The picture that destroyed /fa

>The picture that destroyed /fa

nah i think Veeky Forums is 1 steap ahead of this desu. this is 100% r streetwear tho

This is a great picture. If anyone can even faintly relate to this picture, they should right away acknowledge that they don't belong on Veeky Forums.

>1 step ahead

Veeky Forums wasn't even on the same tier as this in the past. There was no way 2011-2014 Veeky Forums would even come close to this at all. The quality of this board went downhill violently.

AKA everyone on the west coast

Is there anything more insufferable than a hypebeast or a fuccboi

wow i do like pink guess i better off myself then

What if the only thing I like in this image are the albums?

I like neutral milk hotel. I liked it before it was cool (unironically) in like 2008 but the fact that it's now associated with trash like mac demarco and oh so indie wacky dream pop culture makes me wonder if it really was just total bullshit from the start. When i look at mac demarco i see a total tryhard poseur and the massive correlation between mac fans and nmh fans makes me think.

same friendo!

Hey wow, this guy can point out that a specific group of people on the internet tend to like shoes the whole world likes! Shocking!

Anyone have one of these that suits on Twitter "photographers"


this makes no sense, if that outfit pic is normcore then obvs you are not obscure and edgy, the whole point of it is being as normal as possible.

lol Veeky Forums has never been 'ahead' of anything

leo hairstyle, blond, nmh, wear vans (skate since a fuckin kid so ye no posershit)
am I a retard now?

>Implying people were dressing like OP pic related in 2011

2011 Veeky Forums was all about either Americana work wear or FULLRICKGOTHNINJA depending on who you were.

literally not me

you're a fucking idiot. NMH were late 90s, and we're as hyped back then as they are now. like what you like, not whatever is on trend.

There was no fucking goof ninja on here in 2011. It was americana, mfa-core (pre-mfa, obviously) and that thin cardigan Veeky Forums-core shit back then.

this pic tries too hard to make every guy fall into it that nobody actually ends up falling into it

Keep posting, I want to see if any of these can nab me

So far I haven't seen one

lmao u didnt hit even 1 thing the fuck u doin