I have a problem

I have a problem.
I am literally only able to wear completely black chinos, and no matter what I try nothing else works for me.

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/fa is about variety my man
actually you can't go wrong with navy/beige/grey trousers. try different fits and materials

throw-on a scarf...takes only a second and makes a world of difference for the better.

Agreed. The elephant place is having a sale on their unisex scarves


sauce on the jacket?

Jesus man this shilling is pretty blatant

>5 posters
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i have my suspicions too lad

fuck you fuck the elephant place and fuck your mother

If that's what works for you and what you feel comfortable in, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it

How the fuck is a scarf supposed to make a difference for what pants will suit me?
Apparently this dude really wants to sell some scarfs

But I have this annoying feeling that the people that I'm around will think that I literally only wear a single pair of pants, which is a bit disgusting tbqh

But this is exactly my problem. I tried a lot of different colors and materials and nothing else works besides black canvas

But is that actually the case? If not, then that's just a nagging insecurity. Other people really don't care.

i'm not able to imagine why other pants won't work on you. are other materials just uncomfortable for you?can you post a pic of you wearing your daily black chinos, and maybe a pair of other pants to see what the problem is?

Insecurity. I have several pants with different fits.

It might just be because I'm a perfectionist by nature, which means that as soon as something breaks my black socks in black shoes my brain just shits itself

As if its the same dude

Fucking relax Veeky Forumsggots, not everyone posting links is a shill.

Was about to post exactly this. If anything it's someone wanting a brand they like become more Veeky Forums, and even if it was shilling, wtf cares it's an account with like 4 pictures do you really think they shill on Veeky Forums of all places

Plain rude. Get out of here.

No one cares honestly

well then it sounds like it's something you need to work on yourself bud
fuck off i saw your link on another thread you shilling bitch

Not him nor the other poster so not sure why you're replying to me.
Stop being so bitter in life, dont let links on the internet make you so salty

you realize that we can see the number of posters in this thread right? it's been 10 for a while now you and me bitching about your shirrt scarves

Count the posts and posters then faggot because I sure as hell am not the same persons you were originally talking to.

why would i need to count anything there is a display on the bottom right corner for that you fucking moron

I mean who replied to who, faggot

Id on jacket?