Saint laurent campain gassed

Today I wanted to see the ss14 slp campain(not the runaway show) video and realised that all the Hedi's era videos were gassed(they were deleted recently, because I saw them like a couple of weeks ago).
Does Veeky Forums knows a place where I can find archived campaigns?Because the only one that is up is the one on the garden brothers youtube channel.

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Why are this guy's eyes looking in separate directions? Don't get me wrong, he looks stunning. It's just such a strange expression that these models are always wearing.

>Saint laurent
Holy fuck these jackets cost thousands of dollars. They look pretty good though.

You must be new here

I am. And why the fuck do they sell graphic design t shirts for 300 dollars on that website? That's the most grossly over priced stuff I've ever seen. I mean, some of the stuff looks pretty legitimately decent, but some of it is just so incredibly over priced. Even then it's silly as fuck money. You could buy a sail boat for 3 of those jackets.

you can get one that its not made out of anothers being skin and that looks the same for just 25 dollars it wont feel the same to the touch it wont smell the same and it wont last nearly as long but it will look as good as if it was real
retards here will tell tell you otherwise but what can you expect from people who spend 700 on a thsirt that is no different than a regular 10 t shirt from wallmart

I tried hard to find them aswell and they are fucking gone desu, I want to kill myself

Because dumbasses will buy them, its genius

They're gone forever.

Just kidding :)

All campaigns

I remember when you can find Saint Laurent shit in thrift stores in the 90s.

Thrift stores were full of 1980s Saint Laurent ties and shit for like a 50 cents


who cares it's dead let it die

these days the ugly old saint laurent neck ties are $10 on ebay
back then it was like dirt cheap ugly trash

Thanks user.

Can't tell if that's a poorfag or a vegan post.

their target group are people who already own a boat or the like, that's the point of luxury brands. they were never intended to be sold to any of us common peasants but to people whomst's pocket will be fine after spending insane amounts of money on clothing

i got levi's from walmart, they lasted a month (fadded, logo is ripping off, really bad quality materials). The levi's i got from the levi's store haven't had any problems and are holding up well and are made with quality materials. so tell me user, do you really know what you're talking about?

hedi era slp is honestly amazing
wish I could pull it off but I'm only 5'10

Of course taller is better, but for the slp look height vs weight, weight is way more important.
What you really need is being a skelly.
I think that Beck kinda pulls off slp and he's 5'7''.

You don't even need to be skelly desu, properly skinny looks good not just runway skellies with 17" thighs at 6'2.