Yfw a brown guy has more aryan hair than you do

>yfw a brown guy has more aryan hair than you do

Enjoy your jewfro dirty semite

nice hair.
calm down. lol

Really fucking nice hair desu. Post more pics i can show to my barber

how often do u wash,
salt spray,

>projecting this hard
sounds like you're just butt hurt my dude.
non-whites simply cannot be effay, you have decent hair, but you do not have the white skin.
Some asians might be able to get a pass, but non-whites, middle eastern people, ect, simply are not effay.


would have to agree with this post, if you are brown you are down

hi, wanna be butt buddies

>kikes want to kill this
>kikes won't kill this

Feels good the Alt-Right is winning desu.

greek god alien genetics

>Alt-Right is winning
Where? Oh, on the burmese carpet weaving site. Later, fag

I wonder if this man knows that a strange group of online frog cultists fawn over his beauty.

how do u style your shit

Cum in your hair every morning. Makes it extremely easy to get any look you want.

>brown hair
user, I..

I like your honesty

As a brown guy, can I ask why? I feel like a lot of brown guys simply don't care about fashion or like to believe they do but they don't know a thing about the industry. I'm not saying I'm well educated in the fashion industry but I'd like to think I'm more stylish than not only the average brown dude, but a lot of guys in general. Although I'm Anglo indian so there's that.

how to ask for this cut?

Seconding. Also how difficult is it to manage?

Don't worry about it user, I say the same type of stuff just to fuck with people. However I will say I think you do have to put in my effort if you aren't white, simply because natural white features are attractive to the majority of us.

Yeah, later, when i'm on this site less and less and winning outside. You dkn't want to see the Alt-Right winning because you're a pussy.

Kek that is one way of putting it. But it is for a good cause, so I doubt he would mind.

Yeah that's true

Here you go m8
I don't use wax, I use water, hair gel and hair spray.

1) water on my hair
2) use a comb and comb it all to the back
3) apply hair gel
4) go through your hair with your hands
5) use hair spray to keep it in the position you like

Only annoys me when the hair gets in my face desu

wow you sure are ugly mate.

your hands are so tiny. wheres your testosterone fag

>tells someone he is ugly without even seeing his face
>criticizing hands

I never said I was some kind of model faggots. 90% of the population is ugly, deal with it

>non-whites simply cannot be effay, you have decent hair, but you do not have the white skin.

Haha, oh wow. White skin is probably the shittiest on the planet. Brag about some other feature waitto piggu. Nothing great about moles and wrinkles and smelly sweat glands.