What's ur opinion on bape? talk about it in this thread

what's ur opinion on bape? talk about it in this thread

Not going to lie, I don't mind it. I like old, subtle pieces and not the gaudy shark hoodies and camo all over t shirts. but it's been too appropriated by blacks so, that's a heavy no in my book.

meme trash

I dont find the appeal.
People just buy it at the moment for the hype, If Vans/DC or any non/hype brand made things like that everyone would agree they are trash.
Fuck hype : (

I really like their camo design and the shark hoodies but fuck paying so much for that shit

Only Stuff from bape that i like
>1 Facemask (i actually own this, bought for like 30$ on grailed)
>2 Bape x Lacoste live croc zip up hoodie (All time grail of mine)
>3 PONR pullover hoodie
>4 Red shark tiger zip up
>5 Hooded coach jacket
>6 Black camo and navy ape face ties

>bape hoodie

It honestly reminds me of those shitty jackets at Macy's or JCPenny's that my mom used to want me to get when I was a kid.

>Bape hoodie
>Cost almost 700$ fucking dollars insted of the usual re-sale price of 300-400$

>700 dollar bape hoodie
>thinking the cost makes it better

>>thinking the cost make it better
>Thinking that i said the price to "make it better" and not that is a grail that i cant afford

Its for niggers. Nothing wrong with that, I reckon

the other user is saying that bape is not a grail regardless of price because it's ugly hypebeast trash

Hard fucking your partner/partners while them or you wear this hoodie full zipped is amazing. Unless its FAPE then just fap

i really wanted one of those bape x DBZ shirts they did a few years ago but i was in class when they dropped and well...

most of it is pretty gaudy and ugly though

I liked it when it was just an underground clothing brand

They use to sell dope ass jeans back then on kazbah

i remember in like early middle school when kids had hoodies like this

not a fan of their camo, i think its ugly

I fucking hate it. All of their stuff looks stupid tacticool and it's branded as fuck. I'm in Asia quite a lot and the rich Chinese motherfuckers love the bape, they all wear it and they look retarded.

>gook clothes that appropriated nigger culture is now being appropriated by said niggers
We have come full circle.
As for bape in general I assume everyone that wears it has no individuality and rely on what is considered cool at the moment to stay relevant within their social circle.

It looks like an autistic child got super glue and put some of his drawings on a jacket. I've only ever seen mexican teens wearing bape.

I would cop bapestas

Yeah I kind of wish volcom would bring them back so I could cop

W2c full zip hoodies that aren't bape?

I don't care. There's a couple pieces I own (just their college tees and low-ish key things like that. Some of their snowboard and rain jackets are pretty ok too.

I can go both ways on BAPE. Most of their stuff I find pretty gaudy and juvenile though that tiger hoodie is something I might actually wear. They make some good pieces. I like the shark hoodie design it's mainly just some of the coloring that gets me. I just can't stand the purple camo or anything like that.

I own this jacket which is a collaboration with Neighborhood.