What's the queerest clothing brand or store in the world? I was hoping to go for a mind genderqueer look...

What's the queerest clothing brand or store in the world? I was hoping to go for a mind genderqueer look, but I don't want to go shop for woman's clothing. I was hoping to just go to one place that I won't have to feel awkward trying stuff on in.

bruh your face already looks like a chicken lady

What? You can't see my face.




i wear omocat all day

Man I'd dress /cutecore/ 24h if I could still bang women

>if I could still bang women

Good news, you can

yep looks pretty queer to me

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its not so much the brand or the article of clothing, but how you wear said article of clothing. dolce & gabbana, dsquared and versace are extremely gay brands, but some men pull it together with their outfits by wearing a piece from those brands and still make it look masculine.

if you want really "gay" brands, i recommend the brands mentioned above, vivienne westwood, diesel, armani exchange (and maybe jeans line's more statement-y pieces), gucci menswear is looking really effeminate as of recently. i miss the days of tom ford and frida giannini. also tom rebl, tripp nyc, frankie morello, really anything can look gay depending on how you wear it is what im trying to say


Just bought the exact same sweater lmao

I'm gonna get one of these dear ones and one of the pretty boy sweaters next time I get money. I need these in my life. Does anyone know how far down the length of the sleeves and waist is supposed to go down on your body?

>get some weeb artist to draw lewd images/innuendos/literally anything that hints at "I am sexually active!"
>make everything in pastel colours or black&white
>sell it to teen emo girls and gay guys who secretly want to be girls
>make money

why didn't I think of this

it's not too late you know, omocat has shit variety, everything looks the same. do they even sell crop tops?

I really fucking hate myself for wanting this
I need something cozy and warm to wear around the house

So besides omocat, what else is good?


bumping for interest


Wears lots of pastels and washed up stuff.
Queer/feminine core is just "palewave + cute weeb, omocat, kawaii shit from etsy/redbubble + beanies, over-sided long sleeves, skirts " pastels are a must, no vivid colors and by any means well, manly wears like flannels, suits, formal shoes etc.
Although you can experiment with urban it really depends on the kind of person wearing it, but there can definitely be cute feminine boys who wear urban.

Tbh I dress like manic pixie eccentric and it works well too.

Patterns, bright colors and alternative clothing works if you can match it (I have a big curly afro, golden brown skin and small nose/big eyes/round forehead)

aight, that's your style, if you dig it and feel confident & comfortable with it then who i am to judge, keep rocking it dude.

I just want to see more of a non-tumblr flower elf look more. I'm happy to see some of the younger queens give anime cute weeb. I just want more varieties of faggoty dressing you know?

I feel like it's such new ground, like the Party Monster/Early Gaga fierce and now Baddy looks are slowly fading out. What else can folks do?

Definitely Unif



Where can I find some cute palewave stuff? I was wondering if I could wear a pale bottom but idk which color fits well.


>tfw I fell for the palewave meme last year
So you're telling me I was looking homo?


p-post fit pics pls

Not at all, preppy is full of pastel colors and it's not gay at all. Now if you wore that with androgynous haircuts, dyed hair, piercings, cute accesories and so on, then yes you looked homo as fuck.

lazy oaf

Etsy, Redbuuble usually sells longsleeves, shirts and other wears with lots of color variety, i wouldn't doubt they don't sell pale or washed colors

I really like that but I feel like I would catch flack from homophobes and feminists alike.


Yeah I kinda have a problem with wearing a shirt that has jesus saves us on it. Let alone being graphic design.


t. suicidal porno addict descending into autogynephilia

discontinued alt right shop.

OP wants a mild genderqueer look. Omocat and that sort of stuff is nowhere near mild, that's full out gayboy core

Just googled this and I think my cousin has it. God save us all.

I don't mind omocat, actually. I would totally wear that around the house. Also, in my opinion, a totally genderqueer look would be buying womans clothing. But if there's a way to look extremely genderqueer with mens clothing, I suppose that would be appreciable too.

does this make you gay or straight though?

Please don't waste your parents money on a retarded wardrobe for a phase in your teens

Spend a few days going to Goodwills or charity shops. You can find really nice pieces by some good designers if you're lucky, and if not, you can spend 10x less for 10x more clothes and try lots of different styles, fabrics, colours, silhouettes, combinations etc than if you just head down to a shop

once you've built up a good wardrobe of second hand stuff, upgrade it with a few choice and special things you find online and meaningful clothing you pick up, for example going on holiday and getting something unusual, receiving as a gift from a gf


If you think you're genderqueer, stop. Get help. If you're a GQ girl, men won't want to date you and have babies with you
If you're a boy, chances are you've been raised to hate men and think they're all brutes. Learn more about masculinity, playing football and drinking beer isn't the sum total of the masculine psyche. Vikings had long beautiful hair and groomed a lot, young Viking men visited Ireland and Scotland to learn how to play harps and violins and dress in beautiful middle eastern fashion and paint beautiful pieces of art. Don't give up on being a man, learn how to be confident and at peace with yourself and you can dress/act however you want whilst still being a masculine man. Don't listen to Tumblr, masculinity and femininity is beautiful and far more than what kind of clothes and what colour you dye your hair, and not to be thrown away and pick-and-mixed, or you WILL have an identity crisis and kill yourself/look back on those wasted years and pointlessly alienated friends

Lift weights and in 1 1/2 years of lifting you can wear whatever you want without giving a fuck

Holy fuck, yikes. I read the beginning sentences of this post, just fuck off.

Wow you sound like a balanced person, people should definitely treat genderqueefs with respect and dignity

Right there with you dog, always goes away for a bit after having sex with a girl.

This is like running up to a black person and going on about racial IQ and calling them a nigger, and when they, very understandably say "fuck off", you turn around and say, "wow, I am proven right, black people are inferior to white people. look at this black guy being totally irate with me for no reason". That's how you sound.

Actually it isn't analogous at all. He's not doing a very good job of communicating kindly but he's right on many of his points. The fact that you think you are in a situation similar to a black person being told they're inferior because of their race is seriously fucking stupid and indicative of your stupid tainted mindset

But you don't choose to be a low IQ nigger, so questioning someone for it is just stupid

You do choose to be a special snowflake faggot looking for reactions, attention and special treatment because you're so absolutely boring and valueless without a little quirky label to jerk yourself off with

I fucking hate these faggots
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has no sense of aesthetics beyond tumblr's latest asscancer trend
generic yet thinks they're hyper quirky and cute
again, awful genetics (hot girls and guys never need to stoop to this attention seeking)


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You're confusing me with OP, I think

The mods on this board are absolute garbage.

Wait, what the fuck does genetics and personality have to do with being feminine/gay?


tribalism at its most inane.
You aren't going to be your best by chasing trends.

OP please listen to this advice it is the most intelligent thing in this thread.

first 3 paragraphs are great advice but I think the final paragraph is just projection

it really isn't

Third paragraph is pretty accurate to any GQ, gay, or tranny person I've known. Maybe a bit of projection but honestly it's pretty good advice.

The problem here OP is that clothes cant make you look queer. Your face, your accessories, and your body have to look queer or you're just going to look like a hipster. Unless you have a girly face, wear cute hairpins or cat ears, a choker, and talk like a girl you're not going to look genderqueer you're going to look gender retarded.

Coming from someone who thought they were transgender in their teenage years because I was a cute femboy and didn't have a dad but later realized all that wasn't real because I got into boxing and lifting and realized I didn't need to be overly feminine that third paragraph might be projection but its solid

>have wanted omocat shit for ages
>know i'd look like a massive weeb and fag simultaneously
like this might make me some mates on campus but i know looking like how i look i can say goodbye to any chances of getting laid

i mean, i guess this is fairly accurate
or maybe i just want to get boned by a big hunky dude who will hold me at night