Give it to me straight bros...does this actually work or just prevent further hair loss? Am I going to have to buy this shit indefinitely?

yes, yes, and yes

Rogaine slows down further hair loss, and maybe fills out thinning spots if you're lucky and take Propecia too. Nothing will bring back dead hair follicles.

I use just rogaine and my hair was significantly thicker after a few months

Get on Finasteride instead

People bitch about Finasteride sides (which are very rare) but minoxidil can cause some really nasty sides; minoxidil bloated up my face and made my skin look like shit.

You have to make sure you drink plenty of water and moisturise

The thing about Minoxidil, is it's alcohol based.
This is so it penetrates the skin more effectively, but alcohol ultimately dries out your skin.

Like I said, increased water intake and moisturising will counter these side effects

It made my scalp very dry, and made it look like I had dandruff. I was using dandruff shampoos and conditioners to combat that, but it was insufficient.

Coconut oil

Also the dandruff stopped for me after a year

I've been using it for 2 months and I've seen hair growth at my temples where I never used to have it

whether it'll remain there once I stop though I'm not sure

It was originally being developed as an oral heart medication, (which it is actually effective as). During clinical trials some of the women taking the stuff grew mustaches. That's how they discovered its hair growth stimulating properties in the first place.

i took minox only for ~6 months, filled out a reasonable amount of my recession at temples, def made my hair look fuller. shaved my shit bald a few weeks ago and i love it way more than i loved the constant maintenance and making sure my fucked up hairline wasnt showing. i'd say go for fin+minox if it's what you want, but beware of the long-term cost and potential sides. shaving your shit is cathartic if you ever give up, it's not as bad as people say.

All i know is that this shit made my head itch like crazy.

It's working for me, getting hair growth around the sides after the initial shedding which made me panic. One side is growing back faster than the other though. Not sure why.

>the long-term cost and potential sides
Been on mix for about two months and don't know anything about the 'long term cost'. Tell me more.

Does it work for beards as well? I have healthy hair, but my beard is really ugly.

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I thought that was just fin?

Same thing happening to me. Right side of my scalp is way thicker than the left and the hairline is practically fully regrown on the right side whereas still thin on the left side...

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I use it for my hair but it has significantly grown out my beard. It will grow any hair that you apply it to and the good thing about facial hair is if you stop using minoxidil on it, it won't fall out like the hair on your head will

I've been using minoxidil for a bit more than two years now.
Well, it does work to a certain degree. What I mean is, it works on the crown of the head, and it doesn't work at all on the sides of the forehead, so you will lose hair like on picrelated regardless of use.
But overall I had gone from visibly thin hair to somewhat normal, and that's good. Results start to show after a month or two of REGULAR, EVERYDAY use. I mean, if you skip a day due to some circumstances it's no biggie, but skipping a week is pretty bad.
Haven't noticed any significant side effects. Some skin flaking off the scalp more, but nothing drastic.

So yea, it works, but you have to apply it twice a day for the rest of your life.

Rogaine/regaine is expensive. I've found Kirkland brand minoxidil on amazon with the same volume and concentration for half the price. Works just as well.

Best thing you can do is probably look at it like brushing your teeth, atleast that's what i've read

been on finasteride comming up on 2 years this november and haven't lost any more hair than when i started. I was hoping to regrow some but never (or hasn't) happened

i'd rather pop a pill than have to apply minox twice a day, but obviously theres a pro's and con's to each.

That's finasteride, not minoxidil.

Minoxidil works. Finasteride also works, and its side effects can be unpleasant but aren't too common. Ketoconazole and laser therapy are also fairly low cost low side effect solutions. Any "natural" treatment is a scam, and surgery is effective but expensive.

>tfw 19
>tfw forehead is a massive M
>tfw always had longish hair and never noticed until about a year ago
>tfw hair follicles are all dead and my hairline is already JUST'd

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>Am I going to have to buy this shit indefinitely?

sadly yes. my doctor said it as well.
but I'm considering looking into homeopathic remedies because I will like Minoxidil is such a brutal method for a slight cause considering what I have.

also fuck applying something for fucking ever.
also, take vitamins and minerals. that helps stopping hairloss as well. I buy A-Z depot vitamins really cheap at my local drugstore and take them every single day. the ones at the pharmacy are expensive as fuck.

*I think Minoxidil is such....


Get on fin to stop losing hair
Fin works best on the crown, not so much on temples.

The only sides I got is brain fog. My dick js still hard.


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Where do I get fin? Is it expensive?

Is this packaging supposed to appeal to autistic people?

Rest of life? Will you still give a shit at50yr old



Do the cheaper ones that you get 6 months supplies of work just as well as more expensive ones?