Business casual fit

22 years old, starting my first 9-5 office job tomorrow. Thoughts on this as a regular(ish) outfit?

Hello Rebbit!

it's perfect (if you are going to tend bar at the gayest joint in town)

"casual fit"
you look like an absolute faggot wearing that grey shirt with the tie and the backpack.
How about you try something that's actually casual like jeans and a blouse unless you want to make yourself the office faggot who everyone questions around the water can but won't get hated on.

i just hope a car hit you so you can stop bragging and acting so smugly

>biz casual

>posts faggot hipstercore

I bet you were a comunications/advertising major

Well, I'm insecure enough to say I'm not gonna wear this after all. Th-thanks Veeky Forums

Looks decent man. Gives off a slightly gay vibe though. Maybe ditch the cardigan.

Fucking hell you look so stupid. Ditch the cardigan you faggy twat. The tie is a bit much too. Chances are, if you go in like this, you are going to get laughed at. You will probably be one of the smartest dressed in office excluding the managers.

You look like a fellow Brit so take it from me, I'm 20 but started an apprenticeship when I was 16 in an accountancy firm. I wore a suit on my first day and noticed that I was the smartest looking person there. 4 years later and I've moved around jobs a bit and nearly every office I've been to, business casual never really meant much. May I ask why you have a bag? If you don't need a bag then ditch it.

My advice would be to ditch the cardigan and tie and maybe go for a crew neck and jeans with some nice loafers or suede shoes.

Good luck user

Just try an actual average joe normiecore fit if you don't want to embarass yourself.

I'm not super crazy about the cardigan like everybody else, but I can appreciate someone who wants to look sharp.

You're right, I liked the cardigan because I thought it looked trendy without trying too hard. I was wearing a 3-piece suit during my internship last year and realise that was the definition of try-hard.

Most people there do wear suits, so I guess I'll just go for a jacket, shirt and tie. Maybe I'll try this look once I'm more settled in - I don't mind looking 'gay', but don't want to look like a smug arsehole.

Veeky Forums isn't the place to ask about workplace attire because none of us have jobs

You look fine. Maybe ditch the tie? I button ups or polos with some slim fitting slacks for my office job.

I thought your outfit was really good..
i guess i havent spent enough time on Veeky Forums....

jesus fucking christ summerfags everywhere today

Doesn't look bad honestly. Pants look black, I think navy ones would be better.

You are wearing your pants too low.

The collar is too formal for the cardigan. Try a button-down and lose the tie.

Also, roll your sleeves down.

Not bad. You should wear your pants a bit higher, and try to tie a better knot.

It's decent, but you can do better.

>Loose the cardigan
>Ties should only be worn with suit, sport coat, or blazer (in my opinion)
>Ditch the white dress shirt and go for light blue dress shirts (with a longer collar, that one's too short) and polos.
>Medium and high rise pants are arguably better than low rise.
>Get a leather briefcase or portfolio case

Also, don't skimp out on shoes, good shoes can make or break an outfit.

Would this be considered under dressed?

>rolled up sleeves / baggy pants
>shoulder bag

m8 Why do you dress like a middle aged lesbian?

this is ideal office casual

if you need to be formal, wear a blazer or suit

You look like a complete faggot.

you are not the guy from 500 days of summer,
don't dress like a fictional character, you are not gonna get a qt3.14 coworker gf by trying so hard or at all.
Also clean your mirror

god-tier for your first day
you won't look underdressed nor overdressed.
It's humble, yet smart and approachable

If theres money swapping hands you cant afford to be casual, business casual is never acceptable unless youre a woman or low rank employee that doesnt have real business affairs ie. clerk. The money bags look down at those who take their job 'casually'

Youre wearing what would have been a decent suit except you swapped the jacket for a nasty cardigan, throw it in the trash.

Narrow collar shirts are designed to overlap with a jacket, if youre not going to wear a jacket you have to open the collar or wear a wide collar shirt.

Never wear a naked tie, an eye for detail and respect for subtlety is as defining as a handshake also no one under 40 wears fat wide ties anymore

I can't tell if this faggot is in a band or he actually has a job with hair like that.