Who here Investment Banking masterrace?

Who here Investment Banking masterrace?

>TFW working 70-80 hours a week to earn just around $100k/yr

Feels good man. I don't even mind that I have to spend $200/week on adderall to not pass out at work.

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What do you do in investment banking exactly? Whats a typical day like?

This. Are you underwriting IPOs or what

>tfw earning $120k/yr working 35-40 hrs/wk without having to live in NYC.

for your sake, I hope your salary ramps up like a motherfucker.

congrats on making 25$/hr

>passing out working 70-80 hours a week

>at a desk

faggot pick one.

>only mongrel labor is labor

BANK YEAH BITCHES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

>He has to answer emails and read shit

Wew, broke a sweat at >work today. I don't know for how long I'm gonna be able to do this.

have fun until your heart pops guy.

You sound mad you don't have a cozy job.

Prepare your anus for 20 pajeets and community college dropouts asking you how you landed that job.

gimme internship

Incoming m&a analyst at a top investment bank.

I did a summer internship last year. Worked 90-100 hours a week. Saturday was off but sunday was workday.

As a summer analyst you have not much responsabilities, preparing pitchbooks, creating comps, research tasks, updating ppts and excels, etc. As you rank up the company, you start to create the financial models instead of updating them, and if you rank hugher you start to be the "salesman" aka looking and convincing other clients. So hours get way better and pay is goddamn high.

It's not very dificult, but they expect from you to be available all day and deliver everything on time, even if it means staying till 4am. But at least pay is high, supper and trip late night back home by taxi is paid by the company.

>inb4 you sell your life for money

I'm more than willing to work my ass off 6 years and become VP at an Investment bank and make more than 250,000 a year at the age of 29

Been there done that, was working for merrill lynch and said fuck it. Now I have a small construction business where i work around 50 hours a week, usually just supervising my crew and doing paperwork. Really fucking glad I got out grey hairs at 25 and having no time to myself is not fun bruh.

Bitter about your rejection, op?
>Worked 90-100 hours a week
>90-100 hrs a week as a summer intern
I smell bullshit. Not even as a full time analyst do you work 90-100 hrs a week every week. It's mostly 60-70 hrs with 90-100 hr work weeks only coming occasionally during the high periods of big deals.
t. former full time ib analyst who worked at Lazard for 2 yrs, now at going through mandatory conscription in my home country.

finland? going to go back to IB after?

Second part of my post is addressed to this guy.

Yes. Probably business school (I'm not sure if I'll be able to maintain all of my industry contacts so I might go to business school to give my self a breather and reestablish some connections) but only if I get accepted at a prestigious school; I think the whole conscription thing could help me with admissions--you know, leadership, teamwork skills, and all the other bs business schools like to hear about. So it's either business school, or I'll go to a PE firm or a hedge fund. I want to start my own firm down the line in my home country and I think that working at a PE or a hedge fund for at least 8yrs will give me adequate experience.

I'll take a job where I'm poor over this shit. At least my face won't be full of wrinkles and I won't start balding in my 20's.

Small comfy business owner is the best way to go. But grats on being rich and living out your dreams.

I don't know what department you worked and what office. But in London as a summer analyst (M&A) I had 100 hours a week a couple times. Not every single week obviously, but average 60-70? HA! yeah sure. And as I said, did it at a top IB.



How does it feel that you couldn't even afford her, despite all the time you put in?

>inb4 not real
$1000 an hour is pretty much minimum for high-class in a flyover state, I can't even imagine the price in a major metro area

kek do you even know how much a summer analyst makes? And as an analyst?

> 1st year analyst salaries: £50k to £55k

> 2nd year analyst salaries: £55k to £57k

> 3rd year analyst salaries: £50k to £65k

> 1 year associate salaries: £90k to £98k

> 2nd year associate salaries: £95k to £110k

> 3 year associate salaries: £100k to £120k

> VP salaries: £120k to £175k, depending up on level. Average is £150k

> MD salaries: Typically £350k to £550k, although some people are rumoured to be on £600k+.

And all the above is only base pay. Bonus is were you make real business. I take my career path as a long term investment.

just in case you don't believe me:

> news.efinancialcareers.com/uk-en/164/the-current-state-of-salaries-bank-by-bank/

> news.efinancialcareers.com/uk-en/185046/much-earn-now-investment-banker-30s/

> ibankinginsider.com/on-the-job/investment-banking-salary-total-pay/

>inb4 hurr durr switch to PE hurr durr more money less hours

I don't like PE, I want to stick to IB.

how did you initially get in then?

>wanting to work more than 40hrs a week

Lmao enjoy dieing knowing you worked your whole life.

>3 year associate salaries: £100k to £120k
So if she's 1500 an hour, and books 3 hour minimums like most do, you're talking at least 4500 a visit. So if you get laid every other month, you're spending almost a quarter of your income. How the FUCK are you not able to calculate this if you're in IB?

>inb4 "I don't need to pay for sex"
Sex with a woman who isn't a whore has complications: she requires you to have a personality (if you're working 70-90 hours you don't.), spend time with her, accomodate her emotions, impress her with a fancy date, stds, she wants kids, etc. Why would she spend her intimacy on you without a return? There's a linear relationship between complications you have to deal with and money you have to spend to guarantee* intercourse. And then, really, there is no guarantee. 1500/hr is basically ghe risk-free rate for an hour of uncomplicated sex with a non-uggo in a metropolitan area.

But hey you get to wear a suit and posture like you're important. Please tell me you at least get your own bloomberg.

kek I find it funny how we are actually calculating how much you spend on escorts. To be honest, this didn't even cross my mind when I applied nor do I think it is an important factor.

> Sex with a woman who isn't a whore has complications: she requires you to have a personality (if you're working 70-90 hours you don't.), spend time with her, accomodate her emotions, impress her with a fancy date, stds, she wants kids, etc. Why would she spend her intimacy on you without a return?

Yeah I agree, woman are complicated BUT
1. I am not looking for a supermodel to fuck every day

and 2. this doesn't mean you can try to find one night stands at a club or bar/pub or during vacation.

>Actually paying for sex

hahahahhaha holy fuck man, you must be ugly as shit

Once they collect your soul what do they do with it?

>works 80 hours a week
>uses his spare time on Veeky Forums
Did you know there is more to life?

>only betas pay for sex
akchually betas are the least likely to pay for sex because they are beta precisely for putting pussy on a pedestal. rich, attractive investment bankers fuck hookers all the time because it's no strings.

>rich, attractive investment bankers

hahaha look at this nerd

sounds like a healty and fulfilled life.

EBIO tanked

What do you mean? I went to a prestigious uni in the US for undergrad; joined the investment club and a sports team; did a PE internship at a very small regional firm; did an internship at a top boutique IB my second year; bulge bracket in my third year; and finally I got a full time offer from Lazard during my 4th year.

Miten tää toimii, 18v suoraan lukiosta kauppakorkeaan, 23v maisteri ja nyt 25-26 vuotias?

I don't need someone to link me to the same site I used a few years ago as an undergrad, certainly not for articles that tell me about something I experienced first hand. I admit the 60-70hr figure I gave was a bit low and in retrospect its probably closer to 75-80hrs avg with 100hr work weeks happening during times of high activity but the 100hr a week several times during a summer internship seems like a bit of a stretch. I worked in the middle market advisory group then moved to the m&a group in my second year. What uni did you go to? Just curious to know.

I don't pay for sex, but i'm poor as shit. I do the bad-boy traveling musician shtick. I get my money for nothing and my chicks for free.

> this doesn't mean you can['t] try to find one night stands at a club or bar/pub or during vacation.
Clearly you've never had any one-night stands.

>TFW working 48 hours week to make $100k/yr
>TFW 25% savings rate

yeah totally. The 100 hours work week is a meme. I usually use it too to impress my non-finance friends :D

During my internship as you said the normal was 75-80 hr. Only one week I actually did the 100hr week.

> What uni did you go to?
I'm european, so I went to one of the best unis in my country (in Continental Europe). Did the internship in London. Honestly in Europe it's easier to get into IB I think. Yeah my uni is private and the best or second best in my country but it is nearly not as elite as Ivy League.

So you worked at Lazard right? How is it there? I heard the culture is very "harsh" culture, similar to GS. I did my internship at the M&A department at UBS. I know, I know, nothing comparable to the US Banks, but compared to its european peers it's doing pretty well and due to its reestructuring some years back its currently doing very well compared to DB, MS, GS, etc. which are some real problems according to their last FY P&L. Also culture is way better compared to other banks, at least from what I read and heard.

Also what to you think about the IB --> PE? I don't know why but PE doesn't appeal to me, maybe I just need more work experience at IB to start hating it and trying to move on.....

tfw when salaried

Spotted the store manager

tfw youre all jealous keyboard warriors


People are blinded by annual income numbers without stopping to think about how much they're actually making versus how much work they're doing
Investment bankers make shit money relative to the amount of hours they actually have to work and how hard they have to work during those hours

Incoming BB S&T summer analyst in London on a rotational programme on the trading floor. Can anyone tell me how one secures a grad offer?

Is it true math grads are wanted in the financial industry?

>Honestly in Europe it's easier to get into IB I think
That's when some of my friends tell me as well.
>How is it there?
You know how Lazard is notorious for its recruiting being a pain in the ass (going to few unis and even skipping many top rated unis with strong finance representation, very gruelling, etc.) multiply that by 3 and you have the culture at Lazard. My colleagues were very nice and I liked them all, even my bosses, but jesus christ was that place unforgiving of any sort of fuck up, no matter how minor.
>Also what to you think about the IB --> PE? I don't know why but PE doesn't appeal to me, maybe I just need more work experience at IB to start hating it and trying to move on.....
PE isn't for everyone. The industry you work in should be the one that interests you. The only reason I'm moving to PE is because I've always wanted to be on the buy side, and like I said I want to open my own firm down the line. I don't hate IB and many of the guys I know don't hate it. Just because IB-->PE is the route many people take, doesn't mean it's objectively better. I knew a guy who worked as a quant at a reputable hedge fund (you should know that they're well compensated, esp. quants) who moved to IB because he realised that he enjoyed the IB internship he did in his second year in uni more than he enjoys his job.

Anyway, how difficult did you find the application process for your internship? On a scale of 1-10 how impressive is your CV (10 is a pretty much flawless CV with volunteer work in developing countries, multiple spring weeks at top banks, extensive leadership experience, maybe even a full blown internship at a finance firm; a 1 is slightly above average uni grades, nothing else). I want to know if recruitment has gotten worse since when I was interviewing at firms.

Anyone with practically any quantitative degree from a good uni (or a mediocre uni but with aggressive networking, very impressive extra curricular activities, and good work experience) can potentially get a job in finance.

> 80 hours a week
> 100k

>TFW working 70-80 hours a week to earn just around $100k/yr
>I don't even mind that I have to spend $200/week on adderall to not pass out at work.

fag please

I'm an engineer and it sounds like I could automate 80% of what you did. Care to expaint why not?

>70 - 80 hours a week for 100k a year

Congrats on your Mcdonalds job

fuckin rekt

I feel like everyone puts in 3-5 years and eventually burns out but they get their 1-2 million (depending on bonuses and comp) so that's cool.

At least they feed you and get you back home. Gotta keep the hamsters fueled.

>1-2 million
What most people don't tell you about ib salaries is that you save VERY little of it. Trust me, even if you are capable of living frugally and you are a master at minimising costs, you will spend most of your ib salary. Rent in ib hotspots (London, NY, HK, etc.) is through the fucking roof and you WILL live in one of the more expensive areas of the city/an area close to the centre. And then there are the expensive dinners and lunches which you must have unless you want to be know as the antisocial guy and get let go of after 2 yrs because your bosses don't like and your colleagues barely know who you are. The only to get rich in ib is to be in it for the long run/start your own successful firm (very difficult in competitive markets).

>I'm an engineer and it sounds like I could automate 80% of what you did
Jesus Christ. This has to be bait.

lmao buddy if you knew anything about finance you'd know a huge amount of your income comes in the form of bonuses. a banker making 100k salary stands the chance to double that at the end of the year

Yeah, nobody could automate my job. I'm special.

>working 80 hours a week for someone else

Have fun dying at age 50

do they have a gym/shower at the offices? i know places like boeing do but idk about investment banks

>mergers and inquisitions
>not murders and executions

thats only for the first few years. once you start moving up to associate and VP/partner you delegate more and more of your work

Suurinpiirtein. Aina ei kuitenkaan käy flaksi haastatteluissa.

im chill with my 60k a job where i cruise at 38 hours a week

Yeah thanks, you basically told me nothing with this post.

if you get a PhD in quantitative finance or a related degree. If you can get a PhD in math good luck on not becoming an autist like Beautiful Mind

OP is lying he just worked at GE Capital Bank which got bought from Goldman Sachs. Now he thinks he works for GS. lolol

So basically it's useless to get just a MSc in Financial Mathematics?

if you wanted to make the good goy shekels an MS in financial math wont get you there

I wish :(

It's mergers and accommodations you dolt

Listen up you stupid fucking prick. If you ever want to get anywhere you'll need to do your own research but just in case you're too dense to get the message from my previous post, let me spell it out for you: math grads are not "wanted" in finance. No one in finance gives a shit if you did math, engineering, physics, or any other STEM degree if you don't have a couple of finance internships under your belt, a good network, and good interview and teamwork skills.

I don't work in IB. It's just the way you said it, "I'm an engineer, I bet I can automate it; hell I can automate anything, I mean I'm a fucking engineer. Did I say I'm an engineer?"

If you want be a quant then you should aim for a PhD. I knew a guy who knew some other guys and they became quants with just an MSc but they had great networking skills and went to prestigious unis (mostly LSE, UCL, Imperial, and Oxbridge) for undergrad and grad.

>7-8 inches thats nothing my bull is ten inches flacid

sums up this thread


top lel, I earn more than you even though I'm just a assistent doctor and not yet a specialist..

son i'm proud

>70-80 hours
>needs Adderall from passing out

Nice try op

>Bragging about working a lot

Why do people do this? How is working 100 hours a week an enviable position? Dont you have friends or family?

Maybe making 95k in non major city working 35 hours a day (1/2 working from home) doing custodial banking isn't so bad after all. Hey you really cheered me up, thanks OP!

You don't know shit about shit. Investment banking or otherwise. You can't imagine anyone doing something so complicated your little brain could never understand it no matter how many years you dedicated to it. This is why you took the path you did. It's not better or worse, laborers can make bank too. But you're a faggot for judging someone for doing a necessary job that somebody needs to do to generate value for society.

Enjoy being a pathetic sociopath autist. People with real emotions and relationships pity you.

Canadian bus drivers make more than you ayy

Do you honestly think banks wouldn't do that if they could...?


user, the lowest-tier analyst position at Morgan Stanley pays 40k/yr with 1.5 pay overtime past 40 hours. If they work 80 hours a week, they literally make as much as you do.

Why are you bragging when you make wage at the same rate as the lowest member of your industry? And not to mention they don't have to live in New York like I assume you do and have to deal with New York costs of living.

LOL intern. They cut faggots like you after you burn out in two years. VP is not an inherent promotion. You won't make it especially if you don't move laterally.

They do send PPTs out to India or other far east places for some overnight work. They're generally incompetent brownies and you have to fix their shit.

They intentionally burn you out so you aren't in the bonus pool and everyone else gets more. You usually only get food and transport after certain times.

Miksi vitussa täällä on niin vitusti suomalaisia? Boardilla käy jtn 100 kävijää ja tuntuu et 5 niist on suomalaisia. Tää vaan todistaa teoriaani et suomalaiset on vitun autisteja luonnostaan...

>>TFW working 70-80 hours a week to earn just around $100k/yr
I spend 45 hrs a week in work as an engineer to make the same amount, the fuck are you lot thinking

I'm a first year analyst going into my second year in 2 months. I work in M&A at a bank. My background is in engineering.

The money is the only reason I can stand to work in this business desu. My total comp. my first year was $125k, hoping to be ~$150k this year since it's been a good year so far.

The worst it's gotten for me was last two weeks, where I had to work from 4AM - 2:30AM the next day for 3 days, on top of long fucking hours the past 14 days (weekend work). I had a breakdown Friday night and just slept the entire weekend. This week hasn't been too bad however.

I'm trying to think of an exit strategy because I know I'll burn out in a few years. I'm kind of worried about quitting to do an MBA and then getting fucked over with no job in the end. Still not sure what to do.