Is the buzzcut still in style...

Is the buzzcut still in style? I think I might start balding soon and I hate hair upkeep anyway so I just want to shave it off. How short should I go?

the buzzcut is always in style because it is the quintessential men's haircut


quintessential my ass

go for a #4 first, if you like the look then go lower

Quintessential inmate/lapdog haircut.


if you dress well and have the face for it, a buzzcut can be top tier

I decided to go for it and then realized I don't have the face for a buzzcut, so now I just look like a painfully average guy.

What type of face do you need?

pic related is me a year ago when I had a buzz, i miss it but I'm too scared to lose the hair I have been working for like 5 months to get

Keep growing my dude. The second pic of you in the thread you made looked way better than the buzz.

yeah, i am going to keep growing it out until winter break at uni and ill see if i want to change it then

Currently have a buzzcut and am enjoying the heck out of it. It's a test in self confidence and is also the easiest and most comfortable summer cut

How short is it? Why is it a test in self-confidence?

I'm someone who is usually very self-conscious with my appearance in a pretty extreme way. Doing something as extreme as a buzzcut is a big change, especially since i've always had hair.

Were you arrested for looking like a skinkhead in cuckland?

i actually got yelled at by a muslim for drinking during ramadan

Buzzcut is permanently in style
Moreover it is the perfect intersection between style and ease of maintenance
you need to have good features to really pull it off
having lots of hair can distract from your face a bit, having a close buzz will emphasize your eyes and facial structure a lot.

I like a #1
takes 10mins once every two weeks to maintain
I like how it looks very clean

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Holy shit. I literally just got a buzz today after mulling it over for a while, since my hair has been thining up too for a few months.

I'm still not sure I'm pulling it off, but meh, I don't have much else of a choice.

Pic related is the only acceptable answer.

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I took all my hair off a while back. I started on a #3 but quickly just went #1 and I'm really digging the close buzz. It surprised me how well it goes with different outfits/looks as well. I'm going to lose my hair at an early age anyway, so I figured I might as well try out what I look like without hair before the point of no return. That said, my facial features have become way more intense, much more than I expected.

wholeheartedly agree with this. just buzzed yesterday and i had no idea how good it would turn out. i find that my eyes and jaw stand out much more than they did with long curly hair.

You need a certain eyeshape for buzzcuts.
If you don't have at least slightly wide-set eyes, or if you have beady eyes, you're gonna look like fucking garbage

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buzzcut works best if have a good facial structure. personally i like it.


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not anymore bc people realized it looks terrible on most guys. girls with buzzcuts are still hot though.

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That's not buzzcut dude, buzzcut implies you have hair to buzzcut, that's baldness.

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Damn, I like that look.

This convinced me as a man to get a buzzcut, thanks shit taste user.

i think the piercing compliments your look really well

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Buzzed mine off a bit ago. Not sure if it looks better, but it's damn comfy.


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Looks awesome on you!

Do i pull it off guise? First buzz and too insicure to tell.

His pants are going to explode

Does having a big head ruin a buzzcut?

Please, at least one (You)

>trailer trash tattoo

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I have a widow's peak so an edge up is almost impossible + big ass head.