What Are You Wearing Today?

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clothes and penis

Nothin' too special today. I'll give feedback once there are some more fits

dude stop biting my style

i dig. those palladiums arent easy to pull off but you got it.

peep the blue shag rug

Aloha oy very
Second verse, same as the first

was gonna post my fit but the thread already looks like trash


Im new to this fashion thing am i doing a good?



lol why do i come here still. I really need to find another board for fashion

>criticize others
>doesn't post fit
c'mon user show us your superior taste.



couldnt fit the shoes, white and blue stan smiths with no show socks

this has always been about the shitpost

nice photoshop

Awsome ninja outfit!

my proudest fap to date


Went to the woods with friends in stalker gear again
Older pic, but wearing the same stuff

Me on the left


This isn't even an outfit
I love those shoes but they don't fit with this outfit much at all
I am really REALLY not a fan of this sleezecore thing. This isn't good
Really neat, the watch kind of pushes it into rapper-turned-entrepreneur-core though
Your jeans are way too tight on you and the shoe silhouette is pretty cheap looking
Cheeki with a subtle breeki influence

wild how this is the only good thing in here so far

Why are you posting FromTheP's fit faggot


Pathetic attempt to shill yourself


post more or sauce u fag

sauce on that jumper my dude?
rad fit also.
sauce on the boots my dude?
nice basic fit also.


id suck ur cock ngl



no that is trash

arab imigrant core

hell no that jacket is ugly

ngl? wus dat mean

wow just looked up ngl on urban dictionary that is not cool unless you are girl . jesus

not gonna lie newfag

One of my fits i wore in Tokyo

1: dont wear earrings
2: white shirt best or anything else, that shirt is so faggy

i rox with everything even your scene hair but those shoes man why

No he's some dude on KTT

>went to the woods with friends
Did you buttfuck your friend, or did he buttfuck you?

Not a fan? Thats understandable theyre pretty strange

wholesome autism, very cute

We were drinking and camping dude
It wasnt edgy ''Lets go to the woods and pretend we're fucking stalkers''
Just a camping trip with friends in Stalker gear

Shhh, these shut-ins don't understand the concept of hanging out with friends.

gotta put my foot on the counter

berry nice

W2C pants?

I like this


Rate I guess

Hypebeast faggot

white boots dont really fit the whole fit but v nice in itself
pants don't work, they look too tight. Top half is ok tho
why you gotta cuff everything? p bad desu

what's up with that big dump in your pants?

fully rate the cav empt tee man

Couldn't wait to find a washroom. Used the diaper stored in my pants

please excuse the cigarette, i was smoking when a friend took a pic of me i'm past my phase of using cigs as a prop in pics to make myself look 'cool' i swear

i don't like the pants or the facemask but colors are nice, hair especially nice
black vans would have been better but good frame
not a fan of the shirt and the pants seem too tight on you
wtf you stand up and are good looking fuck my life. nice fit as always bro
don't like the belt but everything else seems good
just a white shirt would be better i think but fine

Ty but the hair is fucked rn. Gonna be dying it black most likely

this u?

ID on Jacket?


love ur hair

Lel no

Uhh... Khakis

fit i luckily managed to put together with the random clothes i put together for after the beach (im aware the converse dont match properly but i like it)
good silhouette with pants w2c also good use of palladium boots otherwise very basic, make good use of it in another fit.
cant stand how basic the shoes and pants are but the shirt looks really good on u atleast in the pic cus it meshes with ur skin
this is so moderately popular in highschool/ said the n word once-core. way too basic.

beautiful MMMs and the cardigan works so well with it (ID?) also are those uniqlo womens work pants? they look good idc if they're womens.
u seem like ur having fun wearing that so im not gonna ruin your fun but arabcore is def true here sorry. ps its the jeans and the shoes
not a fit, not attractive. dont post ur like the third completely basic fit in this thread it's getting kind of irritating.
he/she probably was born a male jus observation, dont care if she is just thought it was funny cus u seemed oblivious to this while posting tht u fapped to that/
9/10 good stalker fits beautiful glad 2 see u enjoying urself have a good day.
take off everything but the jeans then start all over again
could be a good fit idk get the whole thing innit and get better quality
good shirt yr workin those pants but the shoes are a little too rick owens-avant garde for my taste
i think i know what you were trying to go for but the shirt is too formal, also the pant being so tight doesnt help the fit. i love extra skinny pants and jeans but it doesnt work esp with that tuck
basic again
hair is nice jacket is ok but looks kind of weird pants would be better if they werent sweats but i cant remember where i saw those are they cav empt? shirt is nice but im tired of seeing curved hems and prestos dont really fit the silhoutte


amazing fit really good pic also love the silhouette and the way you rock the pants. and some rare utilization of derbys without making them look like clown shoes
really good fit love the shirt and jacket and the balenci pants. hate the cuff but understand its worth too much to cut them down to size. dont think the vapormaxes work bc the cuff. also the cdg ones would have looked better but i assume u know that

I really don't like this, in fact the only pieces I like are the pants and shoes. The belt is awful. HNNNGGGGGGGGGGG

Where did you cop that tee?

Where did you cop that tee? What size is it and what size are you normally?

i like these:
also im in love with you



do you ever leave your house?

That edgy music teacher who says all republicans are Monsters-core

nice cardigan, can I have sauce?

anyone not a complete urbanfag?

>Flanny and rolled up trackies
I am glad Im an 'urbanfag'

>he doesn't have a german shepard helping him around the farm
>he doesn't travel around the country
>he doesn't live in nz
smfhtbqfh familia

Please dont, youre embarrassing us. Also it was 3 degrees this morning, wheres your swanndri?

nice moon boots faggot. you look like an ass licking pansy
hey buddy i think a bird shit on your shoes
fucking awful
literal faggot
fucking stupid
this looks gay as fuck
solid fit
garbage. put some fuckin socks on
gook ninja. everyone here will ride your lil dick no matter what you wear
disgusting hippy looking tranny
looks like your tshirt has got some stains on it
kys hipster cunt


its tie dye nerd

Thinking a slimmer fitting Jean rather than a skimmed fit would better suit

me doggos wearin it

thank god the love of my life is back

comfy, Fucking love the coat/jacket

prismo austismo

10/10 fuck the rules, you go make your own style dude You're on some lebowski shit

gain weight

is it time to duel?

the jeans are fine imo except maybe the white stitching. get them hemmed instead of cuffing them. also the shoes don't really go well with the rest of the fit, too casual. sick jacket though. w2c?

The trousers are dickies and the shoes definitely don't go but at the moment I only have sneakers. Trying to make the leap from casual shoes to stuff like derbies but feel like it's not very /me/. The jacket is a gap mac

yeah i've bleached my hair before and it's rough on dark hair
thanks bro. i would lose the belt, it's a little gaudy for what you're going for and the off-yellow shoes don't work too well with the rest of your dark outfit
hm.com/us/product/64832?article=64832-B&cm_vc=SEARCH super cheap! i bought an XL but i wear a large usually
i want to play hard to get but i love you too


can't really see the fit. cute grill though

I changed to black sox

do you know what model those dickies are? i like how they fit


Excuse the quality


ya'll doing great

803 mate

supreme hype beast faggot

I have that same sweater from like three years ago