Pepe Shop


I decided to start my own business today since my parents don't want to support me any longer.
I am selling my ultra rare pepe collection that I have build over the last ~7 years.
I know a lot of guys here are trading BTC, so by buying my product you are not only getting the finest collection of pepe but you are also helping out an user in need.

btw do you know any good way of advertising my business?

Anybody know any decent ebay template generators online?

I told you I was no longer going to enable your self-destructive lifestyle but this is not what I was hoping for. Please improve yourself and get a job. Your mother loves you and it hurts her to see you like this.

Also, Veeky Forumsraelites, I beg you, please do not enable my son to continue his self atrophy by contributing to his foolishness.

You are not my dad. My dad is scared of Veeky Forums.
However, please consider buying my collection. Hell there is everything in this collection, long forgotten pepes from 2008 and even pepe porn videos.

>thinking people will BUY internet cartoon pictures
>thinking you can make a fucking business to support yourself by selling fucking images of cartoon frogs on the internet

Come back when you're over 18. Please don't shit up this board with your underage cuntbaggery. Go to plebbit or something.

I am 28 faggot and it's my fucking business what I am going to sell. If you don't like to buy pepe porn, then fuck off

>selling cartoon frog porn on the internet because your parents dont want to support you anymore

I am sorry user but the pepe market has crashed.

Memes are free now. Go to and upload whatever memes you got.

where can I browse your catalogue of products, OP?

>28 year old still recently supported by parents is going to make an independent living off selling jpegs of frogs on the internet

wew lad, I wish I thought this was a troll thread, sadly people as deluded and dumb as you do exist, I just wish I didn't share this board with you.

Sorry sir, I wouldn't be able to prevent piracy of my pepe collection.

Kek you should make that theonion headline

So far I count 2 sales. Thanks! I hope you enjoy my collection as much as I do.

Wow now I made the third sale. Thats over a hundred bucks. Thanks for your support and to all the haters: eat shit

post proof

Because of high demand, I am going to increase the price to 0.15 btc. Gotta keep those rare pepes rare.

So you can hack me? Not falling for this shit.

Still 3 sales. Last chance to buy my collection at 0.1 btc!

I'll take 2 gentleman.

Thank you! Just follow my link.

how can I buy from you if I don't even know what you're selling?