Which sneakers?

Currently have Nike Fs Lite Tr and I'm thinking of upgrading to Ultra boost and getting some white vans too. Any recommendations?




ultra boost is super fucking played out

boost is a meme

Thank you my dude. What would u recommend instead?

should i get these for 45eu

Dude legit just copped those today.

opinions then are they worth getting?

I got them online so I don't know comfort wise. Aesthetically they're a classic. U can wear them w/ grunge to frat stuff they're really versatile. If u don't have a white shoe I'd recommend. Common Project are a meme only guys will be impressed lol.

Don't listen to him, go for the boosts, they're great, anyone that says they're bad is just mad that they're popular

not true, i own more boost than you. but the cushion is a total meme.

so you own 3+ pairs of ultra boost but they are played out and he should not cop?

Not sure if this is the place, but ID on these adidas?

2 ultraboosts, 2 pureboosts, 93/17s

yes i am saying that. i have owned boost since early 2016 and they are most definitely played out

also i'm copping the new nikes next paycheck, the 4%s. Comfier than boost and lighter i heard, can't wait to try them. Even though the colorway is whack rn

They're different type of sneakers . They're for performance. boost are for lifestyle

>next paycheck

poorfag detected

Had the for a while, finally wore them again today. Honestly one of the best lifestyle shies I've worn in a while

Lol boost is the ultimate shoe. Fashionable and ultimate comfort. Adidas is absolutely killing it rn Im coppin a pair tommorow

>poorfag detected
project much? there's plenty of reasons to wait
>blatant adidas shill

how do you know it's the ultimate comfort if you're copping a pair tomorrow? :^)

saucony grid 9000's are comfier btw and that's 20 year old tech lol

>blatant adidas shill

Think I give a fuck? Everyone I know says they feel amazing. Im all aboard

>i have to wait to get my check because im poor as fuck

i bet your collection is filled with sneakers under 170 dollars

I own more pairs of Boost than you and walk more also (7 miles a day on average). I daily drive Pureboost, Pureboost DPR, Ultra Boost, Ultra Boost Uncaged, Iniki, NMD, Supernova, and Adizero Tempo. I also own top end Nikes, NB, Brooks, and Asics runners. Nothing matches the Boost material for response and longevity. There are other decently plush cushioning systems, but none provide the linear, endless rebound of Boost.

i don't know but they're shit mate

I just bought my first pair of ultraboosts(uncaged) after using some lunar epic flyknits for a while and the boost meme is real.

Ultra Boost or Presto? Is adidas worth double the price?