Are CK underwear the best brand to flaunt ?

Are CK underwear the best brand to flaunt ?

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What a genius advertising campaign. I don't know how they revived one of the oldest and blandest underwear to be cool and hip again. Good on you CK

No it's basically because nigger shit for whites who want to flaunt a mid tier priced but decent brand. I can't tell you when it really took off but it's the worst trend i've ever seen. And this is coming from a black guy.

>look at my unbuttoned pants showing my CK underwear

>look at me dressed in full CK on instagram stripping

>look at my pants sag to show my CK

it's fucking embarrassing.

Yeah I was thinking this too. All underwear you see on instagra is CK

I either see CK or Pink

Is Pink even Veeky Forums?
Why do so many girls wear it?

its like the girl version of hanes or champion lol

Who is this little sloot?

Got any pics of her spreading her pussy?

Icebreaker is better. Instead of having a Jewish man's name on your underwear your associate your junk with a big ship that smashes through ice. Also: warm and comfortable and resists bad smells.

I do find CK to be the best quality / value ratio out there when it comes to underwear. I rotate between the trunks , briefs, and boxer briefs and they're all great and like $15 for a 3 pack

The womens underwear is really clean too, the thicker waistband looks nice with thongs and just regular panties like in OP

>Is Pink even Veeky Forums?
it's the most basic of basic brands

CK at least has an iconic design

and heritage

>you do everything right
>you pick the right woman, marry her
>you get the upper-middle class home, fresh paint, in a cozy yet established neighborhood in a top school district
>you raise a beautiful daughter, buy her a macbook, everything she ever wants
>then, one fateful night, you get a call from the parents of one of your daughter's friends
>"How are you, Lori? Listen, I gotta tell you again what a pleasure it was to have a dinner party and let the kids play the other night."
>"Uh huh."
>"Oh... dear God."
>hire internet attorneys, call google, what the fuck do you know, you're in your mid forties, you didn't grow up with this shit... do everything you can to scrub the photo from the internet
>even still, when you search your dear daughter's name, there's still that cursed photo along with a bunch of perverts saying "haha sauce?" "salsa xD" "got an ig bro?"



I don't think anyone knows her name luckily

She is cute tho

>wearing underwear

I haven't wore a pair of drawers in nearly 10 years.

flaunting anything in general is a sign of poorfaggotry, especially if that something is a mid-priced brand that you can get for H&M prices on sale

? Here they start from $45 for 3-pack, better models being $30 for one

you don't know where to shop lmao

which site is that?

Versace way better for that.

So what I've gathered here is that the is no definitive Veeky Forums underwear brands we all agree on.

And that Pink and CK and the only options

Who fucking cares about underwear

Spoken like a true Virgin

salsa xD

how'd you come to that conclusion? noone here likes pink, it's basic bitch underwear


Ralph Lauren for men

>thinking the girl you're going to fuck will change her mind due to a lack of CK logos
Spoken like a true virgin


They sell them at costco and my girlfirend wears them to bed... I think she looks fucking amazing in them and im not spending 2000 dollars on underwear.

the fuck are you putting underwear on your hand for faggot

kek, no

>nigger shit for whites
>this is coming from a black guy

you have been on Veeky Forums for too long friend.

>please tell me what to wear !

nope but if it makes you feel better about yourself

>muh internalized racism :(((((


> 3 pack of cotton boxer briefs
> muh ck logo

how can you be this poor?

pink orginally started off as a cheap brand for teenage girls from victoria. now its pretty much just a cheap brand for all women from victoria secrets.

huh ? I was just saying that they're a good value and not from aliexpress

Neck yourself, coon ass nigga.

Dolce and Calvin. Maybe Versace. Everything else is shit in my opinion.

Supreme underwear. They actually feel amazing. I guess you could get the hanes version but not as Veeky Forums.

Fruit of the loom baby!!!

>you raise a beautiful daughter

well there's your problem

you raised a woman and woman are genetically designed to be whores

should've aborted until you got a boy

I like Tommy Hill underwear, and Polo Underwear, it's comfy and you usually can get it cheap at like a marshalls or some shit. I also have some supreme meme underwear

You can tell this girl is embarrassed about the way her pee smells

Only if they're MICRO STEEL

> You can tell this girl is embarrassed about the way her pee smells
Lmao not sure how you can tell that, but I am a dude and I'm embarassed by how pungent my urine can be at times.


shop at marshalls/ross you fucking dunce

>Spoken like a true Virgin
spoken like a true virgin

where the fuck is his penis?


>spoken like a true virgin
Spoken, like, a true virgin

>Spoken, like, a true virgin
spoke in lycra; true verging

spergin like true virgin

>not even the right amount of syllables
we're done here.

I have these exact ones but I find that they aren't snug at all at the bottom of the legs and might as well be boxers

Maybe get more muscular legs then? It's not rocket science dude.

salsa? xD

Drink more water bruh

If you wear branded underwear, you already lost

>buy her a macbook, everything she ever wants
Here's your problem

People like you make this site worth going on. Thank you for your cervix.

I am incapable of giving a shit about where my knickers come from as long as they're inexpensive, comfortable and somewhat attractive, so I don't understand the brand hype

You shut your whore mouth

Lapasa master race

lmao.. yes

faggot pleeease

if you own these you probably only own 3 pairs of underwear

>not victoria's secret

The Veeky Forums way is going without underwear, you plebs...

VS is some of the cheapest and most overpriced garbage I've ever worn desu. I guess it's marketable though.


>"How are you, Lori? Listen, I gotta tell you again what a pleasure it was to have a dinner party and let the kids play the other night"
I don't get it, what does this have to do with the slutty photo?

user is saying how innocent things can be taken out of context and perverted

>wearing victoria's secret



should I do it for the meme lads?


i just don't think i have anything in common with you al.


I think the idea is that you get a phone call from another parent who tells you that your daughter took a slutty pic and posted it online the other night


this is the least Veeky Forums you can physically look

>t. nu-male

This is why i dont ever want a daughter lol.

@mariahmallad on Instagram


suboptimal for being a bottom bitch, optimal for being healthy and wrecking cunts


>superfluous muscle mass
Fucking lmao
I can see your emaciated frame through my monitor

>ywn have a daughter take lewd pics of herself that end up on the internet

>go to a bar
>get a girl to come back to my room
>she pulls down my pants
>sees my hanes underwear
>"oh my god lord of weed you seriously can't afford calvins? you're seriously just wearing hanes?"
>she looks disgusted
>she precedes to vomit all over my peepee
>she leaves

Do you not know what "superfluous" means, or are you visually deficient?

No, I'm just not an atrophied skeleton who thinks that that muscle mass is beyond an arbitrary amount for peak aesthetics when in actuality it IS peak aesthetics

What are you even trying to say? Your post makes no sense.

Your reading comprehension just seems to be shit Jimmy

Am i the only one who likes those oldschool baggy boxers?