Is THICC making a comeback?

Is THICC making a comeback?

She looks MUCH better thin desu

is idolized by niggers

Damn, she does

Knowing celebs, she'll be thin again by winter.

Good lord


stop glorifying nigger culture

Y'all some bitches thicc girls where it at.. I see u riri..

a year or two ago. now its dying once again, thank god.

>first THICCtina
>now THICC rhi rhi

my benis.

>posts upper body

Reminder that being thick has completely to do with the ass/thighs.

>those bitch ass tattoos
If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, look at this and remind yourself that this shit was cool and individual when she decided to get it.

I can't wait for the thicc meme to die. I've seen so many beautiful, fit girls just let themselves go and so many fat girls act like they're the hottest shit to walk the earth. It's a shame.


This implies it was ever acceptable in the first place.

Doesnt look good




fuuuu perfect if she ate a peanut shed be fat

Source please


some shitass samefatting going on here

Only the 90's kids will remember this

more thin girls for me then

What a waste of a gorgeous face
t. Chubby chaser

They were never in and never will be past fast fashion

That face is gross though

This. If they think that face is normal they are probably british


Obesity isn't making a comeback, it's just the West settling for the fact that people are fatter

t. Lamont Washington III

speak for yourself, there will always be refugees of qt skinny girls in USA. currently its the venzuleans

Lord have mercy. What if she actually gets full-on fat?