How many pairs of shoes do you have? I'm at 11 which I find a little excessive, but can't find anywhere to trim back...

How many pairs of shoes do you have? I'm at 11 which I find a little excessive, but can't find anywhere to trim back. How do you organize your collection?

Marni derbies
>dressy ish
Dr. Martens 1461
>Nicer Sneakers (need dark and light pairs)
CP Achilles White
Ozweego 1s
>Beaters (need dark and light pairs)
OG Gats
Black Lanvins
Converse Highs
>Skate Shoes
Suede Converse Lows
Margiela Side Zip
>Running shoes
fake yeezys I found at goodwill
Suicoke depas

I also have a trashed pair of old skools

wear cps as beaters and drop the lanvins and og gats

>cream ozweego
>robot ozweego
>aged white raf stans
>pink raf stans
>biege raf stans
>visvim mocs
>visvim duck boots
>visvim canvas skagaway
>black gosha vans
>mmm gats
>paint splatter gats
>cream gats
>bunny ozweego
>hender scheme vans
>hender scheme af1's
>play converse hi small heart
>undercover vans 2x
>nubuk cream gats
>nike airmax silver
>nike spiridon
>nike x apc suede biege free
>yuketen boots
>yuketen boat shoes 2x
>og rick vans
>app suede chelsea
>og raf stans
>ganyru canvas creepers

probably forgetting a few
I'm still trying to downsize all the stupid shit I've bought over the last two years. Gotta refine my style.

at least designer shoes are really easy to sell

my closet is filled with random shit I've bought from the thrift and online

I can't bring myself to just give it all to goodwill but there's no resell value

>Dress Shoes
Allen Edmond Park Avenue
Allen Edmond Park Avenue
Literally identical pairs except the second pair barely fit me

SLP Cropped Jodphur Suede
Story et Fall Zipped Black boots

>Nicer Sneakers
CP Achilles White
CP Achilles Black
MMM Gat Paint Splatter

>Hype trash
Yeezy V2 Copper
1.0 Triple White UB

Authentic Gats
Reebok Club C vintage
Chuck taylor high white
AF1 Low white

>Skate Shoes
Old Skools
Vans Slip on white

Definitely forgetting a few but these are the pairs I wear the most.

i don't even feel like posting my poorfag collection anymore

yolo dude, start fresh. Save up some Monday and then start with one of those grid thread posts you like. Fill one out yourself and then cop all 6 of em at once. Build from there.

Like only 2 that I actually wear

holy shit lol fashion victims

multiple pairs of cp achilles oh my fucking god

...when you only need 4 pairs of shoes:
white af1 lows
white af1 mids
black af1 lows
black af1 mids

t. neet with loser poor parents

>Pair of Lita boots
>Pair of Coach boots
>Random pair of chelsea boots
>Random pair of horsebit loafers
>Really old Vans that I want to replace
>Old pair of black heels that are too fancy for work

Not sure exactly how many pairs I have. I need to cut back myself, since what I listed is pretty much what I wear most of the time. I really need a good pair of flats and some less fancy pumps.

These are the 10 pairs I have that aren't on the chopping block They're pretty arbitrarily organized

>White CP Achilles Lows
>NB 574 in olive
>Reebok classics
>OG gats
>Grenson Declan Chelsea boots
>Grenson Suede Fergal boots

nasty, get rid of asap

>white cp achilles lows
>white mmm gats
>black mmm gats
>dr martens 1461 mono

I should probably invest in some nice boots but I wanna wait until I find the perfect ones

Thanks user

I commend u on ur choice of tea at least

u probably wouldn't be posting this is if u could afford a pair of cp's and i don't any like the narrow shits

I think I have like 27...

SS17 Ramones
Beater Raf velcro lows
Margiela camel slipons
John Varvatos Chuck IIs
I Love Ugly boots
Timberland low dress shoes
Ultra Boosts
Stan Smith PK
Gel Lyte III
Gel Saga
Vans x Liberty Sk8 hi
Vans x Opening Ceremony Sk8 hi
Some other vans
A few random Adidas pairs
Some other shit

What I actually use:
NB 1400
cp achilles low
svensson army
ultra boosts 3.0

and some random beaters

to buy:
black derbies
maybe some other retro runners in grey or something

>tfw only five pairs


8 so far.

Kinda want some light color casual high tops, some black cuban heel chelsea boots and maybe some combat boots for winter, and by that time, the Sandros might have died.

Good collection, but I don't understand why the mayfly's are they. And why did you cop suicoke with a white sole and contrast straps? I feel like those would be hard to integrate into your shit.

>i like sports

Is this all you wear

black ultra boost
white ultra boost
black and white pureboost 2017
pureboost 2m
white sambas
black sambas
clarks desert boot
clarks wallabee low
clarks bushacre
nike lunartempo 2
nike skyelux
nike roshe
nike roshe 2
white nike af1
nike zoom live 2017
jordan 31
saucony grid 9000
converse chuck 1
converse chuck 2
new balance 574
new balance 620?
new balance 311
new balance fresh foam vazee v2
vans slip on
vans old school

i have a problem and idfk what to do.

but i need some new dress shoes since my graduate program is implementing a professional dress code

mayflies are my oldest pair out of the bunch (and I get complimented on them more than on any other shoe)

They're really nice for hot weather when you don't wanna show your naked feet.

As for suicoke, I felt that this colorway works nicely in combination with all kind of light color socks (white, grey, cream etc.)

these are all the shoes i own in the world

Your thoughts?

Tie die boots? What the fuck?
You're doing so great m8.

I see. Please refer to; Thank you.

What I regularly wear:

CP Achilles Low White
RW Iron Rangers (Brown)
Meermin Oxfords (cognac)
Tripe White Ultra Boosts
Black RM Williams Chelseas

I have 8 pairs but my rotation right now are just a memesmith and a cheap no brand backzip boots.

The others are now collecting dust.