Going through a bit of a style crisis right now so wanted to start a discussion

Going through a bit of a style crisis right now so wanted to start a discussion.

How would you describe your style Veeky Forums? And how did you discover it? Did it just hit you one day? Or did you always know your ideal aesthetic? Was it trial and error? Have you ever bounced around different styles before finding the ideal?

My style was pretty girly but now I'm becoming disenchanted with that aesthetic. Not sure what else to do or who I even am any more.

I call my style "The Bobby, from Twin Peaks", and it consists in whatever Bobby from Twin Peaks would wear.

My style is jeans, plain tees, nice sneakers + being fit which is pretty normie and not very effay but works for now, isn't expensive and still looks better than most of people around
What bothers me is that it probably won't work forever, I guess that from some age up I would look ridiculous in jeans and sneakers and I will have to switch to something more mature

I wear clothes from this century but in ways that call back to the 90s

And what I forgot, when going for designer pieces it is always accessories

not sure what kinda style i wear but it probably
happened because I hate spending money on clothes. wouldn't say it was trial and error and more so just error.

kinda cool desu that's a good template to follow. Maybe I should base my style off of a character I like and see how it goes
I hear ya user. That's one of my issues too. I know my style will have to change in the next ten years. Maybe even sooner...I'm turning 24 this year (what the fuck). One of the reasons I'm starting to hate my overtly girly/feminine style is that I feel like it'll look juvenile or boring after a certain age.

Ah well, maybe we should just live in the moment and enjoy it now.

Modern with soft traces of 90score. That doesn't sound bad at all.
What kinda accessories?
That's an aesthetic all its own friend. That sounds like it could be pretty effay.

i had a really punk rock kind of style in high school because i was poor as shit and half of my clothes were hand-me-downs from my dad, who also used to have a punk rock kidn of style, and as i grew up i sort of just took that and refined it/added more mature elements. so i guess for me i've always had sort of a specific personal style, but as i actually learned about fashion i honed in on how to make it work well instead of looking stupid

That's pretty inspiring. I wasn't poor, but I also grew up with hand me down fashion from my mom. She was a disco queen in the 80s who wore a lot of color. I adopted that style too and it morphed into the femme/girly fashion I wear today. That's cool you rock the punk style, I've always wanted to but no idea how to begin I guess. I definitely don't wanna look like a poser wannabe even if I do listen to a few bands.

Good shit. I know you didn't ask for critiques but I think this fit would look even better if the hat was black, that way the shoes would tie in better with the rest of the fit. Here's a shit photoshop I just did lol

I think a big change came when I stopped just looking for nice items that would go together and started paying attention to fashion and other art as inspiration for my clothing and style. I also started to examine my own body and more accurately discern my strengths and weaknesses.

Wallet, sneakers, belts ..you know things I can wear/use pretty much every day

mostly because I'm lazy and uninspired

>black skinnys
>black 2.0 converse
>solid color polo

Wtf that polo with rest, sounds terrible

I'd describe my style as nice and plain.
Basically I want to leave a good impression without being particularly memorable. I don't like wearing statement pieces and other people have described the way I dress as classic, like I could exist in any decade after the 1940s and not seem out of place.

Pants: Usually dark colored (navy, black, grey) mid rise chinos hemmed so about an inch of my socks show. If I wear jeans they are either black or a mid blue, I don't like them to look faded either.
Shirts: If it's a t-shirt it's usually grey, white or some neutral color. I get pocket or henley t's when I can. If it's a button up I like the fabric to be a little more interesting (some sort of knit fabric, linen, corduroy, or something with a subtle pattern). I like sort of dark rich colors like bottle green or mustard yellow.
Shoes: Either white low top sneakers, black derbies, or occasionally some basic black tevas. Socks are always a solid color. Sometimes I'll wear brighter socks to add some fun. I plan on getting some vintage running shoes pretty soon like pic related once I find a colorway that I like.
Jackets: I prefer classic styles that are not too casual (I won't wear anything like a zipper hoodie). I like bombers, parkas, Harrington jackets, and sweaters occasionally. Colors are navy, blue, black, and tan mostly. I like materials that have a bit of structure or richness to them (canvas, suede, heavy knits). I'll often wear a large denim or corduroy button up as an overshirt.
Fitness: I stay toned and try to keep my body fat pretty low. I look muscular but not bulky. The idea is to look masculine without looking like I'm trying to compensate.

That's the basics. I dress pretty boring, but people often compliment me on the way I dress, which is kind of the point. For me it's about having a style that's cohesive and versatile without relying heavily on individual pieces to look good.

i wear what i like
don't feel repressed down into a single style
my style changes on my mood
wear what u feel

wc2 mid rise chinos?

>How would you describe your style Veeky Forums?
Relaxed, but functional.
>And how did you discover it?
Time, it's the only way to find something you know you'll love to see yourself in. I gotten into technical garments and the idea of being functional and comfortable during a commute really stuck with me. Just took that idea and mixed it with styles of Japanese menswear.
>Was it trial and error?
I went through many styles, starting from the basics, moving to toward preppy, then landing into technical garments.

engineered garments x rick owens x fashion victim

Mostly minimalist with one or two statement pieces
I prefer neutral shades and try to use only one dominant colour. The statement pieces might be something like a thick, textured fabric or a chunky necklace or heeled boots
I also like mixing loose/tight clothes a lot if the setting is appropriate

>How would you describe your style Veeky Forums?
Comfortable, piratical clothing most of the time but I also wear suits quite often (job, church, ect). Though suits and dress shoes are my favorite clothes to wear.
>And how did you discover it? Did it just hit you one day? Or did you always know your ideal aesthetic?
I've loved both since I can remember caring about how I looked.
>Was it trial and error?
For my comfy stuff, it's kinda difficult to fuck up a hoodie, jeans, and hiking boots combo.
For suits, I've made more mistakes than I'm willing to admit.
>Have you ever bounced around different styles before finding the ideal?
Not really, I was too insecure in high school to try any of my extreme fashion ideas that I came up and now I'm much more stable and sane. That being said, I like quite a lot of fashion styles even if I'd never wear them myself. Tech wear and heavy metal styles come immediately to mind.

poor people clothes aka hand me down t shirts, levis 511s and chucks but it all looks alright because i iron my shit and am decently built.

I mean i wear working class core outfits, jeans, plain t shirts or with logos from good brands, and denim jackets

>tfw don't wanna post inspo pic defining my style because i don't want people to steal it

You're probably not special.


i respectfully disagree, i like OP's version better it has a kind of more unique color pallette and also it just adds to the comfy look imo

I like the color pallette as well but the shoes/socks choice is too dark and contrasted for the rest of the fit. Dont know if it's just me but it lead my eye to the feet immediately (which could be a good thing but in this case it's a bit distracting). Either a darker hat or lighter shoes/socks would make the fit feel more chromatically balanced.

so no style?

>I'm becoming disenchanted with that aesthetic
i'm going through something like that. i have a really specific taste for clothes right now and considering my perfectionism/autism it's almost impossible to find pieces that are just the way i want and i don't know what to do, keep pushing or just give up.

i'm wasting way too much time thinking about/searching for the stuff i want

So h&m tier then?

I like early to mid 60s suburban housewife style since I was about 15, I suppose because my mother dresses quite similar to that, but lately I have also got into late 80s/early 90s somewhat slut style, I really like the high leg swimsuit cut. If I am doing /out/ stuff I prefer to wear kind of sufercore style though, it works best for me while being practical.
I also have liked the lingerie look for some years. So I alternate between styles depending on what I'm doing and the weather conditions.


Mustard colored chinos, brown leather boots (pic related) and a plain black fruit of the loom shirt from Wal-Mart, I'm not even joking. I wore this set of clothes for two month's every single day to work, only changing the shirts every day and cleaning the pants every week. There's no uniforms in our workplace, I'm just atustic and I take waaayy to long to get dressed, it's incredibly stressful, I eventually said fuck it and gave up, I lt actually looks very respectable and clean in real life, it's basic office wear, my life genuinely improved once I started doing this.

After coming here I found out about techwear pretty fast, before that I didn't really care much about fashion. But my problem was that I didn't have enough money for the "techwear uniform" (ACG, ACRNM, SISP, etc), so I tried getting there with cheaper stuff. Over that time I realized that I want technical stuff that is also comfortable. Now I strive to wear technical clothing that doesn't stick out too much. Along the way I started to like lunarcore.
I always liked prep, but it doesn't really suit me.

nice, Im trying to dress like Richard from season 3 of Twin peaks. Anyone Id on jacket?

Girly until I was 13/14. Then constant hoodie girl from fall to spring, simple t-shirts in summer. Since I was 17 I keep bouncing between minimalist-elegant and something with more fancy-victorian elements.

Only trend that stayed with me were flat shoes excep for special occasions.

Do you think I should rob and assault my grandma? I'm a shitty guy in large part because I had a shit dad and my dad is a shitty guy in large part because he had a shit dad. Well, my grandma picked his dad, didn't she?

My out of work wear is influenced by 90s britcore, baggy dark solid colored pants, classic 80s and 90s addidas (Sambas, Hamburg's and Samoas) and a dark solid colored shit, my face always has this reddish/pink look to it, I have very dark hair and big black eyelashes, I have the "Look into your soul eyes", it all sort of works out at the end, always get mired with this basic shit and It feels good not to wear fitted pants. I basically get treated like a everyone little brother, being a attractive is cool, but being cute is fucking rad, people always treat me with incredible amount of love, especially the girl's, I'm only 19 teen do it makes sense in a work place full of 30yo/25yo/40yo.

My job means I don't get to have a lot of variety in the office. Oxfords, a solid button-down and solid slacks are the "official" unofficial uniform.

My style, that I rarely get to use anymore, is always centered around my shoes. Whether they're in or out of style I still like Jordans as a whole and always end up getting a couple every year. My fits are usually a pair of Jordans, maybe some other pair of sneakers, with some joggers and a milsurp or military themed top. Sometimes I'll just use jeans or chinos and a patterned button-down. Latest fit I'm putting together, and hoping it doesn't look like complete ass, is a pair of Anthracite 9s, khaki joggers, basic olive drab t-shirt and erdl bdu jacket. It's basic, but I think it'll come together pretty nicely.

So at least your office takes care of you so you dont look like niglet all year around

Sure why not, I thrift pretty often

i don't think i've had any style to speak of, but recently i have begun to find a style i like. mostly based on 80's fashion (menswear, 'post-punk' new romantics (think of japan, pic related) and 90's oversized looks, but in more minimalistic fashion and monochrome colours. high waisted, loose wool trousers being central. i also have grown my hair longer than i have ever had before, can properly push the sides back