Another question about H&M. Are their pants as disgustingly cheap as their shirts...

Another question about H&M. Are their pants as disgustingly cheap as their shirts? I got a few H&M pants and a few H&M shirts, because I thought they looked pretty good on me. But two of the shirts already shrunk down a couple sizes, and I never thought the pants were that high quality, but the more I look at them the cheaper they look and feel. I'm considering taking all of it back, it cost me about 250 dollars for practically a whole weeks wardrobe of clothes. Which at the time seemed like a really great bargain. Now I just want a couple nice shirts, and a couple nice pants, not a bunch of garbage.

Their pants are much worse, at least for women. I've tried them on a few times and they're extremely stiff and starchy, very uncomfortable

Will they take them back of you have the price tags detached from the shirts?

Their pants are fine for me. No better or worse than any other ~$40 pants you can buy at the mall, pairs I have had lasted a few years. Then again I don't have the same problem as you with the shirts shrinking

Everythings pretty poor quality but for what you're paying I don't have a problem with it.

Don't get any of the jeans because they're extremely stretchy which is just weird.

The slim fit trousers are fine though, although I find that they're generally too long for how I like to wear them (I'm 6'1"). I tailor them to fit me how I want them.
I've never had any noticeable problems with the trousers.

I got the trousers, I presume. It just said "slim fit" on the tag. Yeah, they don't seem awful, but they seem like the cheapest pants I have in my drawer. I'm kinda sad about them. I just hope that H&M doesn't give me store credit when I return these things tomorrow. That would SUCK.

I like the shirts because they fit nice. They key to keeping that way is never putting them in the dryer. Always hang dry your shirts. Pants are trash.

They will.

They will what? How do you know?

if you have a bershka the have better denim than hm for the same prices


I have the tags, but they're not attached to the clothes. Will it still work?

Do they give a refund to your account, or store credit?

I got a full refund. Yay. There was nothing else at the whole mall which looked interesting. I guess I'll have to stick with the few nice shirts that I have for this school year.

i've only bought divided t shirts and they're pretty ok.

Their pants for men are very comfy.

Is this the first time you've been shopping without your parents?

I have only had a car for two years. Usually I just shop for all my shirts at thrift stores and ask my parents for levi jeans.

I bought a pair of ripped up h and m jeans like a year ago now. The crotch blew out, but before that I never got more compliments on how they looked.

In my experience theyre very comfy but they'll go to shit after a few months. I got a pair of brand new black skinnies for 6$ at the thrift and I probably wouldn't pay more than 25$ for another pair, they start to go grey and some of the stitching starts to come undone.

I bought a pair of ripped up h and m jeans like a year ago now. The crotch blew out, but before that I never got more compliments on how they looked.
They might not last forever, but I thought they looked really good while they lasted. I might even patch them up, I've never had pants get more compliments.

Yeah I thought they looked good too, which is why I bought them. But I'm not going to put up with that shitty cheap quality. I got two nice Levi pants, and one really nice shirt from a local store which has small selection of really nice stuff. I'd rather spend 250 on something of quality and have maybe 4 things, than have like 12 thing which are garbage incarnate.

For their pants it's really a hit and miss. I got a pair of slim black jeans that are durable as fuck, haven't faded, disfigured or shrunk at all, while the skinnies I got went to shit in 3 months, the color faded, but not in a good way. Plus, they disfigured.

H&M are okay but I end up leaning on them a lot because they're the only store I can go to thats decent in a nearby radius for jeans.

Just go to Marks and Spencers they are cheap enough and good quality

The shirts are made of tissue paper, I bought a few before I started my new job and no matter how well I treat them they wrinkle immediately.
The pants are mediocre for the price, but I'm not buying nice pants until my squats and deadlifts stop increasing because I'm outgrowing them every 2 months anyway, and they look okay and are comfy.