Philosophy of Veeky Forums

The problem with this place is that most of us will never accomplish the ideal of effay. A lot of us have an idea of what said ideal is, but the truth is that what we want goes way beyond mere fashion. Simply put, people are effay for who they are, not what they look like. So goes the saying, "if you're on Veeky Forums, you will never be Veeky Forums", as people here hardly go beyond the physical, visual aspect of fashion. These figures we look up to are fashionable because that's who they are, and that's what occurs naturally due to the condition of their livelyhood, thus, anyone who dresses a way but fails to live accordingly is a sperg or poser. So lads, how do you cope with or reject this superficiality? What do you think defines "effay", and how do you accomplish it?

This is a fucking great post.

In choosing my attire, I fundamentally try to capture an air of masculine capability. I'm probably an ok guy, but I'm trying to be better and do better.

Ubermensch/10, keep grinding bruv

For me, I think I just see what looks nice, then just go for it, being an eggs dick post-ironic wildeian a e s t h e t e, mostly disregarding any standing "rules" because "lmao fuck you i've got my fucking ubermensch ideology i do what the fuck i want". But I'll admit to my sense being heavily influenced by practical matters, I just think what works is beautiful. I've kinda got a hard on for anarchronistic, historical elements, and so really my ideal in summer fashion is a plain set of loose, drab tshirt and shorts with high cut shoes.

This is why I approach the board as a platform for discussion and a pass time, not an actual source of knowledge or advice. Style should be individual and unique to one's self, so asking anons for their instruction is counterproductive.

View fashion through the lens of evolutionary psychology. The silhouettes, shapes, and colors are only there to better highlight an attractive display of health and genetic fitness.

If you wear clothes that make you appear less fit, less healthy then you are said to be "unfashionable" which is coded speak for genetically unappealing, whether you realize you're saying this or not. This is what it truly means to be fashionable vs unfashionable, attractive vs unattractive.

Fashion is nothing more than human pea-cocking.

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This, also just an enjoyment of aesthetics.

It's why I love the modern suit and dress shoes. The lapels and the way it buttons enhances the ideal V shape of the male torso along with a shaped waist and shoes which follows the natural curves of the foot without adding bulk.

for me, it's all about trying to express myself in a way that people can understand plainly. When I was younger, I had extremely low self esteem and only wore flared jeans with whatever souvenir T shirt I could pick up. Now that I'm older, I have this drive to make people slightly uncomfortable while being true to what I really want. I'm stubborn and masochistic. This world didn't provide me with a space to exist, so now I have to claw it out with my bare hands. When people see me, I want them to see all of this right away.

I just like to pretend that I'm in a Hunter S. Thompson book

I am indolent, disagreeable, and too intelligent for my own good; it is only fitting that I express myself in aphorisms. I like to scare people. It makes me feel in charge. I also have an aggressive superiority complex that keeps me from socialising properly.

It was inevitable that I would get infected with various strains of bourgeois avant-garde shit, and of course I would need to villianize it and give it teeth so I could stay true to my ideal of being the existential wasteland ranger, outside the social order; powerful, but alone.

Always alone.

>I am indolent, disagreeable, and too intelligent for my own good
>I like to scare people
>It makes me feel in charge
>aggressive superiority complex
>It was inevitable that I would get infected with various strains of bourgeois avant-garde shit

I think I just vomited. What a fucking droopy eyed moron.

That's precisely what I intended.

Not really impressed. If any of that is at least what you represent in real life, you should grow the fuck up. That's Seth Mcfarlane level of pretentiousness and childishness.


its about showing what you have either in the flashiest way possible or in the least flashy way possible. Its also about no giving a fuck about If they get dirty or not. Its also about showing skin no matter what you actually look like. Also being snarky is a must and well as talking about what you have because why not

What being effay is to me:
>be interesting
>be unique
>be enjoyable to hang out with
>have hobbies that you're passionate about
>not scared to voice your opinion but not blurting it/shoving it in other's faces unnecessarily
>have a coherent sense of style
>not being scared to try new things
>not being a self-loathing mope
but most importantly
>be yourself

for me "effay", as a concept, is simply an aesthetic that is both a goal and an outlook for a certain person. Effay itself will change greatly from person to person, so its incredibly hard to point down as an umbrella. but for me personally being effay is simply indulging an aesthetic that resonates with you. because it resonates with you it will seem visually appealing, and in this way it is arguable that being fashionable is only fated to those with actual fashion.
Id argue against fashion also having to do with lifestyle, as having one thing be wholly and utterly consuming sounds a bit unhealthy, but i mean i could also argue for it just as easily. so i mean it could be either way in that department.
But i do agree in that there are people who wont truly embrace the style/aesthetic/fashion they are trying to achieve, and in doing so become posers. however this is more due to misunderstanding core concepts of what their trying to replicate or purposeful misinterpretation, at least in my experience.

For me being effay is just not look like shite, some people get into fashion because they want to dress well (I would leave it up to everyone what they consider what is "dressing well")
For me i don't aspire to achieve the aesthetics of an specific wave or thing, nor do i want to evoke something or want fashion to be a form of art in my perspective, i just strive to be socially accepted by my looks and wears, kinda sad eh
Ignorance is bliss for some and take fashion as a complement not a priority, a form of art, a staple of ourself etc.
Those are my two cents

This is a poor approach because fashion like all forms of communication changes much more drastically than evolution does. Look at social psychology and symbolic interactionism for more accurate insights.

People that disagree with you recognize something that they consciously rejected in them selves and now they recoil from it as an attempt to distance themselves from it.

dressing is primarily a form of communication. clothing for function is predated by clothing for adornment. clothing as a form of communication relies on shared symbolic meaning of an outfit between the dresser and their intended audience. these meanings are socially defined and are not universal. while one person may be impressed by very expensive sneakers another may be aware of their intended meaning but find them gaudy while a third may be unaware of their value and be curious why the wearer is wearing athletic shoes outside of an athletic endeavor. Dressing well is then defined as dressing to accurately convey the intended meaning to the intended audience. it would be an example of dressing poorly to wear a wife beater to court if you wanted to gain favor with the judge. It would also be poor dressing to wear couture clothing to a job interview in the sciences. It would however be an example of good dressing to wear a scandalous dress to church if you wanted to protest stuffy social restrictions. Fashion as it is often discussed on this board is dressing in a manner meant to appeal to people who define themselves as fashionable. However because no one definition of fashionable is universal it is very common that the intended message does not go to the intended audience hence arguments about street wear vs. prep vs. couture.

The only way to pull of a look, is to make your own. Don't live trying to emulate what works for attractive models, you'll just look autistic, because you are not an attractive model. Find something you like and wear it.

Which is why I wear nothing but track pants, t-shirts and hoodies, it works, I love them and I'm not trying to be someone I'm not.

Very interesting take, dress to communicate, especially if you look at I do think functional clothing has its place in fashion since at least it communicates you don't care about communication which shows the rest of us you're autistic.

Veeky Forums is only a temporary stage of self-improvement for me, but I feel it really has helped me immensely.
I'm working on my body, mind and style right now, and I already know I'll leave this place if I achieve a certain level of effay.

This place is very useful as long as you take it with a pinch of salt and don't base your entire life around it like the poor "is smoking effay" sods.

You just sold me on dress shoes

I just wear whatever functions, i guess

go read the ss18 fashion thread up rn it explains all of this from an actual fashion point of view and not a "i browse Veeky Forums and like internet fashion" point of view

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Fashion is fucking depressing. I will never find my style and never feel comfortable in anything. I miss dressing like someone with Aspergers. Back when I wasn't self aware.

The most effay people look comfortable in their clothes,but that is only because they are comfy in their skin and it shows through whatever they are wearing.

I don't think so, user. I know plenty of autists who are comfortable with the sketchers and captain america shirts that they were, but they aren't effay in the slightest.

If you are refering to them as autists that means they arent comfortable with human interaction to some extent.If they traded clothes with Chad he would show them how its done.

Veeky Forums is a lifestyle.

exactly, use fa as a way to develop your personal style, not a holy book