Any recommendations on everyday canvas shoes for a socal person?

any recommendations on everyday canvas shoes for a socal person?

>pic are my shows now

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If you leave your house with shoes like that you're beyond help

New Balance
PF Flyers

well give me some recs then

You a crustie?

Anyways, Vans should be up your alley.

just go to your local ross store or something and pick up some cheap vans or anything really

if you're gonna trash your shoes so much to the point of them being unrecognizable i think buying cheaper stuff will be fine

If you have no idea what to get, then just buy the same model of shoe you're wearing except new.

thanks my dudes, here is an average outfit for reference

nice fit lots of green and the shitty shoes look good with it

No offense but you dress like a bum. What did you mean by that?

Get something with more ankle support

i destroy everything i touch, might as well buy cheap

thank you my dude

i hope you don't think this looks good
you look like a homeless teenager

w2c tee?

Doesn't the grip tape shred your socks?

yeahhhhh, thats why I am in need LOL

thrifted, but it is an inside out solitude shirt


Just buy more vans

If you rolled your pants down a little so they sat on the ankles, this'd be a great fit. props for pulling off the shoes.

why canvas tho? leather ages so much better

I really enjoy my canvas palladiums.

You on the left.

thanks :)

i do have a pair of leather shoes though, its just not good for 90 degree weather

based vans, dont listen to these faggots

i say do it again with a plain cream colorway, not a fan of the leather tongue or brown laces

What pants are those?

You dress like a hobo

Not bad tbqh user.

i did this, thank you to the anons who supported me

I really like this, you made the trash shoes work well. Buy similar shoes and beat them up til they're nasty, rinse and repeat imo.

dunno why people are trashing this. It's a pretty basic fit, looks better than most of the try hard shit on here. Good shit lad

THIS, its fun to see them get trashed


I highkey dig the aesthetic a lot, just don't roll your cuffs to your ankles so much OP, but besides that props to you for having enough confidence to go out in public and rock that fit with those shoes

I dig those socks id?

thanks man, i appreciate the positivity, i will test out a lower cuff :)