Backpack general because i've seen a lot of backpack threads. Let's keep the backpacks in here.

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I have something similar to this at Uni. Should I get something new?

Loving MW's Sanction backpack as an everyday carry

jansport looks really cheap honestly

Are messengers Veeky Forums? Does Veeky Forums not like messengers?

just ordered this backpack. should be coming soon. the only problem is that it doesn't have a laptop pocket on the inside :c thinking about sewing one in myself. doesn't really matter if it looks shitty as long as it works

Considering getting one of these.

Ordered this the other day. I don't trust my own style at all, so what do you guys think?

this is really nice, much better than most backpacks i see with a similar style like those herschel ones

Take good care of it, that Corduroy will get dirty
Good cop, Topo Design is great


Would look good without the huge DC logo on the bottom.

Rate mine, boyos.

the leather trim on all backpacks that are not luxury sucks these days. feels flimsy and artifical, where to cop good ones without resorting to vintage?

is the north face effay?

The bright yellow "Don't tread on me" ruins it a bit but otherwise its nice

mr. hackerman

FLCL? Yeah mang. Gadsden? Man get that shit outta here. It was a cool flag tainted by weirdos for the last decade.

Where can I cop this

considering getting one of these, what do you guys think?

these backpacks are the ultimate cuck aesthetic, pinned to precision

best for poorfags

Coming in the mail, any thoughts on Timbuk2 bags?

I love them, but I can never find one without two problems that make them unusable
1. The straps being too short when worn with the strap across the chest, meaning the bag hangs higher than is comfortable
2. The straps being mounted in such a way that when the bag has something dense in it (say just for example, a can) it crumples in on itself rather than holding form, dooming any paper inside it.

2. is hopefully primarily down to the limited choices in local stores (don't want to buy online due to 1.), but 1. appears to be unsolvable without just tearing out the original strap and sticking in my own one of appropriate length.

Would anyone recommend me a decent backpack that isn't Herschel? I wanted something similar to Diesel backpack but there isn't enough space

Anyone recommend a dope waterproof commuter backpack?


Is what I'm considering but it doesn't seem comfortable..

copping one of these soon, not sure if I should get this colour or black

Best loud backpacks: Supreme x TNF

Best minimal backpacks:

or a Jansport Superbreak with the logos ripped off

Considering buying this for uni.
I think it's good for very casual techwear.

How expensive is that minimal backpack? doesn't say on the page cuz out of stock.

It was $40, didn't see it was out of stock, sorry. If you're in Australia you can probably get one in store like I did.

Nice cop, great price too

I'm in love with nanamica day packs but dont got the cash, pic related. Anyone know if there is a cheaper alternative?

Can someone recommend me a good backpack for edc that does not move haphazardly when I run, or jog?

Is Herschel any good I see everyone wearing them? But at the same time they look like a $10 walmart backpack. Do they hold up or are my observations correct?

Cheap and durable bag. I have the 28L in dark olive. Only negatives are that the straps might bother your neck when wearing high on your back and it could look bulky at times.
Mission workshop

This any good?

True, any tips for not getting my backpack dirty? I'll probably have to learn how to properly clean corduroy

There is only one perfect backpack and this it. Combines all perfect elements a backpack must have, simplicity of design and functionality, lightweight, rugged enough to withstand urban or rural traveling.

What are some preppy backpacks?

Nah best for poorfags right here

Just got this, how did I do

I've never had a problem with #1. It's #2 my main motivation to switch to a backpack after years of using messengers. That, and since I often carry much, the weight distribution kills my back.

I went with one of Everlane's backpacks.

my brother gave me this backpack. any idea

s about what to wear w/ it?


Is this black, charcoal, or gray?


any suggestions if I'm wearing milsurp

buy a milsurp backpack


Going to uni in a month, been looking at new backpacks.
Any of these good?

I like them but wish they would add a side zip to access the main pocket more quickly


Can Veeky Forums recommend a bag that can convert between duffle and backpack?

I saw a guy last night wearing a bag that looked like this and I can't seem to identify it. It had no identifying marks of any kind and it seemed to be made of either leather or well waxed canvas but it didn't have any of those ridges that form with canvas so I think it was leather... either way it had a slight sheen to it and was maybe 17 inches tall and nearly square.

I painted it as best I could from memory, any help identifying it?

Forgot pic

zippers suck and so do the straps.

thats a good drawing

y-you too

Honestly I don't think they are very well made. I think the main reason they are popular is because they popularised that particular style of bag and so everyone bought them (me included) and since the name still has recognition people still buy them.

I've owned two herschels. The little america which had a horrible center of balance and due to the design of the straps and their placement the bag felt like it was constantly leaning off of your back unless you pulled the shoulder straps as tight as they could go which just looks stupid.

They other is a Survey, and it's actually fine but it doesn't feel sturdy and the stitching has come apart in numerous places.

Apart from that I've seen so many herschels that just start to fall apart after a year or so, like the straps start to crack and the interior lining rips etc.

Don't get them.

Any good smell proof backpacks???


what's agood water-proof backpack ?
i am not picky, any suggestion will go

Charcoal, they mostly model this color.

Mission Workshop
Chrome Industries
Manhatten Portage
Any outdoors brand...

You need to specify what you're going to use your bags for to get down the specifics.

Before anyone asks her name is Emily Barry. Looked around for houses with her.

That's a good start honestly. Now, if I had to zoom in and add some more requirements to orientate suggestions, it would go like this:

>backpack (no duffel, messenger etc.)
>can take some punishment
>ideally in rubber, ideally not in polyurethane

where the first requirement overrides the next ones, the second those below it and so on

And lucky you ! To meet the Barry in public, it has to be a breeze of fresh air ! Does she flaut her tits as aggressively IRL ? Real estate isn't going to be sold away that easy otherwise

I mostly dress in black, but black backpacks always look cheap as hell to me. What do you think about a sort of army green backpack on an otherwise all black fit. Like a black t-shirt and black jeans.

Would it work? My current pack is navy and I think that it looks awful with an all black fit.

Mission Workshop Sanction, if you want something smaller go with the fraction. Want something cheaper, Chrome Industries' Hondo.

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Grey, goes good with anything


expensive, but nice, and they seem liked theyd last

i dont really like their look, and from the few times ive used them,
they seem to really hurt your back with the lack of weight distribution

nice, but will get dirty quick


very nice

fine,except for the cringe pins

looks good

im not particularly fond of leather accents that pop, but its not horrible

had one in mustard/dark yellow, and was wanting something less bright, so i was looking at that,
but i ultimately chose the all black superbreak for a cleaner look, its a shame it lacks the small front zip pocket next to the second compartment


colorway isnt my taste but the design is nice

not sure of the brand but it looks clean

id go with top left, but the other arent bad

filson duffle backpack

nice drawing, pic related looks somewhat similar, and its what i had been eyeing
i dont think its leather or canvas though, and the latch is a clip rather than a button

probably gonna look for something made of waxed canvas, or polyurethane,
with a rolltop, so that it would prevent rain from getting in

just find a good backpack, if by army green you mean olive, i think that would work

in general i like black backpacks, but if wear an all black fit its going to look pretty monotone,
which is why i think something like olive, grey, or beige would be more versatile,
but if you really want to keep it monochrome then grey

Any backpacks recommendations for a grill? I want something that I can fit my uni stuff in, but doesn't make me look very bulky

(and isn't kanken)

It takes forever to get in and out of if you do the buckles but I love it.

Manhattan Portage
Had a bag similar to those, it honest;y became annoying, but it does look good.


Currently using a Fjallraven Kanken and think it's time to switch out of that shit. Thoughts on this one? Was also looking at the GR1

recent cop

Have a GR1. Gold.

looks good, thinking of copping a sand one

I really like the look of the GR1. Can't say the same about the cost though. 485$ total to ship to Canada


I love my Everlane backpack. I want to get the matching Pocket Tote sometime soon to carry my bento box around campus.

Good looking backpack, ruined because everyone will know HP
Pretty good.

this backpack is truly GOAT

Topo designs looks great

might cop


my 30 dollar jansport backpack has outlasted my $350 filson backpack, go figure. filson is overrated, overpriced garbage in my opinion.

Imagine being this autistic.

I liked this one. w2c


Left or right? I like them even though they look like faces, but right looks more sad. I feel like their expressions are clouding my judgement.


What are the best bacpacks to own of you have slight back pain and don't want to ruin your posture?
Over the shoulder? One strap? Or is the classic look good enough?

Get those rolling luggage type bags

I don't see messenger bags as suitable for general purpose use. They were originally designed to carry documentation, file folders, large manila envelopes, and other light weight articles. That's why they have the shape and form they have. Form follows function. Used for EDC of random crap, the bag becomes misshapen and deformed and becomes uncomfortable to use. Bookbags and backpacks are more comfortable and useful for EDC and school usage.

I would if I traveled that often.
I just need this for college

Did some work to mine fairly recently. I like how it turned out, thanks to /patch/


>putting a fake alpha industries tag on it

It's from USS Midway.
>living for the hype

if they're nice, are pins on bags Veeky Forums?