We are Black & Jack Leathers

We are Black & Jack Leathers
We manufacture and sell leather jackets. Each piece as the customer wishes
In our city we are a reference in personalization
Serra Negra ( black hill) sao paulo Brazil

I`m 20 years old and my wife 24

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Motorcycle rider model




Tell us where we can buy this stuff OP!

>the poster count


Tell me more about your manufacturing. How sustainably sourced is your leather?

We are at the beginning of our career.


I don't think their leather is sustainably sourced. I just called them and they said they get it in a very unsustainable way. Stay away from this company.

Bovine leather by itself is a kind of use. Fridges kill the animal for meat consumption.

And then the skin is used to make clothes. Clothes that last for more than 20 years

Black Knight

I believe the real waste would be not to use leather. Animals are already dead every day, not using their skin would be idiotic

Doesn't sound like you know too much about the conditions of the animals you are getting your leather from. Going to have to pass, amigo

So you're are saying your clothes are 20 years old?

Why would I want to buy old clothes?

But let's agree that it's better to buy a leather jacket than any crap (synthetic leather) which degrades the environment even more and does not have durability, does it?

I'm saying they have a durability of more than 20 years. These photos were recently made and have never been used

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This isn't a classifieds board.

I'm showing my job, not wanting to sell.
An office that exists since the first man

>office that exists since the first man
>office that exists
English is very good to you.

>not wanting to sell
>posts link to website
>cancer confirmed

All of them look like made of trash bags

So you can look like a shit 20 years long? Neat

Ninguém liga porra, vai tomar no cu

I disagree. I think Veeky Forums should absolutely encourage makers of clothing to post here.
Think of how /k/ has patches and /n/ has jerseys.
If we had people that make shit we could be persuading them to make batches of things we all want.
>like what?
Hmm, I dunno. I'm not detecting any applicable trends on Veeky Forums at the moment.
High-waisted trousers could be a good one. Right now there appears to be more market demand for that than there is supply. (for men)

Post wife

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>things are bad because the rule says not to do them.


>>things are bad because the rule says not to do them.

Exactly. That's why they are rules, you phumfucker.

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OP,aqui não é lugar para networking.

mmm i think theyre too baggy and over-stylized but thats just my 2 cents