Okay Veeky Forumsggots, recc me some good looking decks

okay Veeky Forumsggots, recc me some good looking decks
also /skating/ general i guess

Check out Polar skate co, Quasi skateboards, Palace skateboards (some of them are nice), hockey skateboards, Fucking Awesome, Magenta skateboards, and Carpet company skateboards.


cheers man, currently thinking about this board, but will check out what you recced me
board rule .1 Images and discussion should pertain to fashion and apparel.
im looking for an effay skateboard, not asking about how to ride one mulatto

forgot pic

that pic lmao



Why? Skatings skating

ones that you've actually skated

kepe this thread alive

i'll dump the pictures that you've probably already seen in previous threads





>fashion and apparel


Why? The graphic is going to be completely ruined after your first session.





Magenta is a pretty good one Im skating a friend ship deck rn the one with bart baker

anything hook ups/jeremy klein


yeah dickhead
i dont do tricks bruv, only cruise to the gym and the coffee shop i work at

fell in love with pic related, but they dont ship to aus. going to hawaii possibly at the end of the year, might cop it then

that one anime board which costs $999 now. Skating isnt effay though

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa stop please just ride a fucking bike you twit

What the fuck is wrong with you fucktards? Just get a mini-logo deck, bearings and venture trucks for cheapo and get started. Ya'll faggots is checking deck designs as if its not getttin shredded (You actually ride them, right?). If you want to be a hip hype transvestite just be honest to yourself and get a damn scooter you stupid poser. Dont think people wont tell the difference, these mallgrabs dont go unnoticed.

t. Skater

Get a longboard if you don't do tricks you fucking poser.

sucks /asp/ is full of wwe cancer because faggots on /sp/ couldn't deal with the one mandrama general

you can't "t." your own post fuckhead

I agree with what you said tho

of course i can.

t. Prefossioanal Mene eggspert from yililauta

ayyy my friend rides for friendship good company lots of chill dudes

because Veeky Forums loves hair loss

Who cares? The graphic is fucked in a day or two. Buy a brand/pro model you want to support in a size/shape thats comfy. Lotta brands on life support that could use the sales.

Quasi boards are cool but they have really mellow concave, be warned.

probably nowhere. maybe on e-bay for way too much.
i heard a rumour that bronze is going to release another set of decks so keep your ears peeled

Theses ones are pretty cool.

Don't make this thread then buy a board online, support your local shop.

Go in, look for boards in your size, buy one from a cool company, go skate.

skateboarding will never be Veeky Forums. You'll all grow out of it soon.