Bus drivers can earn over $150000 a year

Canadian salaries:
Nuclear engineer - $68000
Pharmaceutical research Scientist - $57000
Lawyer - $85000
Bus driver - $100000

In Canada (Toronto) you can just graduate out of highschool and earn over 100k a year driving a bus in circles


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>“Now we’re learning that we are paying 21 people over $100,000 to sell Metropasses.”

Or just be a cashier for the Toronto transit commission. You don't even have to be awake for the job.

not to mention theyre unionized so no one can fuck with them

No way, really?

Yup. Its literally the best job in Canada. You get full pension, 6 weeks of paid vacation, dental insurance, and much more. It also has 100% job security and is uneffected by the economy since people have to take the bus

at least post the 2016 version you fat slob

same in the US but one fatal car crash can swallow all your money to pay medical bills for the rest of your life.

Lots of jobs come with danger and health hazards. It's no excuse to force tax payers to pay some high school grad 100k a year doing a no skill no brainer repetitive job

I'm going to ignore a lot of stupid things about that comment and instead just ask you to name me a union job that doesn't have health insurance.

i would hate to be a bus driver for a shitty route i.e. one in a shitty part of town. wouldnt be able to deal with fucking drug addicts and nigs trying to ride for free with all their fucking schemes. hopefully drivers on those routes get paid more to put up with that shit.

I know a friend who has a doctorate (Ph.D.) in mechanical engineering, and he would kill to have the same salary as a bus driving retard with nothing but a highshcool certificate

Its 3 years wait to even be considered for those cushy jobs at TTC though.

still better than going to med school

The bus drivers all have degrees nowadays, it's incredibly competitive to get into and around 40% fail the driving test alone. After this part you're given night routes (based on seniority) with two four hour shifts spaced apart by another four hour break in between. The retention is around 60% when you first start driving since it's the most brutal routes and shifts.

If you want a good chance to at least get an interview, list a shitload of customer service experience and if possible get your DZ licence beforehand.

I was able to get my foot in the door as a summer student but otherwise, good luck. I also don't agree with the collectors pay it really is retarded to pay a glorified cashier that much. They pack on tons of overtime but even still, wtf. That said it is an incredibly boring job it's like doing solitary confinement for 8 hours straight, fuck that.

>bus drivers with degrees

Can't imagine all the rude drivers I've seen driving buses with university education.
Also I don't understand why some bus drivers actually complain about their jobs. You never went to school And getting paid 6 digits for driving a freaking bus. Suck it up man. There are university educated people who slave 7 days a week with 2 exhausting jobs to earn just enough to support their family. Never mind buying diamond Jewellry, eating at fancy restaurants everyday and 6 week vacation with benefits here and there plus a Union to defend your ass even if you run people over


Does basic math really hurt Canadians that much?

I put it in image form for those incapable of figuring it out.

So yeah if you want to make 100k just drive the same bus for 40 years and hope you don't get shrekt by inflation.

what a fucking piss off

even the refugees here 'earn' more than hard working citizens. literally just being tax farmed to pay for bureaucrats to enact more tax farming legislation

The older generation got in mainly because they knew somebody that worked there, and they likely have 0 qualifications that would net them another job in today's economy.
The younger guys (us) pretty much all have degrees, it's just way too competitive so they pick the highest caliber candidates for even an entry position like a bus driver. Just goes to show you how fucked our economy is in Toronto when university grads are competing to get hired as bus drivers lol.
Also I may have an explanation as to why the majority of drivers are rude. A lot of these people deal with some pretty messed up people (especially the jane-finch routes at night) and usually become miserable over time. Yes it pays well, but in the end you're driving a bus and getting treated like shit by the public, and ultimately, not performing anywhere near where you thought you would be back in university.

>60k salary for first year of work.
>a few years of seniority plus overtime easily gets into the 100k salary range

Fucking hell. Would you feel good when one day your university honor student kid studying to be a nuclear engineer says "I wish I could be a bus driver"?

Check out the OPG salaries, guarantee the nuclear engineer would strive for one of those lottery jobs first.

>and getting treated like shit by the public
well they fucking deserved it, i live in toronto and i have to fucking wait 30 min every day on average for a bus to come(i don't think that wait time is normal for suburban areas). and on snow days it would be 1 hr+ wait time. also forget seats, the after school time bus will be always 100% full and often times there would be 20+ people waiting at bus stops and just watch the already full capacity bus drive right pass them. the bus is dirty as fuck and no one ever clean its side windows.
i never seen a ttc employee calling out free riders if they looked at all intimidating, but won't hesitate to point fingers if the suspicious person is a student or of a shorter stature.
you think the union would just be hiring more drivers or make more buses to serve instead of paying themselves.

Anyone knows where can i get a fake id in Toronto? Is it doable to apply for work with one like that?

You didn't even read the info-graphic or the article.

They start at 24.06 and move up to 31.40 (65k annually) after TWO years of working. They get 0 overtime because the government obviously couldn't afford it.

So it takes a total of 24 years to reach the 100k mark.

In America you can drive freighter trucks starting at 50k and move up to 100k+ in 5 years with just a HS diploma. I should know since I've done it for 6 years and I make 120k driving for 6 months out of the year.

i don't know which is worse, unionized teachers or unionized ttc workers.
the teachers who never do jack shit for students but declare strike every half a year, and when everyone fails because of their inability to teach(exempt the ones with private tutors, lel), they boost class test score for no reason just to make the school look better.

I also forgot.
>Canadian dollars
Enjoy your exchange rate.

Won't disagree with you that the TTC needs vast improvements, but at the same time a lot of these problems are way above the bus driver's head. These are pretty much all derived from poor management.

If someone really wanted to voice their frustration, the best thing to do is report it on the TTC website because it gets taken very seriously. For example, dirty buses was a very common problem two years ago and after many complaints the TTC decided just to contract the cleaning services out, and ended up killing many unionized jobs while employees scrambled to get another entry union position or a severance.

The union is one of the biggest problems, along with the lack of public funding.

What the fuck? Suddenly I feel so cheated by the system and want to throw my hundred of thousands dollar worth of education in the trash. 99% university grads do not and will not ever make more than 100k a year. Tell us more about your luxurious life as a fire truck driver

yea but that's fine because it's not being paid for with taxes

Nice it's gone up!

Wait? Why would you want the government to pay bad wages?

Well... I drive all over the country meeting new people and enjoying the scenery while listening to podcasts all day. My food and gas is paid for by the company I work at... And sometimes I get to ride along with my Dad and have some bonding time (as lame as that sounds, I like it). The other 6 months of the year I live in a house less than 3 miles from the beach and I drive a boxter. Never went to college, paid cash for my house and car, no debt. It's a good life.

True, true. It's crazy that they pay such a salary with tax dollars. I don't know how they manage.

Same here in Ottawa. They're all annoying scum bags as well. Legit made eye contact with the prick and he knew I had to get on and kept driving.

Canada is fucked up.

I used to think nurses were overpaid making their $35-40 an hour wiping bums, I was so wrong. Nursing is a 4 year university degree and a much more stressful job, with 0 job security. Nobody retires from it without being fired or layed off a few times

Jobs that take a lot of school, and much brain power are underpaid as fuck in that country

>99% university grads do not and will not ever make more than 100k a year
Holy shit you are delusional.

in the long term goal in 5-20 years a new person will change wages and kill every bus driver around its all political

Seems like a dream job. If I could work only 6 months a year earning 100k+ I'd spend time with my girlfriend who lives in Asia. Why did I only learn these lottery jobs now? How long has this been going on?

You guys fell for his b8. Disgraceful.

lol good luck finding a job as a bus driver.

>Toronto transit commission busted, old, and congested
>everyone relies on it to get anywhere
>they have no competition

If the bust drivers and subway workers went on strike, the entire city would shut down. They have A LOT of leverage, so they can bargain these kinds of salaries

Nothing stopping you from taking the class and getting started. The class costs 3k and is worth every penny, it's not easy though. Your gf is Asian? No way man, what part? Mine is Filipino.

because it's my money ? why would I want money taken out of my pocket to go towards paying a bus driver 6 figures?

My gf is Chinese. She just graduated from uni. Very nice and good looking girl. How do you only work for 6 months though? I don't understand the purpose of that. Also what is this company?

Paying the TTC an expensive fare is not the problem. The problem is they don't spend money to improve their service. They just pay themselves as much as they can with it

To be honest, I could work year round but I don't like driving in snow so I skip the winter months and stay home in Florida. I would tell you the company but for the sake of anonymity I'd rather not. There are a lot of companies out there hiring though and if you're a dedicated worker and not a fuck up you can rise up the ranks pretty fast. I forgot to answer your question about how long I've been at it, I started at 22 and I'm almost 29 now. Congrats on her graduation man, that's awesome. My girl is working on nursing school right now but she's only 19 so just getting started.

Worked for TTC as a summer student, now in GO Transit/Metrolinx

The differences are amazing. TTC needs a revamp/upgrade from the bottom up. I did enjoy working there though. Just look at their sunshine list.

The problem is that their union is so powerful (even though we have almost the same union). The majority of TTC is full-time because they don't hire part-timers so that the drivers/collectors/servicepersons all get overtime because they have nobody to fill a shift.

People always try to get overtime because it can go into their pension plans when they retire (over 3.5k a month).

Because you want your employees to be well paid?

Their starting salary is 10% lower than the median income in the city they work. Only after seven years of work do they reach median salary.

That is 7 years of driving a bus 40 hours a week to reach the middle class. To reach that 6 figure salary it would take several more decades.

How much do you think some one who works diligently for your company for 25 years should make? The same as when they started? What about the rising cost of living and inflation?

The government is not a company. Its goal isn't to squeeze the maximum amount of work out of its employees for the minimal amount of pay. What benefit could it possibly have to pay its own citizens badly?

unions are the cancer in todays workforce

Explain your baseless proposition.

You know CAD != USD right? It's about 1:1 AUD, and here in AUD $60k is barely above minimum wage, and the Aldis here pay $23.40/hr. So that remuneration really isn't as good as it looks.

so starting at 65k only gets you 51k before taxes

>I drive a bus in circles and own a Lamborghini. don't fuck with my salary

Saying that 60k isnt good salary in Australia has literally nothing to do with Canadian salary. 60k is a typical university degree salary. My father teaches aerospace engineering as a university professor and he earns just over 60k, same as a rookie bus driver.
Also the Canadian dollar crashed in value just last year. It was 1:1 with US dollar at one point and will likely climb back up to that value some time in the future.

"Only" my ass, that's a good salary with or without taxes. You're also forgetting everybody pays taxes not only bus drivers

Fuck nurses. Paramedics in the US do twice the work for half the pay.

He's not that far off though ...

The bus drivers getting paid this much live in Toronto which has a very high cost of living.

if they opened up to private jitney competition the bus drivers could get fucked. the government uses regulation to force you to use its shitty service

I drive trains for over $100k a year.

Sorry that the other groups don't fight for better paying contracts, but don't get mad at blue collar workers making a middle class living.

Hey fellow bro, also worked as a summer student at TTC. If you were in Bus Maintenance we probably knew each other

How's Metrolinx over TTC?

I worked in subway services/ serviceperson but I know people from bus maintenance

It's an amazing job (I don't have to watch my back every second). It's a bit far but the people you work with are much friendlier/less toxic than TTC. Even your foremans/supervisors want you to move up quick.

The difference in work environment is like night and day (but I guess that's what happens when you work underground all day. There's some issues that are similar like nepotism and grumpy old people, but it's not as obvious as TTC

I'm actually still in school and was supposed to return this year for summer. Managed to get a job at metrolinx right after ttc that paid almost double and hours that don't interfere with school

Canadian here
We are grossly overpaid for alot of civil servant type jobs

Cops clear 100k
TTC (fucking bus service) clears 60-110k
City workers easily get like 20-30 an hour which is great

People talk shit about the government but here the government pays out the ass for its workers

Wow sounds wicked, are you in a management type role?

I worked up a bit to payroll but honestly I'm thinking of applying for the electrical apprenticeship when they usually hire in August. Probably a complete waste of my degree (unless I use to become a foreperson or something later) but honestly the trades guys here seem to love their job.

Before I got in permanent I applied to Metrolinx as a station attendant to get my foot in the door but didn't end up hearing back, it's just as competitive eh?

>Jobs that take a lot of school, and much brain power are underpaid as fuck in that country

Tell me about it. At least nurses can't get outsourced. I'm out of school for nearly 3 years now and haven't had a single raise and not counting on that, the only way is to leave and find something better. Or man the fuck up and start my own company or something.

Paramedics in US are idiots, I heard they make $15/h in NY. Literally how the fuck? I wouldn't want some sleepdeprived angry underpaid paramedic to stabilize me on the way to the hospital. Canada gets what compensation for paramedics and medical professionals should be better than the US. In US it all trickles to the top to the MDs.

Nah I'm a station attendant now, just got promoted from serviceperson

Funny because I had an interview at ttc for vehicle repairperson on January (never heard back but probably didn't get it desu) and was supposed/scheduled to get an interview for station collector... but they rescheduled that and just told me im on a "list"...

They tell me they get like 1000+ applications a day for a station attendant position but I don't know if they're exaggerating

Sweet and yeah I can see that I asked HR how many applications they usually get and they gave me similar numbers, it's crazy how you're supposed to pick someone for an interview like that.

Funny thing about the collector interview you mentioned, I got a voicemail for a collector position too from a dude named Paul who was going to arrange a date and time. And boom, never heard back lol. Wonder how many other people this happened to

Good thing with Metrolinx, at least you guys can buy property away from the city and use your ID to take the train in for free. The free transit is probably my favourite perk with the TTC too lol

>People talk shit about the government but here the government pays out the ass for its workers
do you think that makes them benevolent or something? they are just redistributing a disproportionate amount of your money to their underlings
>tax the ever living shit out of people who make 80k creating real value for the economy
>give 100k to a bus driver
wow the government is so generous :^)

>Hey guys check out these numbers I pulled from my ass

t. mcjob worker with a degree

Yup. Don't be mad cause some workers have the brains to collective bargain instead of cutting each others throats in a race to the bottom.

Seriously, that's most people's objections to unions. That we make more money than they do because we don't engage in a pointless race to the bottom. That we have job security and benefits that have all but vanished from the private sector. Don't get jealous. Get your fair share.


don't be a classcuck guys