I'm a student in London. Since I live in London, I get a generous stipend of a little over 1 grand a month

I'm a student in London. Since I live in London, I get a generous stipend of a little over 1 grand a month.

I want to dine at the Ritz once a fortnight. Apparently prices for Afternoon Tea start at £52 per person, which sounds okay.

I save £300 a month at the moment, so losing ~£100 of that doesn't seem like a huge deal.

The main problem is that there is an initial big cost of buying the required clothes to be allowed entrance - that would be roughly £450 if I'm cheap.

So the cost for this desire of mine would be:
>£750 the first month
>£100-150 for every following month

Do you think this is acceptable, or am I irresponsibly dooming my future?

fuck off

For what purpose

the ritz is the worlds best hotel

who wouldnt want to eat there?

I bought some very descent barnded suits in the TKmaxx on High street Kensington. One was 30, I think. Shop in outlet points in general, paying a 200% mark up just for the brand is totally pleb. This clothes are often made in Bangladesh and then are shipped to the UK and soled at ridiculous prices. Outlet stores have more interesting stuff anyway.

As for the Ritz, its all about opportunity cost. You can spend these 100 squid on 3 grams of gold a months instead and have 36 grams of gold in a year. Which one would you rather have? Or you could put it all in the meme pump and dump coin of the week before its released and if you dump at the right time get ten times your money. But then again, if it will increase your quality of life so much, go for the Ritz, you could die in a week.

Do tell what discipline are you a student of, you might need this money for a dick sucking boot camp after you finish uni.


I'm told that it makes me pretty employable in a wide variety of fields, although I personally would rather remain in comfy academia if possible.

Hmmm if its merely theoretical physics then its basically either teaching or sucking cock. And academia can be very non-comfy. And its getting less and less comfy every year. Please, consider being a part of something that can be monetised in the future. My sister in law was building a nuclear reactor in Iran with some pretty comfy salaries. Anyways, good luck to you user. Take the advice of somebody with a meme degree turned neet.

You're going to these lengths, sat there with a calculator working out the cost of being at the Ritz?

You're the Veeky Forums equivalent of 19 year olds who live with their parents and buy 350 pound belts. Just fuck off, you sound like some starry eyed out-of-London irrelevant faggot who's so desperate to eat at a fancy place that you may get into financial trouble for it.

I'm too tired to express how retarded and petty I find you.

I mean, I've spent 7 minutes googling it.

I don't know if thats "great lengths" to you, but I don't find it excessive.

Pick one.

What uni?

No, if you have to make financial plans just to see if you can fucking have tea in some touristy hotel then you're a retarded pleb who shouldn't be thinking about looking rich to have 52 pound afternoon tea. What shithole did you come from? Is this status elevation for you, afternoon tea like a fag, are you a woman? Stay in your own lane nobody cares about this shit you tryhard fuck. Get out of my city.


I was born in London and have lived in London my whole life.

Not quite sure about
a) what youre trying to imply
b) why you're so mad

If I only go every fortnight it seems relatively affordable desu, even for 2 people.

What year?

(physics imperial me too)


Tutor group?

...I don't feel comfortable sharing that.

see you in lectures tomorrow :)))

Its just academics dont go to ritz

Veeky Forums = the place to find tru love

Real talk if that would make you happy then do it. A lot of people have much higher price tags on material happiness.

For example i'll probably gift myself a trip on the orient express within the next 3ish years, that experience would mean an incredible amount to me simply because of how i've built it up and fantasized about it in my head. I'm assuming your Ritz fantasy is in the same vein as mine.

For fucks sake, this is the worst thread on Veeky Forums i've seen in the past month. What a fucking disgrace.

Awweh. Babe, I'll buy you dinner at the ritz and then we can go up to a room where I'll ravage your 18 year old boypussy :^)

I travelled on the The Belmond Hiram Bingham (a Peruvian luxury train owned by the Orient Express people) and it was probably the nicest 6 hours of my life thus far.

The Orient Express is definitely worth experiencing imo

Some actual financial advice would have been nice I guess, but this thread doesn't seem *that* bad, relatively speaking.

ok daddy. op here

No its not.

I'm already dating a guy, soz

>saving a measly £300/month
>cutting that down by 33% for no fuckin reason
you're not very smart m8

£300 is pretty normal for a first year student from what I gather.

But yeah, it might be too much, I dont know. It would certainly improve my quality of life, but its not at all essential.

My parents go to the ritz for tea a lot. I'm sure if they saw a guy wearing the same clothes every time I would have heard of it and chuckled.

Fuck off, you dolt. You made a fucking pointless thread asking permission from strangers to waste your money. You have already been given as much "advice" as is possible in this situation. Go ahead and spend your money however you fucking want. Obviously you're fucking wasting it in the eyes of some people, not wasting in the eyes of others. There is no depth here at all, just seems like you want approval for your own actions

How do you get 1 grand? Is that all grant bux, loan or you're rich?

Damn shame. He can't even treat you like a princess like me.

>I save £300 a month
>Should I spend £750 on a cup of tea and a bit of fancy food?
Yes, sounds like a totally good idea and not irresponsible at all.

confirmed that OP is a faggot. every single time....

Just go once. Rent a suit, go with a friend. You could spend that much on street food and random restaurants and have a better time imo

Grant bucks.

Since London is one of the most expensive places to live on the planet, students there get a much larger stipend than they would elsewhere