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No hair general? I’ll start then. I need to go to the barber but idk what to ask for. My hairline is shitty, and I need to lose like 19kg, but it’s hot as hell and my hair looks like a mess anyway. I’ve buzzed it down to like 25mm in top and 7mm on the sides, but I looked like a white supremicist, and I’m not sure my current (fat) jawline can support it. Should I go Ivy league, bald (infantcore is a poppin trend rn), a certain buzz length? Please advise




Fyck you you're such a pussy "wahh I can't buzz my hair or I'll look like someone who is proud of their own race"

Please remove yourself from the gene pool

sorry mate



Tips? Always though my head was a bit too square to pull picrelated off properly


Yeah, it wasn’t terrible before I gained weight, but I do have an overbite, so I’m considering getting braces. My teeth slightly overlap in a couple places, so braces would both widen my jaw and bring my chin forward. I have a gf, so being a 29 yr old with braces for a couple months wouldn’t upset me too much. Also not having a BMI of 27 would help

Being proud of your race is dumb tribal shit, and white supremacy as an ethos goes past pride. Also whites already are the dominant culture/demographic where I live, so I don’t see the utility in presenting myself as a member of a member of a racist subculture

Need recs, I have no fucking clue.

>being proud of something you're born into
Im really starting to think this fluoride in the water thing is real

Everone in this thread needs to shave their faces. Holy shit.

What should i do about this?
I'm btw

holy fuck that chin

I think it's just the perspective, it doesn't look that bad irl


>I'm btw
You're what

I'm 23*

That cut is kinda boring desu

I want to get one side shaven. Tell me that it is retarded idea and I will regret it.

Whats the best hair product for fine thin hair?

Is by Vilain any good? Im thinking of by Vilain Silver Fox, any good?

OP unless you've got suggestive tattoos, I doubt anyone would give a shit about a buzzcut.
Honestly, why is shaving one's head now considered like a neonazi uniform. Fucks sake, no one cares.

>one side shaven
are you a grill?

I see a lot of people with buzzed/shaved hair who don’t look like Richard Spencer supporters, but I do. It’s been a minute since I had it super short tho, at this point I’m mainly concerned that being fat will make it look schlubby and unintentional

I like it. Looks good.

No. Also I have full beard and I'm not sure how it would fit in.

dont do it

I like my new hair but they really fucked it up at the back


LMAo we look like we could be related some how
Also tips? Just went from 210lbs to 165lbs about since December semi average kinda muscular 5'9 what's a good style? I used to have hair down to my shoulders I think I might grow it out again

Maybe that's a better angle? Hopefully it won't be upside down

Finally decided to get a new haircut but not sure how it should look. Thought this looked alright. Opinions?

Keep that top part back with product more if you can

Also this is how i used to look

how does one live with baldness.
i will look even uglier if i buzz it.
y liv

Was going to grow out my hair (around 4inchs atm), but I have really thick hair and there's just too much of it.
Anyway, thinking about slicked back undercut (best name for it?) so I can keep 'main' length, good idea? I just want 1.) the hair out of my face and 2.) something low maintenance. Fade or nah?

Fa usually I have done buzzcuts my life to keep my jewfro at bay but I've
Started to like growing it out

My question is, what is the best way to make this look neater? Should I cut the sides and back short and leave the top longer? Should I just get a clipper guard of a bigger number (like 10, 12, 16) and go all over it once?

I like the hair being longer but the sides do the fluffy poofing out thing

I kinda want to dye my hair cuz I got fucking shit gray hair.
What color should I dye family?

Embrace it, do not dye it please, post whole face btw and better pics of hair so we can see the gray

I posted this last thread and nobody had any advice for me so....

How do I get my hair like this?

.... I shaved my head and cut down the facial hair. Got the cowboy hat for $3 at Goodwill. Don't know if I can pull it off. Fatguys can wear cowboy hats right? Like Hawaiian shirts.


I think it's worse irl cuz there's more laying under and shit, and also some showing on the sides

>tfw shaved my head on impulse

Whelp guess I'll have my hair back in 2 years

Fuck why does hair grow so slow

Eat clean, cold showers, exercise, water
You look great bro, how old are you?


Tips for looking good bald? Hair is deteriorating from god-tier faster than I ever thought it would, gonna take the plunge and shave it soon and want to look as attractive as someone like that could.

Did you happen to get nailed to a crucifix a while back?
No they can't

looks fine

looks good but RIP that nice hair :(
you planning on growing it out again? mine is really long and i want to cut it soon but i dont know what to do and i dont even know if i could stand to part with it ;~;

Yeah I'm just going to let it grow back out. I felt the same way, was worried I'd really regret and miss it. I don't though. It's really fun to have a completely new look. I haven't missed it yet.

>hair is thinning at the front
>buy volumizing hair products
>nothing helps
>about to give up and shave it down completely
>try washing without using conditioner for once
>somehow it's a lot thicker looking after just one day


Strong jawline and facial hair are a necessity.

when should i cut it lads


Is this hairstyle effay? As someone with curly hair type 3b, can i make it look like this?


hi long time no see fa

Felt very good about my hair, i gave myself an undercut every couple of weeks and grew the top out, trimming when i needed to. Ended up dying it blonde and then buzzing off and starting over, 2-3 months in and i'm realizing now my hair grows abnormally fast.

my hair blonde

hair as of 2 min ago

Don't cut it, maybe see a barber or pro stylist and trim and layer, learn to part it better and maybe try some products to add some body to it up near the roots. You have really nice hair im very jealous.

Face it, bud. Nothing looks good on fat people

Comb it, hairspray.
if you're talking about the cut, literally walk into a salon or barber shop and show them the picture, tell them any other adjustments you want and bam, you're selling coke in miami in an instant.

does this consistently work? what all have you tried and do you have any pics at all of before/after? If I don't use conditioner, my hair has virtually NO body whatsoever.

How interested are you in trying something like picrelated? A lot of the problems ITT can be solved by asking a professional barber what do.

Any help?
I have no idea what to do with my hair in terms of hairstyle and what looks good.

u look like the drummer of joy division when he was young

Jesus Christ your face is punchable.

I hope you never have sex ever again.

Maje it nice and bright less slicked back and more untidy and free flowing

What should I do with it? Short undercut, young Leo? I've already buzzed it before :

Fuck forgot to attach photo

Would some kind of long or medium hair work with my face?

Right now it just goes to the side, i hold my hair like that in the piictures so people can see my face and headshape

Hair lenght is fine but its to organized make it look more like and youl be a quarter more atractive

what can I do to sort this shit out, Veeky Forums? also off topic but been looking for a pair of glasses but not sure which shape best suits my face too

omg i want your hair

what hairstyle is this, boys

my hair are way longer now, should i cut it like pic related ( me 4 months ago )

I like my hair, it's the only thing on me that has potential. Any ideas I could do with it?

I hope there's some females on this board that might know but I'm in need of a good product for wavy hair! Mine gets awkwardly fluffy after brushing it. Also haircut ideas, I'm feeling unruly right now with weird grown out bangs. Photos would be gr8

>( me 4 months ago )
why didnt you post a current pic?

they look dry because of the sun and sea

How fucked am I? This is me with long hair

And this is me now

dont brush it

how fucked am i

You'd look better with a shave

it me

Its actually a bit longer now

I don't style my hair at all come at me

Tied up in a manbun here btw.

Didn't like the look so buzzed to nothing and now at Wonder what to do for a leo?

still ugly and chinky with them fisheye lids

throwing racial slurs is 2014 catch up toy


i have no idea what i'm doing.

what's this called? swept/slick back... ?

Idk ic love him and w2c this shirt or anything similar to his whole outfit for cheap or decently priced???

Right now I have pretty fine and soft hair, largely because I'm half Asian. What sort of product should I use to make my hair look and feel thicker and more oily? I only shampoo about twice a week as it stands, and if I do it any less than that, I get dandruff, so I'm not really trying to do some no-shampoo routine or anything. Thanks!

please respond