of shit you don't need to impress your neighbors

Option 2:
>Work a laid back minimum/close to minimum wage job with no real requirements or responsibilities that lets you afford your hobbies and gives you the time and energy needed to do them

Geese I can't figure it out!

Not even everyone is a "wolf of wall street" "money hungry" tycoon like you and the neets on Veeky Forums

>making insane bitcoin gains

Obviously you missed the part where the Millennials graduated into the worst economic crisis for two generations (still ongoing).

You are a selfhating millennial tho. Must be projecting your own inadequacy.

Looking forward to the economic fundamentals swallowing your gaping anus of a generation.

When the mass suicides start I'll be laughing my arse off.

And I'm just saying that path is degenerate and those who choose to actually work should look down on those who choose to waste their lives, as I do.


I don't really think anyone cares about your opinion though.

In all likelihood you're probably in college studying Finance trying to become le Jordan Belfort, not yet stepped out into the world.

>my opinions
My employers sure do and they agree.

>studying finance
Whatever helps you sleep at night. Make sure you turn off the screen on your iphone your parents bought for you after wasting more time on fagbook. I hear the UV coming from the screen makes it harder to fall asleep.

> Millenials just know how to make a duckface on a selfie.
> duckface on a selfie

That's the problem, Baby Boomers think they're not the problem.

as someone graduating in a month, it really concerns me how dumb most of the people i am graduating with are

and not just dumb, but incompetent. completely unreliable, unable to make decisions on their own, dependent on specific instructions by team leaders and authority figures, etc.

it's a generation of human golden retriever puppies.

>Millennials graduated into the worst economic crisis for two generations
Oh no! For 2 whole generations? Protip: there is a financial crisis every decade or so. Suck it up pansy. You should be ashamed for even calling this a financial crisis. You faggots literally live in one of flourishing, financially vigorous times ever. Money is practically flowing in the streets. People who lived through the great depression are /facepalming you right now.

> le Jordan Belfort
>wolf of wall street
>those who work hard are scamming criminals

Da fuq? This is exactly something I would expect a millenial to say. If anything, Bellfort embodies the millenial aversion to honest work more than anything.

>My employers sure do and they agree.

Make sure you lick their ass harder, maybe they'll even give you an extra 10-15 hours a week to work so you can afford your new fancy car that you'll have even less time to use with your updated work schedule.

>Whatever helps you sleep at night

If you are supposedly such a successful Veeky Forumsnessman then why are you on Veeky Forums with all these "millennials" you supposedly hate so much, Mr. Belfort?

Don't kid yourself. You're just a self-hating millennial desperately trying to convince yourself that you're better than everyone else and smarter too, ironically enough you're doing it ON Veeky Forums. - A website consisting of NEETs, mentally ill people and social outcasts.

Need I remind you that according to the last big poll around ~50% of this board was unemployed?

~50% unemployed

Guess you know which 50% I was in then.

Even if most of this site is full of unambitious workshies there's still a few people here worth associating with. Not to mention stirring retards up is pretty entertaining.

>>those who work hard are scamming criminals

I never implied that.

I just meant that it's quite clear people who are "successful" here are at most in college expecting to become investment bankers and picturing days of strippers and fast sports cars.

Eventually they get out into the world and realize that no, you're rarely ever rewarded for your hard work and it requires many years of hard and unnoticed effort to finally get one of those "respectable" positions.

The Great Depression cleared the market. It was a reset. We got a faux recovery, stagnating wages and a whole lot of our time (and earning potential) eaten up.

Meanwhile, Boomers got: their 401ks saved, their earnings maintained, their portfolios rescued etc. Pensions rescued.

We'll have the "privilege" of a World War and massive civil unrest to live through too.

Meanwhile you faggots will be crying about losing your house values and how we are the worst generation ever. If I could, I'd throw every boomer into a wood-chipper and raise my kids (which I could then afford to have) with the knowledge of the massive faggotry that one generation inflicted upon society.

Nice damage control.

You definitely did, by calling a person with ambition and work ethic the name of a convicted fraudster here .

>massive faggotry that one generation inflicted upon society.

Hint: this generation was the boomers.

>Even if most of this site is full of unambitious workshies there's still a few people here worth associating with

The ones who lie and make up stories about being rich on Veeky Forums and then when asked for proof they coincidentally disappear?

Don't kid yourself, this would be believable and all if you said it on any other website than Veeky Forums, but here it's just not really feasible.

I can only imagine the type of "successful" person who spends any considerable amount of time on Veeky Forums. I mean I can see the appeal in Trump Coin, Pepe coin and Wojak coin threads for an aspiring businessman but I would imagine that an already successful business man wouldn't waste his time reading about how Ethereum and Pepe coin are about to hit the mopn

Tell me about it. I'm at the point where I'm ashamed to say I'm graduating from my program at my college. I'm not even going to wear the department sash to graduation since I don't want to associate with the garbage those administrators somehow graduated with me.


le born in wrong generation amirite, hit like if u would trade justin beber for the beatles any day!

>forgets "stirring retards up is pretty entertaining."
Please read the whole post before shitposting a trite response.
Thanks! It would save you from an otherwise necessary slapdown.

That's very edgy and insightful, user.

Every generation has degenerate garbage. It just so happens that millenials have a lot more than average.

You haven't stirred me up though.

You're just a selfhating millennial who thinks he's superior to everyone else because you read a couple of investopedia articles and learned about trump coins

>Then work harder to make yourself more competitive.
Spotted the Jew that wants to pay 3rd world wages while charging 1st would prices for everything.

>It just so happens that millenials have a lot more than average.
Nah i think it's just more visible with social media and the internet generally.

>you boomers
I'm not a boomer, idiot. I also have not heard one boomer ever complain about declining house prices. My parents bought a house for $80k and today that house is worth $550k. You do realize that the housing market is still in a bubble, right? I can't even respond to any of your arguments because they are all strawman.

And social media culture has bled out into real life. That means it's more visible in real life too.

>I also have not heard one boomer ever complain about declining house prices

Because they are about to enter a 15-20 year bear market.

There's a dipshit boomer on /pol/ (probably a mortgage broker or real estate agent) who keeps posting repetitive threads about how millennials suck and how he hates that they cannot afford mortgages etc. etc.

They aren't all strawmen. QE has been a giant exercise is propping up asset markets. And as the Boomers currently occupy most of the top positions theyare cashing out while everyone else is getting laid off, or eating massive pay cuts. And they do this while disparaging the youth today.

Most of the Boomers were busy chatting shit and rutting in the mud at Woodstock. They are an awful, awful generation. Corrupt in political office. Corrupt in corporate office. Responsible for cultural Marxism, many of them are closet Marxists and are anti-free speech.

And they are pushing these junk ideologies onto an impressionable youth today.

>All these damn kids staring into their iPhones and that green robot thing these days!

Looks like I have considering you made an asshurt millenial defense post here

Gen·er·a·tion Y
the generation born in the 1980s and 1990s, comprising primarily the children of the baby boomers and typically perceived as increasingly familiar with digital and electronic technology.

this user is correct.

Honestly? Millennials are fucked in their own way. Boomers are fucked in their own way. Gen x are fucked in their own way. We all have shitty fucking habits derived from what the culture was doing during our formative years, but boomers are the ones fucking us now and millennials will be the ones fucking us twenty years from now, so pick your poison.

Good thing I'm a rugged individualist, objectivist tycoon who will dominate the millenials and make them my slaves (from the comfort of my mommy's basement).

And you made an asshurt boomer defense post. What's your point?

Mah nigga

That post was a statement of fact. You should put away that phone and pay more attention in school.

I mean how the fuck do you fail English? You speak it, oh wait.


My post was a statement of fact. - See how easy that was? I can just say it's a fact and that means it's true and that you're wrong.

You're a soon to be fresh graduate and you're claiming this insane superiority as if you're a Wallstreet professional with over 10 years of experience. Like what the fuck? you haven't even accomplished anything besides writing rants on Veeky Forums yet.

Except it was, the fact that you are asshurt is palpably provable.

I mean you just keep responding.

Except it was, the fact that you are asshurt is palpably provable.

I mean you just keep responding.

>so pissed that he's just copying what his mental superiors say.

This is how I can tell you haven't even graduated high school yet.

The most damning proof of your asshurt status was this retardation here which was completely uncalled for.
It's almost like retarded subcultures have been around forever you beatnik...

Now I'm going to step away for a few minutes, and I bet that rraUoUCb here is going to be making some victory claim.

Just watch, autists like this are very predictable.

Except this isn't a subculture, it's the entire fucking generation acting this retarded.

>He accuses me of being butthurt and that i keep replying
>He also keeps replying


Sure thing mr belfort. I am sure you'll be much more successful than your fellow students you look down so much on. You have a great attitude for success!(everyone is dum except 4 me)

>Except this isn't a subculture, it's the entire fucking generation acting this retarded.
Citation fucking needed.

Wow not even 10 seconds. And another baseless accusation to boot. Yet another classic case of an autist vainly flailing and failing at damage control.
It's pretty clear that while I may not be the smartest person, at least I'm miles ahead of a dolt like you.

Shit like that is practically mainstream nowadays.

Here's where I got that image from:

Who needs a citation when youbhave evidence right in this thread?

>exhibit A

For that matter, the only millenial "subcultures" I can think of are the spergy alt-right/redpiller types and their tumblr counterparts.

But you have made just as many baseless accusations.

What accusation did I make? You admitted you are soon to graduate college and you are "embarrassed" of the people you will graduate with.

I'm sure you're much better than them for posting on Veeky Forums's Veeky Forums, you have a great future ahead of you.

>mr belfort

There is is right there. Like all millenials with an aversion to honest labor, you regard all attempts at self improvement and advancement as suspicious.

Doing things like that surely paints an appealing picture of your failed abortion of a generation.

>Like all millenials

Like you? You're one of them tho

>you regard all attempts at self improvement and advancement as suspicious

What is your major, what is your school's rank for your field, what is your GPA, how many (prestigious) internships have you done and what are your other current accomplishments?

Let's see hear this.